summer week in my life ☀️

welcome to a new week it is Monday of July 15 it's my dad's birthday but he's at work my moms at work and my sisters in school so I'm pretty much home yeah I'm gonna show you guys a summer meet in my life luckily I don't have much plan for today which is great on my part because I'm feeling a little sick so I had a really slow morning and now I'm just gonna find something to do while you're head my best friend you just started a YouTube channel and you guys should check it out I freaking love her man subscribe to her right now I am going to work well I kind of want to rebrand my YouTube channel and I rebrand I mean just change the indie transitions and the end credits which I've been changing and trying to perfect for quite some time now it's really annoying because I'm still not happy with it so I'm gonna work on that right now I used this app on my iPad called Autodesk SketchBook my sister actually introduced me to this app and I saw that Nadine Felice uses it to make her titles so that's what we're gonna do today I am meeting up with Gabby we're gonna eat out and just catch up right now I'm getting ready for that I woke up wanting to curl my hair so that's what I did thank you I like it I'm back home and I just wanted to say I bought this keyboard cover for my new laptop the other day and apparently it's the wrong one so I ordered a new one and we'll see if it fits hopefully it does because if not I just wasted like 200 pesos for something I'm never going to use ever I bought the right one look at her this was the first one I had as you can see it is wrong because apparently this laptop model the keyboard is dysfunctional if dust gets into the keys I don't know I never cried reading a book but this one was well what's the end during his final days that's when I started to cry like crazy I don't know why I had this emotional attachment to a guy I never met and I thought life was super complicating but it's actually kind of simple just love everybody and be compassionate and give what you can to the world you look till one you in you what's up guys I just had a really boring day I'm not feeling so well so I took this day really slow I'm Sherlock Holmes and this is my best friend lactaid please sponsor me I literally cannot live without you so I started my morning pretty slow I just listed down everything that I needed to do I spent some time researching a bunch of dropping places that I could go to in Singapore because I'm going next week I don't think I'm gonna vlog it though because it mainly just gonna be a shopping trip for back to school I'm not gonna do anything touristy or fun but I mean shopping is fun yeah I don't know who knows a fella blog I eventually got ready to go out with my sister you got to this really cute and homey cafe her classes got cancelled because apparently there's a storm so she spent the afternoon studying and I just got a head start on editing this video and I also did this thing I highlighted a bunch of quotes and the phrases from Tuesdays with Maurey and I reflected on it in my thoughts journal I don't usually do that but I wanted to practice my reading comprehension if I'm sorry you just waited for my mom to arrive for dinner and if you're wondering why my dad isn't around it's because he flew to Cebu for a business trip or something it's just my favorite ice cream of all time fic french vanilla so good that's all for today see you tomorrow I just got out of the shower and I'm breaking out nothing's wrong with pimples everyone has them I don't have a spot getting mints or anything like that I'm going to use this overrated thing and try to dry out right pimples I look like I'm from area 51 my mom friends No I can finish my game can you play this game

20 thoughts on “summer week in my life ☀️

  1. tuesdays with morrie is such a good book and your reflection after finishing it brought back all the sad memories 😭

  2. i loved this video u r so sweet!! also i have a video about how i've been spending my summer days, check it out!

  3. Wait ure going to Singapore just to do school shopping?? My broke ass can't relate hahahaha. Jokeee love yah Sophie good luck on your college journey 😘

  4. im literally 1 semester away from graduating from university but im so excited for ur college vlogs 😭😂

  5. omg you're going to singapore? it's a wonderful place, i live there! here are some places for you to go : popular, tokyu hands, daiso, muji ( of course ) , and naiise! personally, these are my favourites! also, go to food courts! the food is amazing, especially pepper lunch express!

  6. You've always been true to who you are and the kind of creative content you produce! This video just reflects how authentic and creative you are so thank you for being you, Sophie!! ☺️❤️

  7. just a tip from a stranger 😆😅: enjoy those slow and beautiful days because they're not going to exist when you go to college 😥😣 good luck with everything!!

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