Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – तारक मेहता – Ep 2272 – 18th August, 2017

Hail Lord Hanuman! Hail! Hail Lord Hanuman! Hail! Hail Lord Hanuman! Hail! Hail Lord Hanuman! Hail! Listen, everyone.
I, Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide the sole secretary
of Gokuldham society welcome you all
to Gokuldham Society. Mr. Abdul, what is this? You’ve hung the
earthen pot so low. Yes.
– This is too low. No, Tapu. The height is fine.
If they tie it higher.. Mr. Bhide, you know
that breaking the pot is a cakewalk for us.
– Yes. Really?
– We’ll see. Mr. Bhide,
it should be challenging. Yes..
– This is.. Baby? No, dear.. Bhide is right. This is fine.
It’s perfect. Yes, dear.
– Yes.. It is fine. Tapu, the pot
is at the right height. It won’t be good
if it’s tied higher. True. Dad, it is our record
that we can break the pot irrespective of how high
it has been hung. Yes..
It’s easy. Dear, you’ve grown so tall. So, let the height of the
earthen pot be low. Am I not right, Dad?
– No. What are you even saying? I don’t know. I’m
affected by Bhide’s influence. What nonsense?
My jokes have a standard. Did you understand? Really? – Yes. Get lost. What are you doing? Children, don’t act stubborn. This height is enough. Bhide, announce the
commencement of the programme. Yes. Let’s start with it. Of course.. I, Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide the sole secretary
of Gokuldham Society.. I understood. …announce the commencement
of today’s programme. Why are you saying it to me
personally? Say it to everyone. I am. Don’t speak
in between, Jethalaal. Hail Lord Krishna! Hail! “There’s a golden peacock
on the silver branch.” “The thief down there
is yearning for it.” “There’s a golden peacock
on the silver branch.” “The thief down there
is yearning for it.” Hey..
– Hey! Tapu? Oh, God! Oh, God! Tapu! Tapu! Are you fine?
– Yes.. Yes, Dad. Don’t you worry.
I’m all right. I will be fine.
– Careful, dear.. – Yes. Careful, dear.. Come on..
– Come on, Tapu.. Buck up! Buck up, boys! Come on..
Go ahead! “There’s a golden peacock
on the silver branch.” “The thief down there
is yearning for it.” “There’s a golden peacock
on the silver branch.” “The thief down there
is yearning for it.” Break it! Come on! Hey..
– Hey.. – Hey.. Tapu! Are you fine, dear? It’s not that high. Why isn’t
he still not able to break it? I don’t know. This is strange. Why isn’t he
able to break the pot? What’s the matter, Tapu?
Why aren’t you able to break it? Tapu, shall I try? There are many fruits, so
it’s motivating me to climb up. Goli, let it be. How can you break it
when Tapu can’t? Tapu doesn’t have greed
for the fruits, Pinku. But Goli, people won’t
be able to take your weight. Yes.
– That’s true. I wonder why I am not
able to break the pot. Yes.
– Yes. It’s not even high,
yet you’re unable to break it. Tapu, our group’s honour
is at stake. We threw tantrums when
we saw the pot hung too low. Now, people will laugh at us,
if we don’t break it. Yes.
– Yes. I wonder what’s wrong, Friends.
I’m confused too. I don’t know why I am
not able to reach the pot. Why did he go there? What happened, Tapu?
Why did you come here? Is he going to
break the pot this time? No.. Tapu’s friends group
always have a surprise for us. Come on!
Not such surprises. Look, Grandpa.
The pot has been hung so low yet I am
unable to break it. We make some or the
other mistake every time. Why are you smiling? You’re repeating
the same mistake. What? – Your attitude upon
looking at the pot. You said that
it’s cake walk for you. And that you
can break it in no time. This was your mistake. ‘What is this, Mr. Abdul?’ ‘You’ve hung the earthen pot
too low!’ ‘It’s a cakewalk for us.
– Yes..’ What is he talking
with father-in-law? What do you mean?
– I mean to say everyone has self-esteem. But when someone displays it then it looks like arrogance. Self-esteem
makes a person rise in life. But arrogance is such
a negative force that it harms
a person’s deeds. You are trying
to break the pot but you were so arrogant
about breaking it that you are not
being able to achieve your goal. This festival is celebrated
to honour Lord Krishna. It shouldn’t have
any spirit of competitiveness or any sort of display
of arrogance involved in it. Do you understand? Yes, Grandpa.
– Good. I guess, he is motivating them. You are right, Grandpa.
I had grown arrogant that’s why,
I couldn’t break the pot. Yes. Now, I have realised my mistake. That’s what I am talking about! All right, seek
the blessings of the Lord. And the mischievousness
which Lord Krishna had while accomplishing
this task have the same spirit
and go, break the pot. Okay? Okay, Grandpa.
I will do just this. Yes.
I am proud of you. Break the pot!
– Yes, Grandpa! Good luck. All the best.
– All the best. – All the best. Come on, everyone! Tapu, break the pot
on this attempt! Yes! “Go! Go! Govinda!” “Go! Go! Govinda!”
– Careful.. “Go! Go! Govinda!” “Break the pot!” “Go! Go! Govinda!” “Go! Go! Govinda!” “Go! Go! Govinda!” “Go! Go! Govinda!” Come on!
– Break it! – Come on! Break it! “Go! Go! Govinda!” Hurray!
– Hurray! Hurray! – Hurray!
– Hurray! ‘Good morning, Gokuldham!’ Jetha. Jetha! Astonishing. He is not in the bedroom
or the kitchen. Where did he go? Yes. Okay.
Okay.. Jetha, were you
in the bedroom? I just came out
of the bedroom. It’s obvious that I was
in the bedroom. Dad, you are too much. Tell me something. I called out to you
a while back. Why didn’t you answer me? When did you
call out to me? I called out to you
a while back. Oh! No, I was not
in the bedroom then. What! You just came out
from the bedroom and you are saying
you were not in the bedroom. You are lying blatantly. I meant to say,
I wasn’t in the bedroom when you called out to me
a while ago. Really?
– Yes. If you weren’t
in the bedroom then how did you know
that I called out to you? You just said
that you called out to me. I said, I wasn’t
in the bedroom then. Then where were you? I was in the balcony. I was offering water
to Lord Surya. Really? Were you in the balcony?
– Yes. When did you come out
of the balcony and enter the bedroom? I have been
standing right here. I didn’t see you pass. Or have you made
a new path from the balcony
to the bedroom? No, I just passed
from here, Dad. You weren’t here then. Just a minute. I called out to you then I went to the kitchen
looking for you. I presume, you went
to the bedroom then. Yes, that must’ve happened, Dad. Oh.. Sorry.
– No.. Don’t apologise, Dad. Why were you looking for me? Did you need something? Yes. Jetha, actually, this year,
heavy rainfall occurred in Rajasthan. Some of the places are flooded.
– Oh.. The Pathmeda village
in Sanchore and Jalore are under
great duress. What is the issue, Dad? That village has a
huge cowshed of indigenous cows. That’s the biggest cowshed
in India. In fact, it’s the biggest
cowshed in the world. The biggest one
in the world! Lakhs of cows are reared there.
– Oh, I see. The cows are provided
the best fodder. Great care is taken
of their health. All the cows are cared for. Wow!
That’s a noble and pious work. Yes. But, Jetha, the cows
are facing a hardship. What has happened, Dad? Owning to the rain, the cows
are not getting proper food and it’s affecting
their health gravely. Oh, my! That’s terrible. Dad, we should take
an action for their aid. Yes, so.. Listen, Jetha.
– Yes? Give them a cheque
of Rs. 25,000. Rs. 25,000? Yes. Rs. 25,000. Why?
– Such an amount.. Jetha, you just said that we should provide aid. You can’t give even Rs. 25, 000! No, Dad,
you are misunderstanding me. I meant to say,
we should give double the sum. I am proud of you.
– I’ll bring the cheque, Dad. Here. I have issued a cheque
of Rs. 51,000. Wow! Thank you, Jetha. Don’t thank me, Dad.
This is your own money. May God bless everyone
with a son like you. May everyone have a father
like you. You see, it’s the parents who
impart good values to the kids. All right, I’ll leave now, Dad. Yes.
– Bless me. Bless you, dear.. Madhavi, get me a cup of tea! Reading the newspaper
while having tea is great! The husband was sent
to buy samosas and the wife ran away
with her lover. That’s strange. Here you go.
– Yes. Please go to the market
after having tea. Why? – I want
to have some samosas today. Please go and get it. No! No way! What?
What happened? No.. I mean, we will go
in the evening. We will have it together. We will have an outing. Yes. Did you read this joke?
It’s awesome. Where is it?
– Yes? A husband tells his friend
that his wife is a spendthrift. She keeps asking him for
Rs. 1,000 or Rs. 2,000. The friend asks, ‘What does
your wife do with the money?’ He replies, ‘I will come to know
only if I give her the money.’ This means, he is just like you. You have prepared
really delicious tea. ‘Oh, wow! I think he
is in a good mood.’ ‘I need to play
a prank on him.’ What I was saying was.. How am I supposed to know? I will know only when
you say it. Go ahead, tell me. You can say whatever
you feel like. I have thought that
we should go on a vacation for ten days. Yes, let’s go.
Where do you want to go? Tell me.
– London! London?
– Yes! Okay! Start packing. I will go and refuel Sakharam. What! Will we go on a scooter?
– Yes. Why are you joking with me? Who started it? Very smart! Madhavi.
– Yes? Jokes apart, the three of us
will surely go to London. Why just London? Let’s
take a trip to Europe as well! Let’s go to Switzerland,
Rome, Italy and Paris! Oh, yes! Paris!
There is the Eiffel Tower. We will visit the Eiffel Tower. We will click a romantic selfie
on the tower. Just like this!
– Yes! What is that giant wheel
in London called? The London Eye! Yes! We will go there as well! We will roam
all around London! Absolutely!
We will visit the wax museum! Yes!
– We will enjoy a lot! Yes. We will board the flight
and order whatever we want to. That’s how we will
press the bell. Did the bell ring?
– Yes. Hey. Please come in, Mr. Rangeela. Mr. Bhide, can I come in? You are already in the house. Please sit down. What will you have?
Tea or coffee? No, ma’am.
I don’t want anything. Hey, I will go downstairs. You guys chat.
– Okay. Sit down, Mr. Rangeela.
Tell me. Mr. Bhide, you celebrated
‘Dahi Handa’ on 15th August.. It’s not ‘Dahi Handa’
but ‘Dahi Handi’. Be it whatever, in the end,
the pot is supposed to break. It is difficult.
Well, what about that? How was it? We celebrated both the festivals
well. We enjoyed a lot. I have got the bill
for the decoration. Yes, give it to me. Yes. Rs. 51,000?
– Yes. Rs. 51,000!
– Yes. What do you mean?
The bill can’t be this huge! This can’t be the amount
of the bill! Why is it so high? Come on, sir! You enjoyed and celebrated
the festival and even the decoration was done. It will come up to
this amount. This will lead to an expense
but it’s too high! Yes! Besides,
the decoration was unique. Give me the money. No! I can’t give the amount. I need to talk to Tapu first. I can’t pay you the money
so easily. I did everything that
Tapu asked me to. Tapu and his friends
handle of all the arrangements every year, right? We decorate the place
every year but we don’t end up spending so much. And if the expenses were so high you should have spoken to me. I did tell Tapu that
it will exceed the budget. Tapu asked me to not
worry and decorate the place. Is that what Tapu said? Yes! Tapu! No! I won’t pay you
a single penny! Come on, sir! You have incurred expenses,
you will have to pay for it. No! Absolutely not!
I will not pay the money. Mr. Bhide,
how am I at a fault? I have done everything
that Tapu asked me to. ‘Tapu..’ Why are you
just talking about Tapu? Who is Tapu? Be it whatever but you
are the secretary of the society! You will have
to pay the bill. Why will I pay the bill? It’s Rs. 51,000
and not Rs. 51. I will have to talk to Tapu. Friends, in the
calm environment of Gokuldham there comes a storm of
the bill of ‘Janmashtami’. A bill of Rs. 51,000! Bhide is furious
upon seeing this bill! On top of that, Tapu is
the reason for his anger. Bhide’s anger has doubled up.
What will he do? What will he do with Tapu?
Will he call Jethalaal? And if Jethalaal comes,
what will happen next? Will Bhide grow angrier
or will Jethalaal calm him down? Or will Jethalaal himself
get angry? What all is Bhide going
to do out of anger and what all will he do? How will he vent out his anger? To know this, keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching, keep smiling.

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