Super Mario Maker 2: How Will Barb Troll Me THIS Time!?

hey YouTube really excited to announce next week we'll be playing live at Lollapalooza we got a special edition of speedrun sessions coming to Lollapalooza live in Chicago it's happening August 1st got me we've got zallard one doing punch-out we've got Andy doing links the bass crowd control we've got spike vegeta doing dong kong country cliff he's gonna be there he's gonna be hosting we've got Jack who's gonna be there we're gonna do a Mario maker to race live it's gonna be awesome definitely want to come check it out it's at the Red Bull outpost inside Lollapalooza you do need a Lollapalooza ticket to see it in Chicago again that's happening August 1st hope to see you all there hey wait oh my god look at Batman Begins I hope I hope he makes a hole Batman series of levels and then he makes a really shitty one with called George Clooney's Batman look at that original comedy like I'm at subscribe YouTube why the park and controller by the poking controller it has the best d-pad I've seen although I will admit that new 8-bit Doh that's coming out that you can adjust everything on just look very interesting to me nipples on the Batsuit I mean if you had hard nipples that's what it would feel like right oh shit under don't want to do there seemed about right single firework single fireworks great I think I see where the other two pipes would lead shit didn't pick it up how long am I gonna play this level four until I beat it okay so I'm gonna run and jump on that and then be killed okay okay all right there you go right enough Oh cloud shit oh you know I like some cloud shit shit's hard why does that slump just like stay there for some reason it's weird yeah Toto's just s – she's really she's just really really good I think the blue shell powerup would work in Mario maker um I think every power of woodworking Mario maker penguin suit blue shell this would probably be the two that I like the blue shell that you can like turn into a turtle with right that's the one we're talking about yeah I honestly I think every one can work if the cat suit works and why can't literally all of them alright so we gotta and that didn't work we're gonna wait one more sir kaizo blah I bet there's a Kaiser block right there all right what is going on here hey I want to get to that on/off switch I'm like a little idea man I hate when you like sit there and like pause a bunch of anticipation and get ready to do a move that you've never done before then you just like completely fuck it up you're like just don't even give a good good attempt you know okay there isn't a geyser block there okay this time we're not gonna fuck it up and we did fuck it up but not in the way we fucked it up last time okay okay I need to grab that shell and then do some sort of jump in you how do I like this level so farts don't I like I like Barb's way of making levels like like I'm guilty of it to where I make levels that are so busy and they just forget to be challenged you know like I don't know they're not this is like this is this is the best I'm guessing that's what I need to do okay oh my god I hate you munchers I feel like I feel like I could I'm probably gonna get the beetle back somehow and then jump up to the next area that's what I'm guessing that's my pure speculation right now you win stay sexy oh thank you and I'm gonna try and jump on this motherfucker I gotta go faster than that guy really what I'm doing yeah okay I got this I didn't know you can make those jokes I wish there was like some sort of like easy way to get over loss but literally the only way to get over it is to be sad for a while and then to be busy and then you it's not that you get less sad is that you forget to be sad for a little bit and then you'll start forgetting to be sad for a little bit longer it's like something that she'll always be sad you'll always be sad about when you lose someone this is how it is yep just drinking absurd amount that's not that's not the answer maybe once that's profound I don't really think it's that profound it's just kind of like just kind of uh I don't know it's just had it like anyone who's ever you know lost anyone or anything important to them it feels it you gotta you you don't get less sad you just gotta trick the mind into forgetting that it is sad oh fuck me all right okay okay we're back we're back we're back all right all right all right I feel like every level that has one of these should get deleted because wow that was such a bad joke it's a it's a phallic image okay do I need to but slide up and then hit those and then jump off the Goomba into the plate well I just killed that I just killed that uh a kind of word yeah I slid like I got an unsigned out of the out of the Goomba I hope you do more I'm looking for something I kind of live shit I almost made a level that was just one big ox like elbow box juggle nothing to pen then it was like we're just stealing works ideas be so much fun I also think what you did is gonna be kind of like very common oh man that is such a cool jump oh he almost he will hit me with the got him right there yeah he always hit me with the got him I thought I came out of there and I was like fuck I'm definitely dying from those guys the bomb I was looking to my left okay so I want to throw that pom and then I want to spin jump off it yeah I'm I'm right I'm in human neutrals you know I get trolled all the time don't want to throw it okay burn in the springs now that I have the checkpoint no I can see that it sends me to the back to the beginning of the level well I mean it's not so bad because it's not like you're gonna see p1 you're either just you're either gonna get the C you're gonna get the checkpoint or not I did something wrong there right the fire bar level get might I don't I think the fire bar level is kind of like yeah it's super hard but if you watch the video and you just pay attention to where to go it's not that hard it's just just jumping at the right at the right time I mean it's like any other money level I was surprised that that was the level that's gotten so much like coverage like fucking Sports Center tweeted it out gaming days thank you so much it's really really cool so you're saying we should mass report your levels I would I wouldn't know that's definitely not what I'm saying definitely not what I'm saying okay so right here ladies and gentlemen this is really really cool for me this is pretty cool so right here this is something I'm really really excited about and I'll have some more information before probably in the next 48 hours about who will be joining me about who will be joining me but August first Thursday August first inside Lollapalooza the music festival in Chicago Lollapalooza in Chicago I will be bringing a speedrun sessions to open Lollapalooza for ninjas dojo which is going to be there the next three days so that Thursday I'm going to be doing a speedrun sessions that Friday I think me and him might be doing something together Mario related and then he'll be he'll be doing the rest of the weekend so if you are in Chicago you are going to Lollapalooza yes I'll be bringing some friends with me I will definitely be bearing some friends with me we're going to be doing crowd control it's it's gonna be really really fun it's gonna be awesome I'm super excited I I can't wait III I'll announce I'll announce the friends that are coming with me very soon I will say there will be some Mario maker there yeah it's gonna be really really cool it's gonna be awesome it's gonna be dope I'm excited if you are in the Chicago area and you just you're like man I don't have any reason to go to Lollapalooza I'll be there Thursday so you can just get a Thursday ticket and come hang out and watch some speedrunning yes definitely I tell you right now I will never ever ever be more famous than him and his fading industry is still three times as big is my biggest I've ever been if that's what if that is what you would call that oh shit I can't believe I just died on that okay and so then I want to flip it and then we're going to do a shell jump into that pipe that's how we're gonna finish next step has to be opening ceremonies of the Olympics well yeah so what I was thinking was I was gonna do for my speedrun was oh that was horrible I was gonna do for my speedrun was I didn't even Friday and pretend to like attempt that shell jump I was just picked like seven or eight levels one of them was gonna be my own and play those like I was kind of like a demo so I'm trying to figure out what levels we should use and that was a bad joke there's another one it was bad I'm still not used to shell jumps here are some shell jumps in 2019 your goopy player I'm glad I didn't let her to miss that she'll jump right there what the fuck wait what what what did I do wrong where am I supposed to go and that's supposed to be missing the shell jump this whole time I have no idea where it even I didn't even see what happened did I not II I didn't I didn't even come out of the right side see I thought I came out of the right side of the pipe I'm glad I didn't glad I didn't miss that she'll jump right there what the fuck and then got stuck by the swamps I didn't even come out of the right side of that pipe did I that pipe I was looking at I never even I never even entered or exited I'm realizing there's another pipe somewhere on the screen when I'm coming out of that freaked with the okey doke freaked me with the okey doke well that was the depressing firework okay see it's all I didn't realize that came out of the left side I didn't realize that came out of the left side there because the the crowds blocking today I thought I came out of the right side and something blocked me it's good I sucked I selected that level yeah that took me a long time Oh y'all I think we got a play mork's new shit I don't know I don't know what this is but whatever Mort Scott I feel like we got to play it like we got to play the new morgue yeah like we got to play that new morgue no well then I want to put a box in there I have no idea what's going on anywhere in this level I have no ideas so far what's happening and then I want to catch that right throw in there yeah I'm really confused I hear ball into the pipe okay and we catch that yeah there's a lot of things I don't know oh and then I want the box okay so then I'm gonna need that box to go in there cool all right we got this we got this don't worry I've been really struggling to come up with a cool 3d world level yeah I've been really really really struggling and every time I think I got something cool I play like which pad or more and then I'm like all right well at least we'll get to see what's happening in the rest read that up is it good sequence yeah smb2 is crap compared to the rest yeah you're wrong has somebody choose a fuckin incredible name alright I choose awesome Steffi do you panic yeah I understand the risk in so awesome all right all right what's happening that shit leave me but I say you should know your role and the only way to fight you in multiplayer verse is to get matched up three random and the only way to get matched up with you is if you're an ARS right or not and La Fleur you probably beat me oh shit okay and I see what I need excuses I'm scared of you Barry yeah yeah at the levelized checkpoint academically recognition it couldn't have a trigger condition you can just damage boost a lot of these areas is the first time I've seen a level make good use of clear conditions whoops shit oh then I want to hit him okay all these levels so cool yeah Marty maker – is the it's very much a big name for my living room there's this there's just a lot more in it what the fuck what the fuck that's such Dookie ah yeah you see that no almost at it fuck that roof a roof man of course that time I get it oh and then you got a then you got to avoid that one that's funny you got to avoid that one at the end I'm a daisy fan I'm a Paulina fan she runs new dance city oh my god I keep fucking that jump up oh my god Elena's the worst girl dude she's letting jump up superstar the single greatest song and all of Mario I love jump up superstar I keep forgetting about that fucking that box right there even if there is enough time to lay down the Box I don't want to do it I want to go to class the key song is the worst yeah the P song is the worst piece of music from the game yeah the boxes get sucked into the pipes pretty good all right but I screwed up yeah I screwed up in that one section it's a slow slow a good a good win though a good win I know we straight up like lost three seconds there I hate it all right that was a hot level

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  1. I was playing magic at my lgs and the guy making this was on in the background. Its interesting seeing it again like this

  2. I’m so sad cuz the one week I’m on vacation and away from Chicago y’all are going to be at lollapalooza! I don’t even give a damn about the music I would’ve come to check out the speed runs! Oh well maybe next year!

  3. Would love for you guys to try out my level only one was beaten





  4. poo, just wanna say "thanks" my life is falling apart piece by piece and your videos (and barb´s/ryu´s) make my day a little less shitier (sorry for my bad english btw)

  5. The pain of loss will never go, it only eases, eventually memories will bring a sad smile instead of tears.

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