Sydney Weltman speaking at the LIHSA Dance Honor Society 2017

Hello my name is Sydney Weltman and I’m
currently a second year student in the dance department. Other than being a
student at LIHSA I serve as the vice president of the national dance honor
society, a 2 year a dance department representative, and represented for arts
education in New York State. As well as being a student at LIHSA I also attend John F. Kennedy High School in Bellmore. In order to be admitted into this wonderful society, you
need three main principles as previously discussed, one being academic achievement.
Although academic achievements a broad statement it takes much determination
and passion to obtain it. First my peers and I had to obtain a 90 average or above at LIHSA. A misconception with this grade is that it solely comes from our technique and
performance, but that is not the case. Rather our grade is comprised of many
different aspects. Yes, the technique portion is of course in there, but at the same
time we must do exceedingly well in our college level courses both junior and
senior year. For example, junior year we took anatomy and kinesiology and this year we are finishing up our dance history courses. For both classes we were able to receive college level credits from LIU Post that will transfer as we take our next steps
to higher education. Also at LIHSA we focus on being a smart dancer. Instead
of just doing movements we are taught. We dive into them with an in-depth lense
by watching, researching, writing and having discussions. This expands our
dance knowledge beyond anything any studio can teach us. The tools LIHSA has provided
me with has allowed me to obtain the prominent title of scholar artist. This
is a highly competitive awards ran by Newsday for students in New York that excel in both the arts and academia and I am proud to say that myself and my peers Mr.
Jared Stern and Miss Allie Ferrugia are all recipients of it. So as I did before I
light this candle on behalf of academic achievement. Thank you and now I’d like to
introduce Miss Rosie Ozimkowski.

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