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hello welcome to elevators it is time to put together a new Sylvanian families Calico Critter set and this one is the country doctor and it is full of awesome little bits and pieces that we can set up so we can play doctor it's really really cool we can also set up the dentist and the country nurse set in this same building so I'll open them in another video I promise I'll do it very very soon but let's get the doctor open and set up so here we have the surgery this is obviously used on different days of the week for different people so for the nurse or for the dentist or for the doctor at the moment we are setting it up for the doctor because after all this is just a country town and we're going to have a look at all the pieces that are in here that we're going to need to set up the doctor's surgery so you got lots of little things we'll look at them in a moment and we'll do the big things first I think okay let me see let's start of course we're going to need a table I can see a table in here and some other I can tell what they are all right so we have a table we're going to need a table for putting stuff on so we'll find out what we have to put on it in a minute this one is one of those measuring sticks it's pretty cute goes up and down you can find it how much you've grown since your last visit to the doctor and a scale which will also tell you how much you've grown but in a different way and the doctor is going to need a swivel chair and it's pink it's pink swivel a chair all these accessories are pale pink I hope the doctor likes that color a pink swivel chair for the doctor to sit on and look very important on there like that chair round and round and round it goes let's tuck it in at the table I think that that's where it belongs there we go and we'll see what we have next when we got something flat ah yes so it is the examination bed and a little stool for the patient to sit on when they're talking to the doctor so they will be very handy the bed looks not very comfortable looks quite hard but I suppose they're not supposed to stay there for long the doctor doesn't really want them to stay there they're to be examined that's all not for a nice sleep so that would be nice too this one's got some curvy pink pieces what are these ah all right so this one might be I think these are for the reception area I think that might be a waiting bench and the reception bench as well so that's cool they're all the big pieces of furniture let's have what's in here some squishy bits and it looks like it might be they're all white what have we got we've got some bandage some nice nice that's all unrolled do you think I might have to roll that up for storage because that's not very sanitary at all to have a big piece of unrolled bandage and a cast for a broken foot oh poor little critters but we're gonna have so much fun of this and a doctor's coat now this is cute and it's got velcro to hold it together and I'm holes and I am going to get a doctor to pop in this now this set does not come with any figures so I have dressed up a daddy rabbit here here looks perfect to be a doctor like I said he does not come with the set so just so you know this set doesn't come with any figures but we've got we need one so we can show off what this will look like when the doctor is in residence when he's ready to see patients so let's dress him up ready to see his patients when we've got his whole surgery set up so he looks pretty dashing in his white coat it fits nicely I like his little blue and white bowtie which I chose for him to wear for this this particular in this particular scenario in which he is playing and because he is here we might as well wrap up his ear and check out how the bandage works it actually sticks to itself quite nicely there you are doctor did you know you have a sore ear you don't really have a sore ear but maybe it is because it's all bent ah I think you'll be all right after we've finished taking the bandage off soon so we all you've got a bit of blue thread there we go now you sit on the chair and we'll open all the other bits and pieces okay the little pieces oh my goodness you're going to love these let's sniff it open and get them all out these are fantastic there's a lot of teeny tiny in here move over everything and we might put the tables up so we can put everything on it i stethoscope a little teeny tiny stethoscope and that goes on the doctor there we go now he looks the business he looks perfect ready to be a doctor probably if you put it up on his ears but I don't think that was well thought through having a rabbit for a doctor because his ears are all the way up there hmm we might need to have a bit of have a bit of a thought about that there's a crutch for the foot whichever poor little critters have got a broken leg or ankle or foot and some sort of pink tray we'll find out what goes in that soon I think I think this might be what goes in it a little tablets little pop foil containers with tablets in them sheets of tablets and these are cool that's getting really close look at that they look just like a real set of tablets there's six in each and we might pop them in here and that way the doctor will be able to find them when he needs to prescribe them so we've got two of the capsules the orange and yellow capsules pop them over here I really like them they look they look just like the real thing and some little white tablets as well two sets of little white tablet six in each set and the doctor can prescribe these for whatever he sees fit we can change it depending upon what we're playing that's really really cool then there's our second set of tablets excellent so we've got some medicine I think the doctors ready he's got a bandage he's got medicine what else does he need well he does need small things so let's see he needs a kidney shaped pan that's for putting all of the used fits in and some sort of white box with a slot in it and think we'll find out what that's for in a minute and a clipboard right it's a clipboard for writing things on and it comes with a pencil and we cannot won't know you can't write directly onto the clipboard there will be a little sheet of paper somewhere that we need to put on that so we'll find that in a minute there are some medicines some clear medicines there's the one with the blue lid and there's one with a pink lid you can see the medicine the amount marker up the side the measurement marker and one with a yellow lid so three different medicines and here is his container for holding all of his special doctoring utensils I don't know what this is I'm sure we'll find that out in a minute as well doesn't look like anything very doctory but here's pair of tweezers we must have a pair of tweezers if you are a doctor so let's see let's try them out on the doctor oh oh oh look at the prickles out of his foot I think they work really well for a pair of bendy plastic tweezers who put these in there and he has got a thermometer as well it's a nice old-fashioned thermometer yep check your temperature how is it it looks good yep it was shake down yep your temperatures good doctor you are well and you also have got a needle here a syringe for whatever you might need that for for immunizations or for injections whatever you need to help make your patients better we'll pop that in the kidney-shaped pan because we've used it and we also got this big green thing can you guess what it's for yes of course it's for a sign so we might have a look for where the sign pieces so here is our enormous sheet of stickers and you can see the country clinic here and it's not just for the doctor it's for all of those other medical services I know what day is the doctor's in so now we've got our country clinic sign and it goes follow me up here it goes on the top there all done the doctor's clinic is ready and now we got lots of other stickers to put on so let's put some on these ones I've got some little tiny feet on them then they don't go on a scale they go on your measuring stick because that's where you need to put your feet right near the back so that we can measure your height accurately no standing on your tippy toes we need to see the proper height flat feet right the heels right back up against the stick huh now this fit goes for the scales I think put it on here and it's got the little feet imprints as well so you know where to stand and we also need the scale part measuring part there that looks great come out here dr. rabbit let's find out how you're going we'll actually might just check that all this equipment works so if you could stand on the scales please yes yes yes looking good and could you please put your feet up right back at the back there do we measure to the top of your ears or do we measure to the top of your head it's a bit of a bit of a conundrum really I don't know where you're supposed to measure animals to hmm interesting maybe you could tell me in the comments where the issue think we should measure him to the top of his ears or the top of his head huh and while you're thinking about that I will put some stickers on these medicine bottles now here we go here's the yellow one and it says medicine that's not very confusing it at all and here's the pink one and it's got a pink sticker do you know what I think the stickers are supposed to go on the side next to the measurements I think I'll put it on the wrong spot on the other ones yeah I think oh come on the slippery I think let me see yeah that's not going to come off at all right the yellow one gets to be different it's going to be an individual which is a okay and the pink and the blue they're going to conform and they're going to have their stickers on the sides and the yellow is going to be special and fabulous there we are three bottles of medicine and we get a sticker for this so we now can find out what it's for this is this says information so this is the information stand I'll try and put it on straight there the information stand which means we no need something to go in at that's information let me have a look at this sheet of books and this is it that one's the the paper sheet that notes on the stickers here so we need to fold this sticker over and stick the pieces together there and then it sorts in there perfect and now you've got information dental or consultation or the other side has got ear tests and all sorts of things so there are lots of things that the doctor can do here and this one says card and this one goes on that funny white box which I've just dropped honey white box with a little slot on it there and this is where the patients put their cards in once they filled them out and let me see if I can find the cards here they are little teeny tiny cards there it is nice and up close and we fold them over and the patients will write all their information on and then put it in the box so that they're the next ones that can be seen well maybe it's just for the receptionist to keep all of their information on file and there are three of these little cards there's two and that is three then now the reception desk how do we know it's a reception desk because it's got the words reception desk written on the sticker and we can put the card box on it and we might need some little information brochures here as well on healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle very important there's one and here's the other one they're very colorful they're gonna catch your eye and be very interested in reading them when you come to the doctor's clinic what else have we got we have finished with the stickers for now oh no we haven't oh yes we have yes because we need to put out our patients our patient information cards here and these are there's a pink one and a blue one these ones go on the clipboard and that looks cool so the doctor fills those out with the pencil which I've lost here somewhere we'll find it in a minute can fill those up for the individual patients now speaking of patients are different type of patients I need to put all these boxes together do you have patients and will then stick with me while I bend all these little bendy bits around and try and get all the little slots into the correct little spots and I really really wish that the people who make these the civilian families people Calico Critters people would make these out of cardboard why on earth do they make them out of paper they squash in five seconds flat and they're really really fiddly and hard to put together so bear with me I'm gonna get this together you'll see I'm very tenacious I will stick with it until I get there in the end there see I told you I get there so this is for the gauze bandage we did that bandage go open it up so we're gonna stick our bandage in here we'll take it away from the doctor rabbit and roll it up in it into as little into as little little ball as we can this is always the tricky part making it small enough to fit back into the box it's like oh no no it a lot of slipped apart again right hold are we your speed up this I've done it again where you shove it in before it has a to unravel again there one gauze bandage completed and the box okay that's one box let's do the next one this one's for cough medicine and you know once you've seen one box you've seen them all so I am going to hurry this along and this one's really fiddly to try and get in look at that that's not very neat and we could try it look this bits hanging out everywhere hold on there we go that looks much better and we could try and put the medicine those tablets or those capsules in there but I'm not going to cuz I don't really want to open it again it would be really hard uh and this one is stomach medicine did you see how fast I made that it was like magic lucky I can speed it up and some adhesive plasters and sticking plasters for all of your little boo-boos and sores we're gonna need them in a doctor surgery and all these are cute these are the little bags that the doctor writes on for a prescription and we put the medicine in so that it can be taken home by the patient in its own little bag so we know who it belongs to and it comes with three of them there's the pink one there's a blue one and a green one and AH right now we've got two books to put together to read in the doctor's surgery these books always stumped me as to which way they need to be folded so I really need to look at the instructions the instructions are actually on the lid of the box so you have to look carefully for these ones this one always tricks me up but I got there here's the doctor in the woods that will be fascinating to read while we're waiting at the doctor's surgery and this one is healthy food oh that one looks good too look at all those colorful little things in there those colorful little foods I can't eat them they're too cute oh right some of the big stickers that need to go on to the actual onto the building itself on to the country clinic so we can see where we can park the parents with prams and there's under notice of medical examination the opening hours and the eye chart and medical news all these important stickers that we need here we need a calendar so that everybody can stay and we'll stay up to date and come at the right time and I've put that not on straight very important sign about washing your hands putting a clock up so the doctor can run on time and another one I didn't put on straight more advertising about having health checkups as often as you can so now we can put all the furniture in are you ready so we've got the waiting bench and we have got the reception desk and we'll put the card box there and the information information little thingy over there and some of the cards and a pencil to fill them in and all of our medicines up here on the display behind the reception desk and our medicines little liquid ones as well so the patients can get them on their way out this must be the equivalent of the pharmacy in the country doctor and here is the doctor's area of the surgery and we'll settle that up with the tablets and the capsules there and we'll put all of his equipment that he needs close at hand on his table nice and tidy we'll try and make it tidy anyway he's clipboard for the patient information and we're gonna pinch the pencil from the front desk we need two pencils in this clinic they must be on a tight budget and over on this side we will put the examination bed and now the crutch and then the cars can sit on there I'm not sure that's the best place for them but it will do for now so there we are I think we just need we need the stool for the patient to sit on while they're chatting to the doctor and we'll tuck those under the bed because they really shouldn't be on the bed there's nowhere to store them though we need a cupboard and we need a doctor here he comes he's appeared in the door so doctor rabbit is here he's ready for business he's ready to treat all your ailments but we've got no patients so I tell you what in the next video I will open up a new family to come in and get treated in the country clinic so don't forget to subscribe and click like check out other silly videos and I'll see you again really really soon

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  1. I think it's the ears. Because the ears are on the head, and they count. To its to the ears. I love animals and im a animal expert. So yeah I think it's definitely the ears.

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  3. Hi Ellie, I am hunting this Country Doctor Set and the only one I saw on Amazon is almost 300$. I saw some on Ebay for around 50$ I wonder if you trusted Ebay to get this set ? Can't wait for putting hands on it :3

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