Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – तारक मेहता – Ep 2229 – 21st June, 2017

Mr. Sodhi, you came now! I will take time to come
back from the garage! Don’t worry. I will get ready.
– Okay. Okay. Goli! Goli! – That’s it.
That’s it. Take this. No one is here. Has everyone left? Had they
left, Babita would’ve called me. I will get ready. Yes, that’s it! That’s it.
That’s it. Take this..
– Shall I give you the change? No, I have it.
– It’s good. No one is here, Mr. Mehta.
We are on time. I thought everyone would
be standing here and we won’t even get
a chance to change our clothes. Yes.
– Mr. Mehta! Aren’t you ready yet? The person who’s always late
is ready but you aren’t! Look at him.
What are you doing? Go and get ready quickly.
Go. Really?
Will you come in these clothes? Don’t you want to
get ready? You aren’t ready either?
– We came together. When will you get ready
and when will we leave? If we get late, Mr. Salman
might leave. If he leaves, I won’t be
able to get married too. Why do you think
in a negative manner? Think positive!
Everything will go well. We will get ready in
two minutes and be back. Yes, we will go and
be back soon! – Don’t talk! Just go and get ready. I will get ready
in two minutes. By the way, he needs
to think positive. Why are you teaching me?
Just go. He is wasting time. I am not wasting time.
I am going. – Just go. I will be back in two minutes. That’s strange!
No one is ready yet. Thank God!
They are here. Sir, did you book a cab
to go to the film city? Yes, I booked the cab.
Wait for two minutes. As soon as everyone
is here, we will leave. Popatlaal, we are ready. Mr. Hathi!
Very good. Haven’t the others come yet? That’s what I am worried about.
Where is Goli? He is writing. Oh! Is he doing his
homework at this hour? When will we reach?
We are already too late. Come on, Popatlaal.
Don’t worry. He will come soon. Mr. Hathi, are you ready? Why are you standing there
and having tea? I just came to check
if everyone is ready or not. I am coming downstairs. I am not having tea.
It’s finished. Turn the cup around. Look at this. Get Ms. Madhavi and
Sonu along with you. Mr. Popat, I am ready. Mr. Popat, I am ready!
– Very good. Where is Sodhi and
Ms. Roshan? Mr. Popat, they will
be here soon. Gather all the other
members of your group. Till then, I will call
everyone else. We are here.
We are here too. We are here.
– Mr. Aiyar and Ms. Babita! Yes, Mr. Popat!
– Come down quickly. How long will you take? Give me two minutes. Give us two minutes.
We are coming. Yes.
Everyone is getting late. Ms. Anjali, where is
Mr. Mehta? Mr. Popat, he will get
ready and come Why are you all
standing out here? Sit in the car. Sir, let everyone come here. They will come.
Why don’t you all sit? We don’t have much
time with us! If Mr. Salman leaves,
it will be a big problem. Popatlaal, both of us
are here! We will reach on time. Sodhi, keep the
jeep ready. As soon as everyone
sits, we will leave. Don’t worry about anything. As soon as everyone
gets settled I will drive really fast.
Right? We are here.
We are here. We are ready. Very good.
Very good. Mr. Popat, I am here! Why did you get so late? I got late while finding
the bouquet. You are here. Come on, run Goli.
– Come on! Mr. Popat, I was writing
a poem for Mr. Salman. Oh, wow.
– Oh! Okay! Mr. Champaklaal, where
is Jethalaal? I am here. I am here.
– You got so late! What if Mr. Salman leaves? Popatlaal, didn’t I
ask you to not think negative? Negativity has a
lot of power in itself. If you keep saying it
again and again it might come true.
– Yes, Popatlaal! No! He won’t go.
He won’t go. You are again talking
in a negative manner. What did I say now? You said it! You shouldn’t use
the negative words! If I don’t use that word,
then, I will have to say that Mr. Salman
will leave. You can also say,
‘let’s go quickly’ ‘as Mr. Salman is waiting
for us.’ Did I use a negative
term in this statement? Yes!
– When did I use it? Yes means ‘no’! You asked me to not use
the word ‘no’. So, I didn’t use that word.
I agreed with you. I said that ‘yes’, the
statement which you used didn’t have a
negative word in it. Come on.
Come on. Let’s go. Where do we go?
Where is Mr. Mehta? He is not here yet. You are talking in
a negative manner. What should I say? Just tell everyone to
call Mr. Mehta. You don’t need to!
I am here. I am sorry. Sorry. I am here. I am here.
– Come on! Sit in the cars. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute! Listen to me, villagers.
– What? I mean, people of
Goregaon. Before we leave, I would
like to tell something to all of you.
Listen to me carefully. All of us know that
Tapu called Mr. Salman but the girl’s family
should feel that everything is done
by Popatlaal. Yes.
– Thank you. Secondly, we need to
go and congratulate Mr. Salman for his
film ‘Tubelight’. We need to get Jhilmil’s
selfie clicked with him. – Yes! That’s when Popatlaal
will get married. Let’s go! Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. I have made the
seating arrangement too. Jethalaal, Mr. Mehta,
Aiyar, Bhide, me and Abdul will sit in the jeep. Mr. Hathi will sit on
the front seat in one of the cars
and all the ladies will sit in that car. The children and Mr. Champak
will sit in the other car. Okay! Okay
– Is it clear? Yes. – Yes! That’s great.
– Shall we leave? So, let’s hail Lord Ganesha! Praise the Lord. Let’s go. – Let’s go.
– We will go here. Mr. Mehta, we will
sit in this jeep. Come on.
Be quick. Be quick. Turn on the AC. You forgot me. Sodhi, wait!
Hey, Sodhi! Wait! Hey! Stop!
Let me come! Hey! Stop!
– Hey! Hold on! Sodhi, he is there.
– Don’t leave me and go! Hold on for a minute.
– Popatlaal, come. You left me! Where were you?
– I was helping him. We thought you boarded
that car. – No.. Go.. Come on..
– I was helping him. – Hey! We want you to marry soon
– Go.. – Let’s go. Let’s leave.
– Get aside. – Sit. – Hey! Come on..
– Come on.. We are already late.
– Right.. – Yes.. Mr. Popatlaal, you are so late. Mr. Salman would’ve left.
– Yes. Ms. Jhilmil, be positive. Salman will never leave
without clicking selfie.. Ouch! W-What’s wrong? You used negative words.
– Yes. W-Well.. Ms. Jhilmil, be positive. Salman will click
a selfie with you. – Yes. Good. I will introduce you to
to the people of our society. You’ve already met
the ladies and Bhide. Yes.
– Right. – Yes. – Yes. Firstly, meet him. He is Jethalaal Gada. He is my friend, philosopher and guide for positive
thinking for today. He is Mr. Mehta. I am his guide. He is Mr. Sodhi.
– Greetings. Greetings.
– Greetings. Mr. Hathi.
– Greetings. Mr. Aiyar.
– Greetings. There are our society kids. Hello.
– Hello. Mr. Champaklaal and Abdul.
– Greetings. And please meet Jhilmil
and her entire family. Mr. Popatlaal,
let’s go inside the studio or we’ll be late. Come on..
– Yes. – Yes. – Okay. – Okay. Mr. Jethalaal!
– Listen! Come Bawri, come fast. We’ve reached too. Hey!
Mr. Nattu and Baga if you all here then who
is handling the store? Sir,
Magan is handling the store. Magan!
– Yes. What yes! How could you do
that and come here? Sir, we came to know that everyone is going
to meet Salman Khan. Bawri wants to meet him
desperately and click a selfie. Hence, we brought her here. Okay. Did you two carry her here? One of you could’ve
brought her here, right? Mr. Nattu, you should’ve
stayed in the store. I am a bigger fan
of Salman than her and that’s why I came here. Oh, God! Mr. Khatmatlaal, I will be
able to click a selfie, right? Khatmatlaal?
– What! Please address him
with his right name or clicking selfie will
became a challenge. His name is Mr. Popatlaal,
not Mr. Khatmatlaal. Say it.
– Sure. I faltered unintentionally. Please tell him.
– Sorry.. I am really sorry for that. So you don’t want to
click a selfie, right? Mr. Popatlaal, no..
We do need it. – Yes. Sorry,
really sorry on behalf of her. ‘My entire marriage depends
on that one selfie.’ ‘At least let that
work out first!’ Let Ms. Jhilmil click her
selfie with Salman first and then we will
take it from there. Yes. We will check if
Salman is in the right mood and if he has no issues then we all can click selfies.
– Yes. – Okay. – Right. Then I have no issues.
– Right. – Yes. – Okay. – Yes Mr. Popatlaal, come on,
it’s getting late. Please move fast. Come on.
– Yes. – Go. – Let’s go! – Hey! Let’s go together!
– Yes.. I’ve spoken over
the phone already. It will be fun!
– Sure, easy. – Yes. – Hey! Everyone’s here. Who are you looking for? We want to meet Salman. I have spoken to him already. We all are from
Gokuldham Society. Yes!
– Yes. – Right! – Yes. Hold on. The name is not on
the meeting list. What?
– What! What are you saying? Our society is in Goregaon east it’s a famous society.
– Yes. – Right. ‘Gokuldham Co-operative
Housing Society Limited.’ The society is close
to Film city. Our registration
number is B31-13689. I am the sole secretary
of the building and my name is Aatmaram
Tukaram Bhide. Yes.
– Right. – You can’t say that there is no such
society, that’s impossible. I mean to say that the entry for your society
is not in this register. Tapu?
– Tapu! Well..
What will Tapu do in this? Please talk to Popatlaal
about it.- Yes. Right.
– He has spoken about it. – Yes. Yes.
– Right. R-Right..
Please check it properly. The entry would be under
my name, Popatlaal. Please check.
– Yes. – Check it. There is no entry by
that name as well. There should be one,
please check it. There is an entry by the
name of Tipendra Gada. Yes.
– Good. – It’s there. – Yes.. I-I am Tipendra Gada. What!
Tipendra? It’s my nick name. What kind of a name is this? Tipendra Gadha! Actually, his mom calls
him Tipendra and dad calls him Gadha
– Yes. He can’t call him
that in public so he changed it to
‘Gada’. Right.
– Yes. – Yes. Makes sense?
– Right, yes, you’re right. Thank you. My friend,
philosopher and guide for today. Jethalaal, by the way. Since he has taken
your son’s name so you have to get him married.
– I am ready. If he can get married,
I am ready to bear the expenses. This would happen
for the first time that the groom’s father is
2 years younger than the groom. Fine..
– Are they with you? Yes. Yes we are. We all are residents
of Gokuldham Society. Wherever we go, we go
together. – Right! Okay,
you all may go now. Yes.
– Hey! – Whoa! – Wow! I will keep my phone ready and will click a selfie
as soon as I meet Salman. Sure, do that.
– Hold on. People, wait! hold on!
– Wait. – Hold on. What’s the matter?
– What happened? What’s wrong? First,
deposit all the mobiles here. Why? Mister, why is that? Why should we
deposit our phones? Right.
– Yes. We won’t deposit
our phones here. Listen, we have been instructed
to not allow phones inside. No one can take
personal pictures with Mr. Salman Khan. But then.. Look, it’s important for us
to take the phone inside. Please, let us take
the phones inside. Look, try to understand. Mobile phones
are not allowed inside. Let us take
one phone at least. Not mine one. Let this lady take
her phone. Just let her take it. Sir, we can’t break the rules. You’ll have
to submit your phones. Popatlaal, he isn’t allowing us
to take the phones. How will my dream
come true? How will I take a picture
with Mr. Salman Khan? Yes.
– Yes. I am there, right?
You just don’t worry. Submit your phone. Don’t hesitate. All of you submit
your phones. What? All of you submit
your phones. Come on, everyone.
Submit your phones. Is everyone’s
phone submitted? Yes.
– Yes, we did it. – Yes. It’s done. No one has a phone,
right? No.
– No. Everyone has submitted it. No..
No one has it. Come on, everyone.
Let’s go. Just a minute. Your phone is ringing.
Come on, let’s go. Let’s go..
– Just a minute. The sound is coming
from that way, not here. From where?
– From there. No.. There is nothing in it.
This is a mere umbrella. Take a look, sir. Thank you, sir!
I found my phone! I have been looking for it,
for a long time. I thought,
I forgot it at home. It was in the umbrella.
Just imagine. Popatlaal’s idea was good.
– But it failed. Come on, let’s go. Hello.
– ‘Popatlaal, is the work done?’ It was happening.
You ruined it. Hang up! Come on, everyone.
Let’s go. Yes! – Yes..
– Just a minute. Submit the phone. Yes, I was about
to keep it. I’ve kept it. My umbrella.
– Yes. – Let’s go. Come on, everyone. Jethalaal,
they took all the phones. My attempt has also failed. How will we take
the selfie? Don’t worry.
We will do something. Firstly, we will go inside
and give our best wishes for the upcoming film. Then, we will have
a good conversation. He’ll be in a good mood
after the good talk. Then, we will request him to take a selfie
with Ms. Jhilmil. When Mr. Salman will say,
they’ll allow a phone. Then take the picture.
– Yes. If any phone comes in safely,
then take the selfie. We’ll take the selfie. What happened, Popatlaal? Is there a problem?
Why are you standing here? No, there is no problem. Then, why are you
standing here? Let’s go inside.
– Yes.. Why did you come out? Come, let’s go. He was looking for you.
– Let’s go. I was looking for you. You can check.
We don’t have phones. Come, ma’am. Where is he? Yes.. You take care of them. Yes, Popatlaal. Look! Mr. Salman
and Sohail are here! Mr. Salman! Mr. Salman! “I received
such good news” “that I started
jumping with joy!” “My dream has come true.” “My prayers
had great powers.” Friends, such situations
can be explained as you experienced it,
yet you feel incomplete. The residents of Gokuldham
came to meet Salman Khan. They could meet him. Salman Khan is before them. But the security guard kept the mobile phones
outside. Friends, wars can’t
be fought without swords. One can’t shave
without a razor. There is no rain
without the clouds. Similarly, one can’t take
a selfie without a phone. What will happen further?
How will the selfie be clicked? Will the condition be met?
Or will it not be met? Will there be a new climax
in Popatlaal’s wedding. There are several questions. But you’ll get the answers
to all your questions on ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. And, friends,
a special announcement. This time, we award
Mr. Mahesh Mittal for being a soldier
of cleanliness. He has an organization.
‘Pahal Ek Prayas’. It’s situated
in Modinagar, Utter Pradesh. All the doctors
have come together and made great attempts
towards cleanliness and hygiene. From the team of
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah I, Asit Kumar Modi
and Mr. Popatlaal would like to honour them
with the award. We have
a group of doctors. We realised that most
of the diseases are caused by
an unhygienic environment. If we decide to keep
the environment clean then there won’t
be any mosquitoes. If there are no mosquitoes then there will be
a reduction in diseases. We clean the roads,
we dispose waste we clean clogged drains to maintain flow of water. Lesser the impurities,
lesser the diseases. I would thank everyone for the honour we’ve received. Come, let us
all get rid of impurities. This will restore earth
to its real beauty. Yes, friends. Salman Khan is
with us, you too stay with us. Wait and watch, if Jhilmil will
take the selfie or she won’t. To know that, keep watching,
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Keep watching,
keep laughing.

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