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REALLY ARE… I am not Black. I
mean that’s what the world calls me, but it’s not
me. I didn’t come out of my
mother’s womb saying, “Hey
everybody I’m Black.” No I was taught to be
Black and you were taught to
call me that. Along with
whatever you call yourself, it’s just a label.
See from birth the world force
feeds us these labels and
eventually we all swallow them. We digest and
accept the labels. Never ever
doubting them. But there’s one
problem, labels are not you and labels
are not me. Labels are just
labels. But who we truly are is
not skin deep. See when I drive my car no one
would ever confuse the car for
me. Forgive me, but I fail to
see the logic or pride in defining
myself or judging another by
the cars we drive. Because who
we truly are is found inside. I’m not here to
lecture. I just want to ask one
question, who would you be if
the world never gave you a label? Never
gave you a box to check. Would
you be White, Black, Mexican,
Asian, Native American, Middle
Eastern, Indian? No. We would
be one. We would be together.
No longer living in the era of calling
human beings black people or
white people. These labels that
will forever blind us from seeing a person
for who they are. But instead
seeing them through the
judgmental, prejudicial, artificial
filters of who we think they
are. And when you let an
artificial label define yourself, then my friend you
have chosen smallness over
greatness and minimized
yourself. Confined and divided yourself from
others. And it is an undeniable
fact that where there is
division there will be conflict. And conflict starts
wars, therefore every war has
started over labels. It’s
always us versus them. So the answer to war,
racism, sexism and every other
ism, is so simple that every
politician has missed it. It’s the labels. We
must rip them off. Isn’t it
funny how no baby is born
racist, yet every baby cries when they hear the cries
of another. No matter the
gender, culture or color.
Proven that deep down we were meant to connect
and care for each other. That
is our mission and that is not
my opinion. That is the truth in
a world that has sold us
fiction please listen. Labels
only distort our vision, which is why half of those
watching this will dismiss it
or feel resistance and
conflicted. But just remember, so did the
caterpillar before it broke the
witch shell and became the
magnificent butterfly. Well these labels are our
shells and we must do the same
thing so we can finally spread
our wings. Human beings were not meant to be slapped with
labels like groceries and
supermarkets. DNA cannot be regulated by the FDA. We were meant to be free
and only until we remove them
all and stop living and thinking so small, will we be free to see ourselves and each other for
who we truly are. MUSIC

35 thoughts on “SuperSoul Short: Prince Ea’s Powerful Message on Labels | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. I'm sorry but I don't find this powerful or inspiring at all. Blaming labels for everything that's wrong in the world? Really? Like do you think my ancestors were enslaved because of a label? No I doubt that. And there are times where labels are extremely important and used to unify a group of people to fight against their oppression. Every physiological difference is not a label. Ignoring labels will not stop racism and sexism because we will still have those physiological differences. We need to learn to love ourselves and others and embrace our differences. That's all

  2. I love this this is what Raven Symone was trying to say before everyone started saying that she said she wasn't black I mean lets be honest she doesn't look fully black but yes I love this we needed this video to be seen

  3. I wish my kids didn't have to deal with the ignorance of labels & judgment! This message is amazing! Had me in tears!

  4. OMG! Prince EA featured on OWN! I'm so proud of this Spirit! He's amazing! This piece always makes me tear up…one of the most moving I've ever heard!

  5. I'm black and I'm proud of it if you blacked White middle eastern it's OK embrace it and be proud of Your color don't forget about it

  6. Such a powerful messageπŸ’•. As humans we often fail to see past these labels, this video is a reminder of what the world should be like. Loved it

  7. I am "white" male, I have a wife and three children. The are "white" as well. We refuse to live under that. This video shows how I teach my children…there is one race… humankind. Love everyone.

  8. He states "no baby is born racist"… I guess that depends on what you mean by "racist." Recent research indicates that it is likely that we are essentially hardwired from birth to have a preference for people that look similar to us. Even TIME magazine published an article on it in 2014. On the one hand, I appreciate his message… and I believe people should be judged based on the content of their character not based on the color of their skin or other aesthetic qualities. In that regard, I appreciate his message and well-made video. That being said, his message is overly simplistic, a bit socialistic(e.g. taking care of each other) and very shallow. Someone's religion can have a direct effect on the content of their character…if you believe gay people should be killed because your religion tells you they deserved to be killed then the content of your character is bad and this is a direct result of your religion. The same could be said for political ideologies, sole ideologies have beliefs that are objectively bad/evil…that affects the content of your character.

  9. Something like this won't come with a detailed protocol, so don't worry about those that may or may not appreciate this message. Just internalize the message for yourself and try and make it a part of who you are. Your world will be much more beautiful.

  10. I don't know when I hear your voice and your videos I somehow associate you with Langston Hughes. They simplicity, as well as the depth of your videos, simply blow my mind.

  11. Such a great video to directly show the illusion we have been living under. Here is an animated addition to this message, showing how we can let go of all the many labels we have been accumulating over time:

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