Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – तारक मेहता – Mubarakan Special – Ep 2247 – 15th July, 2017

Hey! You fool! Be careful!
– Be careful! – Hey! Who is this person?
Mr. Bhide, who’s car is it? How would I know?
– What do you mean by that? You are the secretary
of the society. You should know about
it. – I should know about it? Jethalaal, what are you saying! You should say that I should
be aware of it. You are correcting my grammar,
now? Find out who’s car it is. The car is creating chaos
in our society. How would I
know? Sodhi! Can he be any customer of yours the breaks of
who’s car has failed? And he has come here
to inform you. Mr. Bhide, you are strange.
If that would have been the case he would have gone
to the garage. Why would he come here
in the society? Mr. Sodhi, maybe he wanted
to head to the garage but since the breaks of the car
has failed, it must have not stopped in the garage. He
must have drove it till here. But Mr. Jethalaal, I did not
receive any phone call. Then who is this
person? Who’s car is it? No matter who’s car it is,
stop it first! Yes, we have to stop it
at any cost. If the driver’s loses
his balance and rams the car someone can
get hurt. – Yes, yes.. Be careful! Be careful! Car..
– Careful.. Father,
it is risky to stand here. Do one thing, whenever the car
moves in the opposite direction run home as soon as possible. Okay. Okay. Okay. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Father, go! Make it
fast! – Go. – Go, Father. Go! Father, go! It
is coming! Father! Grandpa! Grandpa!
– Oh, my God! Father-in-law! Father! Father! Oh, my God! I will do one thing,
I will see you off, Father. I will take you there. Come, Father!
Come! – Come! Jethalaal, be careful. What
are you doing? – Hey! Hey! Wait. Father..
– Just go! Just go! Hey! Hey! Father!
– Jethalaal! – Father! Father-in-law, be careful! Father!
– Hey! Mr. Aiyar, let’s go!
– Yes. Let’s go! Let’s go! Hey.. Help.. – Somebody please
stop it! – Oh, my! Hello, Mr. Sodhi.
Hello, Mr. Bhide. Hey! – Hey!
– Hey! Abdul, there is a car
behind you. Run! Get out of the way!
– Abdul! What? What!
– Hey! The breaks of that car
has failed. Mr. Jethalaal! Why are you running
over there? Run!
– Stop this car! Ms. Babita! Why
have you come down? Go upstairs as soon as possible! I have come here to see
what is happening. Ms. Babita, the breaks
of that car has failed. You can get hurt.
Go upstairs! Someone please stop the
car. [Mr. Sodhi, do something. Mr. Sodhi! Mr. Sodhi! Hey.. – Who is this
person? What is happening! Jethalaal! Where did you go,
leaving me alone? Help me! Hey! Hey! – Help!
– Jethalaal, what did you do? You were supposed to get me
out then why did you join? Hey! Run everyone, run!
Jethalaal, come inside! Just run! Hey! No! No!
– No! No! – Hey, you! Hey! Who are you! Will
you kill me or what? I will see the end
of you. – Mr. Popatlaal! Hurry up and come here. The
breaks of the car has failed. Oh, my God!
– Run! Run! What did you do? Oh, my!
– Please stop! Why did you push Mr.
Bhide? – Atmaram, I am sorry. Why are you calling him
by standing here? Go and save him! Mr. Jethalaal, what did you
just do? Why did you push me? Somebody, help!
– Mr. Bhide! Oh, my..
– Oh, my! Friends!
Don’t worry. I am here. Now, I will stop this car. Roshan!
– Dear Lord.. May the Lord be with you! Awesome! Just awesome! Sodhi, too good!
Well done! Father.. Pour all your
force! – Don’t let go! Give all your
strength! Don’t let go! Pour all your force! Everyone, say it with
love! – Hail the Goddess! No, not that! Then, why do we
say it with love? Everyone, say it from
your heart! – Don’t let go! Pour all your force! Don’t let go!
– Apply force! Apply force! Pour all your
force! – Don’t let go! Give all your
strength! – Don’t let go! Pour all your
force! – Don’t let go! Let’s go and help them, friends!
– Yes, let’s go! Pull hard..
– …with all your might! Pull hard with all your might!
– Pull hard with all your might! Ms. Babita, don’t worry.
I’ll stop the car right now! Look ahead, Mr. Aiyar.
Why are you turning behind? Pull hard..
– With all your might! Pull hard..
– With all your might! Pull hard..
– With all your might! Wow! It stopped!
– Sodhi.. Dad.. – Yes!
– Dad! The car stopped!
– Oh Mother Goddess! Thank you.. Hey,
listen up all of you! The bonnet is smoking! The car may blast! O Mother Goddess! Run..
– Run for your lives! Has the car blasted?
– Not yet.. Why do you sound
like Arjun Kapoor? But I didn’t say anything. Arjun Kapoor!
– Arjun Kapoor.. React later. For now the car could blast
anytime! Take cover! – Yes.. Thank God,
the car finally halted! Or else what could have
happened? – Such a lovely voice! I-Ileana.. D’cruz! Hi.. – Hi..
– Ileana D’cruz in our society.. Athiya Shetty! One side there’s
Ileana and on the other, Athiya. O God, it is not good to show me
such dreams in broad daylight. Even I find this a dream.
– Yes. How did the brakes
of the car fail? You mean you are really with me
right here and right now? Relax..
Please relax! It has been long
now. The car should’ve blasted. How will it blast so easily?
It is Anil Kapoor’s car! Why will Anil Kapoor’s car
come into Gokuldham? What are you talking
like a fool? A fool? I am Kapoor not a fool!
I am a Kapoor from Chembur! Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor,
Ranbir Kapoor are from Chembur.. This one is also from Chembur!
I’m a Kapoor from Chembur.. This is Anil
Kapoor’s laughter.. Not just the laugh
the face is also his! Call your society members!
Anil Kapoor is here! Mr. Anil, it’s you..
Please embrace.. Oh, my people!
Oh, Gokuldham people! To all the Gokuldham society,
Anil Kapoor is here! Look who is here? Oh, my!
– Oh, my.. Wow! I mean,
how is this possible? Dad, look!
Arjun Kapoor is also here! Arjun Kapoor.. Arjun!
Arjun Kapoor.. Oh my God! And.. Ileana D’cruz
and Athiya Shetty is here! Oh dear. Oh dear.. Move aside..
Move out from there! What!
– Wow! “To everyone
have a lovely evening.” “Have a lovely sip of love.” “A love filled salute
to all my friends, my love..” “To everyone have
a lovely evening” “Have a lovely sip
of happiness” “A love filled salute
to my friends..” Guys. There is nothing wrong
with the car. It won’t blast.. “It’s a night to party!
So salute!” “It’s a night to party!
Salute!” Anil Kapoor! Oh dear.. Roshan,
what are you doing? Easy, Roshan.. He will fall. – No.. This kind
of affection feels good. No one has lifted me like that
till date. I am very happy!
– Let’s do it again, then! Wow! – That’s enough.
– Congratulations, Mr. Anil. Arjun Kapoor.. Oh, my.. Oh.. Mr. Arjun.. For the first time someone has
lifted me. For the first time! I don’t lift ladies
except for my Roshan. Roshan, seriously.. Lovely!
Welcome to Gokuldham! We were on our way
to promote our film Mubarakan and our car got faulty
so.. That is good that the car got
faulty and you landed up here. There was just a wire out
of place. Now I’ve fixed that. Now it will work fine!
– Thank you so much, sir! You are most welcome!
Always welcome.. You know me
but you may not know them. She is..
Your name? – Athiya! Her name is Athiya Shetty.
She is Sunil Shetty’s daughter. And this is Ileana
from Santacruz? – No.. D’cruz. – Just D’cruz.
– She is Ileana D’cruz. Hi, Ms. Ileana..
– Myself.. Popatlaal.
He’s a very nice guy. And this is
my uncle! Arjun Kapoor! No, I’m his uncle!
– Uncle? I mean I am his nephew.
How can I be his uncle? That’s right. – Do I look like
an uncle to him? Tell me.. Absolutely not!
Not at all.. No. See..
Did you hear that? Anil Kapoor,
you look evergreen. And you look so youthful!
– Yes.. You see.. Let me tell you the truth,
Anil Kapoor. The two of you don’t look
like uncle and nephew. You both look like brothers.
– Yes. Father-in-law is right. Yes, he is my younger brother
and I’m his elder brother right! Actually the truth is
the actors of my generation too feel go through this complex
that how does he manage to look so charming, cute and
sweet at once? – Thank you.. That’s true.
– Well, Mr. Anil Kapoor. I Atmaram Tukaram Bhide
welcomes you to this Gokuldham Society with brilliance! Mr. Bhide, why are
you imitating Mr. Anil? It suits him alone.
Brilliance! No.. Let him speak.
Try it once again, please.. Brilliance!
– Utter nonsense! Oh dear. – You cannot do it.
It is my dialogue alone. Brilliance.. Wow..
– Wow! Wow..
– Wow! Only you can be so brilliant!
– We have only watched him say that in films. We are
personally witnessing him today. My ears feel blessed.
– Always an original! I too feel awesome
coming to your society. {an5}Who is honking so loudly?
– Hey you! Don’t you know that {an5}you are not supposed
to blow the horn, so loudly. Hey! Run! Run! {an5}Kids, are you all right?
– Yes, we are fine! We are fine! Did anyone get hurt? {an5}Hey!
Who is this? Ileana and Athiya. You both look so pretty!
– Absolutely.. Thank you. Why are you saying thank you? We should be thanking you
for those brakes.. Why? – Because of
the failed brakes you could come to our society! And we got a chance
to meet you! – Yes.. – Yes.. May God grant that your brakes
keep failing just like that. What are you saying,
Popat? He means to say
that with any excuse you may keep coming
to Gokuldham society! – Yes.. Forget everyday.
Let’s talk about today. – Yes.. Whatever I heard about you,
was completely right. You have heard about us?
– Of course! What have you heard
and from whom? – Yes? Whatever we have heard
has been positive and good just the way you all are!
The many colleagues of ours in the film industry
who know you have praised you! Hey! Thank you! – That is
a matter of pride and respect. Today! Today
is truly a day to salute. We were on our way
to promote our film ‘Mubarakan’ and we got a chance
to greet you all. How sweet of you.
Thank you. By the way, Mr. Anil. It’s a very lucky day
for us too! Because we got a chance
to meet all of you. Let me introduce you
to everyone. He is Popatlaal,
a famous reporter. Golden Crowe award
winner. – Yes.. Senior reporter of international
newspaper ‘Toofan Express’. Yes. – The only eligible
bachelor in the country. He is Mr. Sodhi. The body builder,
Mr. Sodhi. Greetings, everyone. Greetings, sir. This is the mischievous
‘Tappu Squad.’ Hi..
– Hi.. And beside them are
Ms. Roshan and Ms. Anjali. Hello! And he is Dr. Hathi
and his wife Ms. Komal. Greetings!
– Greetings! Greetings.
– Hello! – Hi! And on this side,
Mr. Abdul. Greetings. And Mr. Aiyar here
is a scientist. Greetings.. And his wife, Ms. Babita. Hi! Greetings!
– Hi, Greetings! She is my wife,
Ms. Madhavi. Greetings!
– Greetings. – Hello. I am Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide,
Gokuldham society’s only.. You’ve already said that.
– Have I? He is Mr. Champak. My dad. Yes, he is Mr. Jethalaal. And she is my wife, Daya. Greetings! Ms. Daya!
The ‘Garba’ dance queen! Whoa..
Daya! Did you hear that? Even Mr. Anil knows that
you are the ‘Garba’ queen! By the way, Ms. Athiya? The ‘Garba’
is the folk dance of Gujarat. Yes, I know that. I’ve been doing ‘Garba’ dance
since childhood during Navratri. Very nice!
– That’s so nice! Fantastic! She is a true Indian! You participate in ‘Garba’ dance
despite being a south Indian. You know about all the folk
dances of the country. No..
I only know Garba. That’s nice!
That is also commendable! Yes, very much! Well, your ‘Garba’ is famous
in the entire Bollywood. You have taught even
Ranveer Singh, right? Everyone in Bollywood
is talking about you. No..
That’s just a rumour! Oh, it’s a rumour.
– I see, a rumour. Yes, it’s a rumour. But if I get a chance
then I’ll prove my mettle! I think, he must’ve secretly
seen you dance during Navratri. Perhaps, he came here
disguised as someone else and learnt from you
discreetly. We’re not sure but
it could’ve happened. I know, that is possible. Well, Ms. Daya? Where is Aarti? Aarti?
There’s no Aarti here. Yes. Come on, not a person. We’re talking about
your famous veneration. It’s famous in
the entire Bollywood. The veneration that you
greet everyone with. Yes..
Why not? They even know
about your veneration. They’ve done their
homework well. Job? Yes, the thing that you
give to your students. Punishment? That you give them when they
fail to do a job, right? Not that, pal! The job that you give them
to do at home. Home job. I think,
he means homework. I think
he means homework. I see, homework? Yes..
That’s what! I see! If you don’t mind then
shall we do the veneration? Yes.. Why not, Ms. Ileana?
I’ll be right back.. Usually, she is ready
with the veneration plate. But today, you came
here unannounced. But it’s all right. Just give her two minutes.
She’ll be back with the plate. “Warm welcome to you,
Mr. Anil Kapoor!” “Warm welcome to you,
Mr. Arjun Kapoor!” “Welcome, Ms. Ileana
and Ms. Athiya” “to our society!
Warm welcome to you too!” “Warm welcome to you” “all our esteemed guests!” “May your songs
be most popular!” “May your films
be most popular!” They should be successful. “May your movies earn
fat profits.” “And may you become
leaner and slimmer.” I mean, health-wise. “May each day of your
life be the best.” “And better than the rest.” “Warm welcome to you,
Mr. Anil Kapoor!” “Warm welcome,
Mr. Anil Kapoor.” “Mr. Anil Kapoor..” Yes! Very nice!
Here, give it to me. Ms. Daya. Whatever I’d heard about your
veneration was all wrong. What do you mean?
– Yes? I had heard that your
veneration was good. But it’s not. It is awesome! Your veneration
is awesome! Yes.
– Yes. This was a very different
style of joking. You are great! But after meeting all of you,
I understood one thing. There is one thing common
between all of us. Common?
– What is it? What is it? India. India! India?
– Didn’t you get it? He is from India
and so are we. So, it’s one
and the same thing. This can’t be the
common factor. It might be something else. What is the common factor? People call your society
mini-India. Yes.- What
do people call me? Mr. India! Yes! He said it. Finally, Mr. India met
mini-India. Yes! Ms. Athiya, how is Mr. Suneil? He is absolutely fit and fine. Wow! Mr. Sunil’s body is awesome. Have you seen his body?
He is a great body builder. He is the only one who has
great muscles. According to me, the diet
should be controlled properly
for a great body, right? Correct. – People
like Arjun need to diet. I am naturally fit. Wow! So am I, Mr. Anil. We should eat everything
we like. I have heard that you like
Gujarati cuisine. Come to our house. Come with us. Daya
prepares really delicious food. You will enjoy
the food prepared by her. Yes!
– Yes! I don’t have time
to lose my mind. I need to act normal and
promote my film. I need to act in many
other films as well. Yes! Please come
to our house. I will prepare ‘Undhiya’,
‘Patra’, ‘Khaman’, ‘Dhokla’ ‘Kadhi’ and Khichri. I will prepare everything
you want me to. Please come home.
It will be great! I am already tempted. Uncle, let’s do one thing.
Let us go. Why are you calling me
uncle? Why do you forget
our relation? Brother.
Let’s go. We can’t go now! We need to promote
our film. Right..
– Indeed.. Ms. Daya, we won’t be able
to enjoy the food as we are in a hurry.
– Yes.. Once our film becomes a hit,
we will come to your house to celebrate.
– Correct. Wow! You have promised us. You can’t back out later. Yes. If he doesn’t come, I will.
Don’t worry. All of us will come. I will come alone. No! All of us will come. Look at the cute tiff
between uncle and nephew. They aren’t just another
uncle-nephew duo. It’s a tiff between
two brothers. Mr. Arjun,
don’t feel bad. But please don’t act in a
movie like ‘Ki and Ka’. Why?
It was a good film. It had a message too. Yes.. I will tell you.
I will tell you. Actually, after watching
that movie, I placed a bet with Aiyar to check
if he can become a house husband
for a week. Mr. Arjun, I had to do all
the household work for a week! Very good, Ms. Babita. Oh, no!
– Oh, God! Ms. Babita, you didn’t
do right. What’s the point of making him
work for a week? You should at least make him
work for a month. Yes! Good idea! That’s right.
That’s right, Arjun. Arjun, why are you getting me
in a problem? But I must say that you were
too good in the film! That’s right.
– Yes, it was great. – Superb! Thank you.
Thank you so much. Actually, it was a very
challenging role for me. He needs to take up
such challenging roles. After all, the competition
is so stiff. Who is the competition? Oh, you! Yes!
It is a stiff competition. Correct.
Correct. Mr. Anil,
I will tell you something great. When I was in college,
I was your big fan! Did they oust you from
the college? How can I be in the
college now? I am talking about the
time when I was a student. I was your big fan. Aren’t you my fan now? No,
I am still your big fan! I mean, I have been your
fan since college time. Yes! When I was in college,
I would bunk just to watch your films. Oh! Oh!
– Mr. Bhide! Dad,
you used to bunk college? Yes!
– He scolds us. When he was a kid,
he used to bunk college. No, Jethalaal.
That’s not right. Sonu, I wouldn’t
bunk every day. I would bunk only on
the days his film would be released. The great thing been,
I wouldn’t get caught too. Why?
– How is that possible? Whenever dad would ask me
about the movie I would tell him that
I saw ‘Ishwar’ ‘Kishan Kanhaiya’ and
‘Ram Avtaar’. He would feel that I
watched a religious film! It’s good that your dad
didn’t catch you watching films like ‘Tezaab’,
‘Loafer’, ‘Zindagi hai Jua’. Or else, he would have
thrown acid at you. Then your life would
have become a struggle. Mr. Anil,
shall I tell you something? I had a heart break after
watching your movie ‘Lamhe’. I had become
very depressed. Why.. ‘Lamhe’ is one
of the best movies. Yes. – All my movies
are good but ‘Lamhe’ was one of my best movies.
– Right.. – He is right. Ms. Babita, what’s
the matter with Mr. Aiyar? What is he blabbering? Earlier he told Mr. Arjun
not to act in movies like ‘Ki and Ka’. Now, he is asking Mr. Anil not
to act in movies like ‘Lamhe’ as he got depressed. What does this mean? – No.
‘Lamhe’ was an excellent movie. However, I didn’t
like your moustache-less look. Back then, all the South
Indian actors used to sport very thick moustache. And in Bollywood, you were
the only actor who had sported a very thick moustache
and you were my favourite actor. But I didn’t like it when
you sported a moustache-less look in ‘Lamhe.’ I became very depressed.
Why did you shave it off? Why did you do so? Why did you do so?
He is the one asking. It was the requirement
of the movie. I had to look younger
than Sridevi in the first half. In the second half,
I had to look older than her. We had to do it as it was
the requirement of the movie but when I act in ‘Lamhe 2’,
I will compensate for it. I will sport a moustache
as well as a beard. Are you happy?
– Yes. Just don’t shave
the moustache off. And ‘nandri’ for that..
– Come again.. I mean, thank you..
Thank you so much. Thank you.. Mr. Aiyar, being a South Indian,
you haven’t grown a moustache. And you are
condemning Mr. Anil! Jethalaal, I don’t sport
a moustache from the beginning. And Mr. Anil
has been sporting a moustache ever since he started
acting in movies. That’s why,
he looks very handsome. Why don’t you mention about
‘My name is Lakhan’ incident? Come on.
No.. – Why are you feeling shy? Please tell him. What are you
two whispering? It’s nothing important,
Mr. Anil. Just like that.. Is that so?
You were discussing something. Why are you two
going on whispering? Please tell him. You
had got it done because of him. What had you got done
because of me? Right.. A wig. A wig! Please tell him. Mr. Anil
is right in front of us. We won’t get
such an opportunity often. Tell him.
– Fine.. I already told you, right,
that I am a great fan of yours since college days?
– Right. I mean,
I loved your hairstyle so much.. That is obvious. – That
he had got a wig made like you.. I mean,
that of your look. – I see.. It means, Bhide,
have you been an ‘Ujda Chaman’ since college days? What? Aatmaram, was your name
‘Chaman’ in college? Come on.. Mr. Aiyar,
he meant a bald head. That means Aatmaram
was a baldy! What are you saying?
Well, Popatlaal a dance competition
had been held. I had performed
to his song “My name is Lakhan”. I had dressed up
exactly like Mr. Anil. A wig like his, moustache,
dress and so on.. – Right. ‘My name is Lakhan’
is his favourite song. – Yes. So is mine. Not just his,
it’s my favourite song too. The original Lakhan is here.
If you say, shall we go for it? What say,
the residents of Gokuldham? Shall we go for it?
– Let’s go for it.. Yes..
Fine. I’ll be back
after changing the costume. Excuse me. Mr. Anil, I have a request.
I’ll dress up as your character. Later, you too will dance with
me to my favourite song, right? Yes.. Of course, he will! For sure..
Get ready and return. Fine..
I will be right back.. By the time
Mr. Bhide changes tell us something
about your movie. – Right.. Our movie ‘Mubarakan’
is going to be released and we were going
for its promotion. Actually, it is a full,
proper family entertainer like you all have been. You stay as a family. Even ours
is a complete family movie. Uncle Anil is both my
paternal and maternal uncle. Only on watching the movie you’ll know how
and why it is so. I am playing
two characters. Oh, my God!
So, double dose of laughter! Karan and Charan.
Karan has been brought up in London and Charan has
been brought up in Chandigarh. They are twins but
they are brought up as cousins. To know
how that’s going to happen you’ll have to watch
our movie, ‘Mubarakan’. There’s a lot
of confusions, rampage and in between all these
confusions and rampages I get these two married. Mr. Anil,
will you get them married? Get me married, too.
I’ve been waiting since years. I’m also
like a nephew to you. Mr. Popatlaal, I’m not
a marriage broker in real life. I do it
only in the movie. Come on, Popatlaal.
You’re just.. You’re such a renowned
star, you have good contacts. If not in the film industry,
anyone else around you.. Meet me personally later.
I’ll discuss this with you.. Everyone just says
that we’ll catch up later but no one actually
does anything. I wonder when I’ll get married.
– Don’t worry, Mr. Popatlaal. You’ll get
married very soon. And your would-be wife
will be very beautiful. Thank you.. Thank you,
Ms. Ileana and Ms. Athiya. With both of your best wishes,
I’ll surely get married soon. Popat..
– If not mine God will surely
grant your prayers, right? Of course.
– Absolutely. Arjun, you were saying
something about the movie. Well, who you are getting
the two of them married to? Karan wants to marry Sweety,
the character played by Ileana but his marriage
gets fixed with Binkle the character
played by Athiya. And Charan’s marriage gets fixed to the character
played by Athiya whereas, he loves
the character played by Athiya. Oh, there’s
so much of confusion. And who creates
all this confusion? – You.. Who solves it?
You do.. – Exactly.. He’s the one who creates
confusion and also solves it. But to know
how he does that don’t miss to watch
‘Mubarakan’, all right? Yes.. – Sure..
– Watch it two times.. Mr. Anil Kapoor is in the movie,
so, it’s a must watch. Yes..
– We have Arjun as well. And this time,
I’m playing a double role. Yes..
– So, watch it twice. We even have Ms. Ileana,
Ms. Athiya.. – Yes, Ms. Athiya.. So,
it’s a must watch.. Mr. Anil,
I’ve watched all your movies. Mr. Anil Kapoor,
Mr. Arjun Kapoor both of you are playing
Sardars for the first time. You both look so
handsome. Congratulations.. Hearty wishes,
may your movie be a blockbuster. Yes, Mr. Arjun.
You look very handsome. Especially,
in your get-up as a Sardar. You look like a hero.
I love you! Mr. Anil,
congratulations to all of you for the success of
your upcoming movie, ‘Mubarakan’ on behalf
of all of us. – Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Champak. What..
– Uncle, I mean.. Brother. My younger brother..
Address him as sir at least. Have some..
– I’m just joking.. Thank you, sir..
– It’s okay. Stay blessed.
No worries. Better..
– He’s quite humorous. Keep joking in the same way
all the time and live happily. That’s all. Sodhi, you know what?
Mr. Anil Kapoor and Mr. Asit Kumar Modi’s
birthday is on the same day. 24th December.
– What are you saying, Popat? That’s amazing.
Congratulations.. Where’s Mr. Aatmaram?
He didn’t get ready yet. Someone call Mr. Aatmaram.
– Yes.. He must be on his way. Mr. Aatmaram,
please come! Hey! Oh, my.. He’s Mr. Bhide.
– I just can’t believe it. Yes. It’s hard
to recognise him, right? Yes..
– Wonderful.. Oh.. How are you, guys?
All fine! Would I look so bad? Friends, we folk of
Gokuldham are just like flowers. We keep smiling
and spreading joy. We befriend
anyone who comes to us. As you can see we befriended Mr. Anil Kapoor,
Mr. Arjun Kapoor Athiya and Ileana. We have won
their hearts. Even you
should befriend them. Laughter will continue
in the show. To know
what happens next meet us at 08:30 p.m.
on Monday. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching.
Keep smiling.

100 thoughts on “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – तारक मेहता – Mubarakan Special – Ep 2247 – 15th July, 2017

  1. Aap ko nahi lagata ki daya ki acting me kuchh badlav ho gya he…

    Ab daya jyada Bolati nahi he…….

  2. Gokuldham and Sab actor Independence Day Independence day ki hardik shubhkamnaye Raksha Bandhan ki hardik shubhkamnaye

  3. तारक मेहता का उल्टा चश्मा मेरा फेमस शो है

  4. Tapu jab se chhota tha tab se popat ki sadi karnawa, karwa rahe hain pata nahi kab hoga Popat ki shaadi dekhne ke liye main kab se Kitne Dino Se Bechain Ho

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