Surge in confirmed cases in S. Korea linked to ‘known, existing outbreaks’: WHO

with South Korea reporting its first
kovat 19 adesso and 53 new confirmed cases on Thursday alone the World Health
Organization says that while the number seems quite high but that doesn’t
decision the challenge the country faces her Eason Jay tells us more 53 newly confirmed
Cobin 19 cases were reported in South Korea on Thursday nearly doubling the
total number of confirmed patients to 104 South Korea also reported its first
death with a 63 old man dying of pneumonia on Wednesday however the w-h-o
says despite the surge and the number of confirmed cases they’re mostly linked to
known existing outbreaks the number of cases in South Korea reported today are
actually from several distinct clusters which the Korean authorities are
following very closely so though the number seems quite high they are mostly
linked to known existing outbreaks Morgan added that the latest outbreak
doesn’t signal a particular change in the global epidemiology but does signal
that the South Korean authorities are working closely to contain all the new
cases that have been identified so far the WH hos director-general says South
Korea should be able to contain the outbreak with the kind of measures it
has been taking with measures they can take which is proportional to the public
health risk they have I think the number of cases are really manageable and I
hope South Korea will do everything to contain this outbreak at you know at
this early stage the w-h-o chief also noted that the number of Kobe 19 cases
and the rest of the world is very low compared to mainland China but warned it
may not stay the same for very long meanwhile the w-h-o announced Thursday
that a team from Seoul national University’s medical school will be
joining the WH hos international team of health experts in China
a bid to contain the outbreak Eason J Arirang news

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