oh my god no no way [Laughter] good morning what they Fridays of it July 5th five more days yes and we are not headed straight to Boca we are going to Orlando for my buddy Isaac's wedding which happened just happened to be three days yes so we're going there then or are we're driving down to South Florida where our interview is being conducted no we're totally not at all anxious in any way or stress or anything and things are gonna go great can we good bit let's do it guys the weekend's over the wedding was yesterday and we are back today's Monday and I interview is on Wednesday it's crazy because this time in two days it's gonna be over and like we just don't know yesterday gate when I gaze best friends got married and say we were there with like a bunch of family and friends and like a bunch of people that I know and grew up with they were all asking about how's your residency it's really nice everyone is praying for us and stuff I'm sorry everyone asked about it and we had to lie oh my gosh like to my family Heidi's mom so bad we're not lying we're just avoiding holding off yeah I'm waking up avoiding the truth so we can then surprise them with the fact that we actually have it's just crazy because it's not like it's in a month it's like we didn't tell the full juries but it's like in two days I know the reality is we can tell some other people but we just can't as the word can't get out yeah anyway because just his family cannot know I was just like signing mom yes this weekend was a really good distraction because I feel like if we just came here we didn't have the wedding we just would've been freaking out – two days – two days tomorrow we're meeting with our attorney just crazy everything that we have we brought with us oh how about you to be in a car and off we got here lower yeah we just wanted to make sure that that was like we had enough time to truck and everything I'm feeling a little sick in my tummy oh so my mom tried to face tummy while we were driving down and come on Janelle I had to lie to her she has I can FaceTime you for a minute and I was like when meeting up with friends to have breakfast like this alright and I felt so bad oh my gosh how you feeling I'm feeling good yeah I'm not like crazy nervous right now I'm just kind of a bit nervous I don't know it's just like really important so you get a little nervous yeah oh I'm sure everyone gets nervous know this it's so similar in an iron hawk I'm crazy because we've waited like we've been waiting for this for two and javi is so for it to just be an hour and a half away it's just like it's very weird very bizarre Soviet we had some friends who knew about this yeah like a voice memo like voice message prayer like we've had I want to run around but I'm driving the speed limit right now okay time out we can't say a lot because our attorney was like hey don't say details about your cases we're just going to try a short project we went in it like 9:30 I think I'm working on it and then we didn't get cold end until 11:00 and then we got out in 12 so we had an ally and then and then we leave and he he said for sudden reasons you know we didn't get approved on the spot basically and then we woke out and she's like oh it's you know it's so funny sometimes like we walk out and I get a message that it's about any and then like that means that be crazy and gets an email right as we're saying that then she goes oh you guys I think has our fruit she checks and then she's like then it's another occasion we're gonna check out your case a little more and then yeah I thought it was an approval but it just meant the case was being like reviewed and then you couldn't really have been driving for maybe you're like my longsword and I and I was like oh let me check like on the website it you can check how your case is going and so I was like let me just put that on print anyway you see and then it said oh my god is being produced I was like hold on a second what does that mean that must mean and then making my green card I texted out to it and that she gave me a call and she was like I just got another email that that's correct here for you answer that babe we're going to are really up it should be about a week because they ship the green Cottenham and that's a timeline get the card go to LA have my best thing for a quick second time bounced over to Australia mom and dad get ready to be surprised about two years gonna cry I'm not gonna cry but if I do I'm gonna cry no cry bro I've wanted a cry today yesterday it's morning God was so looking off for a I Centauri he was looking after us so much so I think wait we need to figure how to tell my family trying to coordinate with my family on how to Surprise them tonight like we're gonna try and meet them at some point today but I don't think that's going to work out because of their schedule so I think we're meeting on tomorrow is that correct yes whoa sorry we're on our way to his parents house and we're just kind of talking like I was just saying I'm so curious to see like how this plays out can you guys sit down on the couch for a second answer to that that's right now no clue but I was thinking it could be something along the lines of hey guys I just got approved I don't want to set it up for them to take we're pregnant I should I should right away and point out that we're dad were vlogging right now say what's up say what's up okay we don't point it out it would be weird but we do need a way to your dad gets home every guitar nico will be home I'm not sure when my dad okay you can just start off with like tell me baby tell me kind of terrible like I need to be honest I need to be honest like like we lied to you we lied to you oh that's good my light nari is exactly what we got and he gets so excited I think both my parents cars are here so hey guys hey mom to have the vlog is everyone here that's here where is she here we go so if he's out here but we'll talk say what's up can you guys sit down in the couch for a second yeah you're part of the vlog mom you have to be part of it guys we have something to tell you which we've been lying to you and yesterday we went down to Miami for Jessa's interview and she is a USA mom actually uh no one knows and we are going to show up at our parents house and Surprise them in Australia's so so yeah be careful you have to be careful cuz we're blood pressure I thought no we're gonna tell us a really guys listen nobody knows this is top secret also we needed we're gonna tell Sophie when she gets back I guess a wild wild crazy guess I don't know my hands a sweaty they've been sweating like frames sorry he like tried to hold my hand I'm awaiting likes my my oh my gosh I couldn't run I wish I wasn't driving so I could like take a last man I'm just sorry I just this is actually a dream I just feel like we've gone three months gone through so much with this case and it means so long that part of me is like nah like something has to happen later we're not actually a perfect thought we are but let me tell you my god God not did the timing the way he saw fit so that turn you guys really yeah yeah you guys really had to rely on each other by each other really apparently yeah hey so the head of the vlog can you step over here for a second yes we did bring in chick-fil-a so guess what we did yesterday what you did you should yeah we're in Miami take a guess a wild wild crazy [Applause] yeah oh my god it was all like so as a weird turn of events yeah oh my gosh we were talking about we've known we've known about the appointment since July June 11th 10th I got a good say Oh everyone was asking and we can't tell anyone because we're surprising her parents in Australia like all right this is my best feature okay we do hesitate to tell you the reason why we wouldn't come today was on Wednesday we went down to Miami to me for a little and I'd like and we just hold his family last night my families have no idea we're gonna Surprise them not really no really yeah we're gonna show up good morning good morning good morning good morning justice want me a filmer right now cuz we just call that a bet what blows it but she just checked online again and the thing updated and the cards been man like odd was mailed to me oh my gosh that's so that's the deal yesterday it was mailed yet whoo we can have it yeah it's the weekend right now so we don't know it it'll be like two or three days probably what you doing I am getting a visa and I don't know if it's right what website but that makes it a little bit more real we get this and then once your car comes in the mail then book the flights I'm wrong I know Wow Gabe is just going to pick up some Starbucks bud Gabe doesn't know he doesn't know anything doesn't matter oh my god okay he's coming he's coming he's coming he's coming I'm coming here yeah how do you feel me why'd she go if to live in did she taxi No can close it up clean it out oh the cabbage Tuesday babe they delivered it okay so we just got tracking for the green cog this morning and it said that it had delivered at a post office and and that it then was going to be delivered to our attorney the next day and we were like let's try and get it so we brought the camera with us right now because I'm needing to go to but then after that we are gonna go to the local post office to see if we can pick it up we went super confident that they would let us because it's like in transit but it's to livid so we can go all around meeting all right Oh Oh what's happening man what's happening we just got the call we're headed to our Attorney's Office right now to pick it up well we have to guard I have a call that have to be on in 30 minutes babe and I might miss it we'll see blow out the candles got to be safe safety first let's get the show on the road is all right yeah I'm gonna surround the corner well you know anything come down okay okay thank you oh my gosh okay hold on wait are you great maybe you need to put a lot of weight okay by the way now

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