Swimming With STINGRAYS And SHARKS! / That YouTub3 Family

alright so you got your swimming suit yeah right your wetsuits right too what getting ready to go we're gonna go change what do you got what do you have ty those are the sea crazies so we're gonna go feed up hi do you want to go feed yeah no just kidding don't you know join in oh yeah the dogs retire are gonna be swimming today they got the fish to feed the scenery [Applause] he's trying to get it and then it was just like vacuum in Oh almost oh-oh-oh they're like come on give me the food oh there's a huge one oh there's there's too – fishies floating in the tank now that's okay though yeah I just drop them Seager gets it oh look who's gonna get who's gonna get it hey I think that guy got it right there look this guy this guy's just chillin look at his lip out miss we are getting all suited up we have our scuba gear we're gonna put it on and go swimming with the stingrays I'm really excited just getting hers on tie city now because he has a broken arm and I'm vlogging so you guys can get an underwater viewpoint in an above you point to they're jegos they're going in the water [Applause] they're sitting down in the freezing cold water right now they're being trained by a worker here on what to do in the Stingray little aquarium yes okay holder the Castaway key okay I think they're starting to swim you going under bum come on go droids turn [Applause] how is it mom does it feel like fine oh there's no mom right by you she's the biggest one there goes dad he's swimming off whoo [Applause] dad's just a little frog he's swimming like a little froggy out there [Applause] his mom do the frog pose no she doesn't alright and swears oh there's Jordan dreads during the arm frog [Applause] so times just hanging out on this little coat he waits for them to be done Geordi where's everyone else Wow Jacob hi tayt you can't really dive and eat the water and you are allowed to touch the sands because they like to stay on the bottom and you don't want to step on in my accident look there's a horseshoe crab she's practicing her mermaid skills they're gonna feed the stingrays for shrimp [Applause] ah that's a giant one there's a wizard walking around what kind is he [Applause] ah this stucco he's just walking around kate is gonna feed him some shrimp got some pie right here we're little steamer Stingray Oh months coming ty alright I'm gonna go check out all the birds have some other animals here too they have a couple pairs and they even have a snake so let's go hello usually he responds back hi I use a lot to talk today here is a bird that's the same bird from The Lion King look how cool and then this is a chicken net it's so colorful how was it maybe next time you know I can do it and like a month and a half two months really cool soda brown paint like I actually was able to swim and pet at the same time and like food like this so that was really fun and then also feeding up was really fun a shark actually came up and I put it twice it was really cool I did her at all and any super fun we hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already turn up from right to three and hit the pedal and be notified every post this video

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