Surrendered dogs at Humane Society available for adoption

welcome back the majority of dogs recently surrendered to the Lewis and Clark Humane Society will be available for adoption starting tomorrow the shelter will have the animals at Petsmart from noon until 3:00 with dog program coordinators on hand to help fast-track adoptions and people can fill out adoption applications in advance to help with the adoption approval process the dogs vary in breeds but are all small in size ranging from 3 to 30 pounds the animals were voluntarily surrendered to the shelter last month from a home in the Helena North Valley dog program coordinator Rebecca Howard says they’re all good dogs that are just in need of a good home I mean these guys are going from a really tough situation and so the quicker we can get them living in a home environment and having a family and living the lives that they’re meant to live the better next week the shelter will also be holding their annual wine for whiskers charity event that all proceeds going directly to supporting the Lewis and Clark Humane Society and for more information about the event or animals currently available for adoption you can visit us online well coming up Carroll college football

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