Sumerian Tablets Reveal Unthinkable Aspects about Anzu

the myth of Anzu is different than our previous tales because the star of the show is a monster not a God or King Anzu is potentially the earthly form of the storm God Abu who was a briefly lived minor God in the Sumerian Pantheon the theory states that Abu often manifested himself as a huge thundercloud that had wings like an eagle and a head like a lion that allowed him to roar Thunder for him to walk on earth he needed to take a more substantial form and assumed the form of an zu a large eagle with a lion's head other depictions of Anzu show him as part man and part evil Anzu is often cast as the villain or troublemaker in Sumerian literature and his origins are traced back to around the 3rd millennia BCE the poem begins with praises – near northa one of n Leal's many children Nenita was initially associated with farming and healing but over the millennia he took on more militant properties he became a great warrior and eventually had a large following of his own the Assyrian city of kallu was dedicated to him and his temple was adorned with depictions of his epic battles against all kinds of monsters he basically transformed into the Mesopotamian version of Superman mighty nin Orta who not only saw that the irrigation ditches flowed fault of the cattle pens lakes and cities also was a mighty warrior he bested the Galu demons through his tireless onslaught with his strength he beat back the mountain of stone and bound it tight his skill with his weapons brought down the terrible Anzu and he triumphed over the bull man in the sea Nanoha we praise your strength and your leadership and Leo had sent his sons out to explore the universe they returned and gathered around their father to report what they had found they described a mighty and terrible bird it's beak was like a sore with razor teeth and a crushing grip its shouts could shake a mountain its wings could create a whirlwind and lyl considered Anzu but kept his thought to himself he wondered who had created such a beast for it was not of his loins yeah the wisest of gods knew what his brother was thinking he answered him saying Anzu was born of the earth and issued from the depths of the absolute he has a child of the mountains bring him to your court treating kindly and let him guard your innermost chambers and leo heeded the counsel of AR and brought Anzu to his court he made him the guard of his bathing chamber Anzu cunning and observant watched over and leo as he bathed he watched and Leo's routine of taking off his robes and crown then an allele would remove his signet which contained the tablet of destinies the tablet of destinies was no more and no less than the supreme power of the fates and all the knowledge and principles of civilization it is the equivalent of what Ishtar stole from AR and used to gain entrance into the underworld it appears that an Leo had imbued this mighty power into an insignia that he always wore on his person except for when he bathed in the holy waters over time a thought occurred to hanzou while his master was bathing he could steal the Signet and he would be the master of all the gods he made his plans and waited for the perfect opportunity one morning as Enlil sat soaking in his bath and zeus struck he grabbed the Signet and was gone before and leo even understood what was happening the Chamber's radiance dimmed and n Leo's power drained from him and Leo sat struck dumb and unable to comprehend what had just happened the gods rallied around him and tried to decide what to do mighty Anu proclaimed any God who kills Anzu and retrieves the tablet of destinies will be known as the greatest among us a tad my son mighty god of thunder and storm come to me when a dad came to him and who said you you are a powerful and ferocious warrior you cannot be beaten go and slay Anzu you will be king among your brothers you will have shrines and cult centers across the earth we will build a temple for you in accor the mystical center of the gods roughly equivalent to Mount Olympus for the Greeks had listened to his father's words and considered them he answered his father who would take on such a fool's errand the mountain of Anzu cannot be conquered the Beast holds the powers of fate our powers are nothing compared to that with a word Anzu could turn me into clay I will not attempt it Anu was disappointed but he called forth his next son no girl mighty God of war and pestilence come to me when a ghoul approached and said to him you know no fear go and burn and zu with your fire it is yours to command and no one can prevail over it burn Anzu and bring back the tablet of destinies you will know no rival to your greatness and temples will rise in your name you will be known in accord as the greatest among us ner gal heard his father's words and considered them then he answered his father why would you send me on such a doomed mission the evil bird has the tablet of destiny he needs only to think it and I am turned to clay his mountain is completely hidden and no amount of fire will be able to burn him nay father I will not do this Ned Gowan away and left the assembly next Anu called the Sun of Ishtar Cara a minor God of War in addition to being a star's beautician Cara you are a mighty warrior you have never known defeat take your weapons and go to the mountain of Anzu bring back the tab of destiny's your name will be sung from the rooftops and your temples will cover the earth we will praise your name for eternity in a cool Cara heard the words of the father of the sky thought about them and replied this is madness he would send me to my death Anzu holds the fates and with a murmur from his lips would turn me into clay even if I could find his Mountain I could not conquer it I beg your forgiveness mighty Anu but I will not do this thing kara bowed and left the assembly silence reigned in the hall the gods hearts were heavy with despair no one could really blame the Warriors for not accepting the challenge and the situation seemed hopeless however AR with the sight of the future and wisdom of all things spoke to a new with a plan that had been forming in his mind Anu allow me to take over the search for our champion I will personally search among the assembly and find the one who can best the evil and zu Anu without any other better option readily agreed the rest of the gods heard the plan and they rejoiced if anyone could find the solution to their problem it was AR AR told Ann who to bring forth the mother goddess nimah and sing praises of her powers they are told are new to instruct the gods to pay her tribute and then he would tell her his plan nin Mar was brought among the assembly of gods they fell to their knees and praised her powers and recognized her supremacy once she had been thus honored they are bowed low to her and told her his idea blessed nin ma whom we have called mummy she who has brought life to each of us you shall be known as the greatest among us call forth your son nin Horta he shall be our champion and you shall bless him with your power blessed in nota with your power and show him how to conquer Anzu nee nota will be the greatest among us and his name will be sung for erna tea in AIRC or the earth will be covered in his temples his name will be praised nimma heard the words of AR and answered yes farsighted AR this will be so bring me my son nin Horta the gods rejoiced that they had a champion and a plan Nenita was brought before his mother he bowed low and she smiled down at her favorite son to the assembly nimah proclaimed i am the mother goddess and creator of all life of all the gods Anzu has set asunder that which I had made perfect he robbed Enlil and stole our rights he must pay then she addressed herself to her son Nenita hear my words make ready your army muster your troops you will call the winds as you march to the mountain of Anzu the winds will clip his wings and trap him destroy his nest and call down thunder to shake his bones set the winds loose and let them whip around him in a whirlwind knock your arrow with its poisoned tip but do not stay still my son you must shift and change like a demon of air kala obscure the bird's vision with fog without warning the leap high above him and rain down your arrows let the fog clear and bring forth the blinding light of shamash fall upon the Beast and kill him slit his throat we will watch the winds for his feathers to know of your victory the assembly erupted in cheers at her plan and she finished her Proclamation come from the battlefield to the house of Enlil inner core you shall have kingship there and shrines will be raised in your name your temples will cover the earth and you shall be known as all-powerful Nenita heard his mother's words and his heart was filled with fear he was no more confident than the other warriors had been at his ability to beat Anzu however his destiny had been put in motion and he heeded his mother's words he called his troops and made them ready for war he called forth the winds and kept them close to his side ready to strike at his command Anzu waited on his Mountain and met Nanoha with rage and fury he bared his teeth and growled down Thunder that shook the earth he sneered at the invaders I am in command of the rights I have all the power of the fates in my hands how dare you challenge me why do you even attempt it donita's aya was stirred at an zoos arrogance he bellowed out to him I am Ninh Horta the Avenger of the gods we are the unknown a key and rightful Lords of the tablet of destinies hanzou's fury boiled over at noon or toss bold Proclamation he gathered storm clouds so thick they blotted every bit of light from the sky he roared thunder into the darkness a dad from his clouds in the sky echoed him the armies clashed and blood flowed in rivers death reigned from the clouds and lightning sliced through the dark Nanoha knocked his arrow and let it fly at Anzu it did not strike home but changed course as if it had hit an invisible wall and zoom acht NeuN Horta i have sent your arrow back to the reed thicket whence it came you might as well send your bow back to the tree it was made from and the string back to the Rams gut from which it was crafted let your fletching return to the birds whose feathers made it your pitiful weapons cannot reach me as you brandished the tablet of destinies and nary a tip of any blade or arrow came close to his body the battlefield went silent and an ax nota withdrew from the field he called out to char or messenger to AR go back to your master and tell him what you have seen here when Sharad reached the assembly of gods he told a are ninh alta has met with disaster his arrows turned back no blade can threaten Anzu and who holds the tablet of destinies and taunts the mighty new north her with it menorah has been defeated and has withdrawn from the field they are heard the message and was quick to dispatch shadowed back with more instructions he told his messenger repeat tuna north of these words do not leave the field of battle you must press hard for victory you must wear down Anzu until he is ready to shed his pinions in fatigue then you must strike with a javelin in the wake of your arrows cut off his pinion feathers so he cannot fly he will shout wing to wing when he sees his damaged wings but hold fast do not let panic overtake you press your advantage and cut his throat then send his feathers back to us on the wind to herald your victory now go and take my message to our champion sorrow made haste back to noon Horta with a r's message he shared a us instructions and nanar toss courage slipped he was even less sure now that he could best Anzu but with his mother's words of strength ringing in his ears he once again recalled his army he gathered the winds and sent them forth in a mighty tempest the battle raged in North aheri dan zu from all sides the whirlwind tossed him here and there and weapons threatened him at every turn the mighty bird grew tired and began to lose his feathers Nanoha knew it was time to strike he let fly a volley of arrows and followed it with the throw sticks both pinions were cut from an zoo's wings he let out a mighty bellow when he saw the devastation to his beautiful wings Anzu as AR said he would cried out wing to wing to heal himself while he was distracted with that new north 'as arrow pierced his heart the North had rained down arrows on the beasts each one found its target killing Anzu SLU and zoos are me and let an zoo's feathers ride on the wind back to the assembly of gods noon Horta reclaimed the tablet of destinies and sealed his victory when the feathers were sighted a great cry of relief and joy was sent up by the gods a celebration ensued as they praised nonnatus name and prowess and Leo called his messenger beer due to him he worried that Nenita might have thoughts of taking the tablet of destinies for his own the lure of power was indeed great he said to him go to Nineveh and urged him to return here quickly sing his praises and tell him of the glories that await him here bring him to me beer do sought out new northa and relayed the message from his master he urged him to make haste back to the assembly of gods Nineveh received the message and set out at once to return the tablet of destinies back to its rightful place Nenita received a hero's welcome temples were raised in his honor and the gods shouted his praises noon Horta you slew the mountain and clipped an zoos wings you are the bravest of us all you cast down your foes and made them kneel at an Leal's feet there was never another as good as you and thus it was so new north 'as name was sung for eternity in echo temples covered the land in his name he was known as the mightiest warrior and best among them all this poem originated around the eighth century BCE in the kingdom of Babylonia it has a unique flavor in that it is not told from a single viewpoint or narrator it is told in a didactic manner with error as the main character era who was the Babylonian equivalent of Nergal was a god of plague and the underworld he was also associated with fertility and animals both wild and domestic he wielded the power of floods and was the consort of mummy a fertility goddess but not the mother goddess in previous Sumerian myths that are was known to be fickle with violent mood swings and unpredictable behavior issue um and Marduk are also important characters in the poem ischium was eras chief advisor and minor deity he could wield fire but was also renowned for his silver tongue and ability to soothe eras erratic behavior Marduk who we met earlier as the champion and great king of Babylon has now descended into senility and his city is in danger due to his inability to lead we begin with an invocation to Marduk and issue there was fear in the city because Hera was restless and when era became Restless he was even more unpredictable than normal the people of Babylon speak o Marduk king of land and creator of all firstborn of mighty and Leo and Shepherd of the black-headed people o Isham trusted advisor and mighty warrior hear me now my tiara God of War has been restless and stirring Arad did indeed feel the need to do battle he whispered to the blades of his weapons coat yourselves with poison he called to the seven the mightiest warriors of all gird your weapons and prepare for battle he muttered to Isham saying you are the vanguard the torch the slaughterer era rose up from his bed with his spirit restless and excited but feeling tired and weak he had not slept well and mercifully decided to return to the warm embrace of mommy he paid the seven back to their homes and put his weapons in the corner he would stay for the moment in the arms of the beautiful mommy Hisham now takes up the narrative and tells us about the seven who are poised to lay waste to the black-headed people on eras command issuance Peaks the seven Warriors are without parallel they come from something that is too terrifying to understand fear paralyzes anyone who sees them and their breath is death no one dares get close to them but I assume stand before them and bar the gate a new father of the gods coupled with earth and she bore him seven sons he named them the seven and they stood before their father to receive their destiny to the first he said you are Tara and will spread fear wherever you go you will have no equal to the second he said you will burn with fire and will scorch your enemies to the third he said you are as powerful as a lion any man who lays eyes on you will be crippled with fear to the fourth he said you have the strength of mountains they will be turned to rubble in your embrace to the fifth he said you are the power of the winds you can blow across the earth to the sixth he said you have the power of the floods your great deluge will spare none to the seventh he said you are as a serpent your venom means death and kills anything that lives and thus father a new created the seven most terrible and deadly warriors he gave them to error to lead and command he said to era let the seven be your army when you seek to destroy let the seven lead the way if the noise of the humans becomes too much loose the seven now our narrator becomes the seven themselves they like their leader a restless for war they speak to era come era quick lying in your bed are you as feeble as an old man you sit at home like a babe helpless and weak should we become as you trembling and scared you feast upon the food of women you need to take the field of battle again and feel young and vigorous your people will not respect you if you do not how can they respect a man who fears the campaign and has grown soft in the city the city holds many temptations we know the bread is sweet and soft but it lacks the bite of a campfire loaf the mead is fine and smooth but it does not taste as sweet as water from a skin dipped in a stream your bed is soft and warm but the feel of the earth under your bones is so much better era come with us let us make our weapons ring on the field of battle let loose your battle cry and watch them all cringe and tremble let the Iggy remember your name let the Annunaki bow in terror at your might make them all yield to your terrible will let the mountains shake and their Peaks crumble before you the lowly will perish out right at your terrible cry the sea will surge and the morass of the reeds will be cut off the beasts themselves will tremble and turn to dust that your ancestors raised their voices in your praise o era hear our cries why have you forsaken us the creatures and beasts hold us in contempt the world is forgetting us be kind to us creatures of hell heed our words o era have you not noticed how the humans and beasts clamber to and fro do you not hear the noise the Anunnaki grow tired of it and cannot rest there are too many beasts on the land and they overrun the crops the lion and wolves are out of control gobbling up the livestock the Shepherd's cry out to you for relief but you have forgotten us we have cobwebs on our Armour and our arms are too weak to draw our bows our arrows are bent our blades are dull and corroded with disuse rise o era rise and call us to battle era heard the lament of the seven his blood was stirred to action rejuvenated by the sevens speech speaking tuition he says why are you still sitting here didn't you hear the seven it is time to take up arms you are my Vanguard ready yourself and lead the way the seven are mighty warriors but I will not march without you Hisham who was not as lustful for war as his master said why do you feel the need to go to war why are you plotting against the gods why do this evil thing and lay waste to the people at our full of excitement for the battle disregarded assumes caution hold your tongue Isham i say who and when we will fight i am the lion and the wild bull of heaven I am most fearsome of the gods and I'm King on land I am the supreme warrior of the eggy and the Anunnaki I am the Slayer of beasts the fire that consumes the thicket of reeds and the RAM that batters the mountain to dust I roar like thunder and can blast as mightily as the south wind the other gods they are all afraid to fight they are all weak and these people who you Isham the great counselor seek to protect they do not fear me they hold contempt in their hearts for the gods and me they must be punished I know that Martok will be angry and I know that I am breaking his command not to harm the black-headed people I do not care they will learn to fear my name again Marduk will stir against me and I will vanquish him and his people and so era heart full of aggression and war set out to Babylon the city of the king of gods which is Marduk at this point in Babylonian law once there he headed straight to ASA Gila the temple of Mars and confronted Murdoch in his throne room era said to Murdoch why are you hiding in your temple why is your crown tarnished and your radiance dimmed my look answered era you think you know so much era let me remind you that once I did leave my dwelling when I did the balance of heaven and earth was lost the shaking of the havens dislodged heavenly bodies that I did not fix the quakes in the underworld changed the earth and made it less fertile the waters rose and flooded everything the beasts did not reproduce and everything was less than before so I built a new house and renewed my image the great deluge had sullied everything I used fire to make my appearance shiny and new I put on my crown and returned to rule I was fearsome to look upon I saw the survivors of the flood they had seen what had happened and I thought to destroy them instead i banished the craftsmen to the depths never to return I hid the sacred tree and gemstone I could not be as I once was so era you think I should shine with radiance and power how can i when I had to hide away that which gives me power how can I retrieve what I banished if whenever I leave my dwelling the balance between heaven and earth falls apart tell me era since you know so much and think that my people deserve to be slaughtered tell me where the sacred wood and gemstone that would bring back the radiance of my temple is where is Ninio tomb the divine carpenter with his golden hatchet to shape the wood what of kunuk bandha with the sacred hands who fashions all things for God's and man where is he and where is nin a girl divine metalworker forger of tools and what about the seven sages of AR they must cleanse my person but they are sacred fishes in the depths of absolute you see air I cannot make it all be like it once once air are heard the words of Mark and considered them why don't you retrieve your craftsman and the sacred tree and I will go and get the gemstone Marduk took his head that will not work when I leave my dwelling the floods will come again the Sun will cease to shine and the winds will rearrange the stars in the heavens demons will roam the lands and the gate of the underworld will be unbarred who can prevent this while I go and regain my craftsman and the tree that are listened to Murdoch's concerns but he had a plan I will reign as sovereign in your stead I will keep the balance between heaven and earth intact I will go to heaven and instruct the Iggy and down to the depths of OPSEU and tell the Anunnaki I will take care of any demons who escaped and any ill wind will find itself trust like a bird ready for the cook pot go where you need to and I will send a new and Enlil to guard you as you work Marduk took in Arras plan and found it satisfactory he left on his mission and despite Aris reassurances that he could keep everything in line the world fell into chaos the winds roared the Sun didn't shine the moon didn't rise and the gods fled to their dwellings they are and the rest of the gods met in assembly and tried to decide what to do Marduk needed to be restored that much was clear however the craftsman Marduk sought could never return to Earth they are created new craftsmen that could walk on the earth as replacements and they began the restoration of Marduk and his crown and throne the process was long and arduous but they were making good progress era appointed himself a guard and protector of Marduk during this time even though he was supposed to be maintaining the balance between heaven and earth apparently Aaron never gave it any thought not caring about the chaos that reigned among the mortals era in his self-appointed garden was increasingly obnoxious boasting about how awesome Marduk was becoming he also blocked all entry to marred look water while undermining his power he plotted on the side of how to destroy Marvel's people and told any of the gods who approached that he would cut them down before they gained access to muddled they are always wise and farsighted thought about era and his behavior the more he thought about it the madder he got and devout that era would be humbled for his boastful and arrogant behavior finally Marduk was restored in full splendor and returned to his temple in Babylon he ordered all the other gods back to their respective dwellings and set about restoring the balance of heaven and earth the gods were worried the Stars revealed turmoil and bad omens were approaching they knew that error was not content and worried that he would rise against mark book Ishtar told the Assembly of gods to do nothing she would go to era and speak to him it turns out their concern was justified era returning to his temple in Kufa was stewing over the turn of events nothing had gone to plan he had been relegated to guard duty and still hadn't had the chance to fight anybody the fact that it was all his own choice and design was lost on him Ishtar spoke to him and urged him to set his aggression aside he turned her away and vowed that he would fight his war to show his power was as great as math books issuance poked to Ishtar as she took her leave of his master era is enraged and will listen to no one however he will not go into battle without me as his vanguard I will not go willingly with this small measure of comfort Ishtar returned to the heavens after restart era retreated into his own thoughts he whipped them into a frenzy of imagined insults that fueled his lust for vengeance to himself at a said I will lead my campaign I will darken the Sun and hide the light of the moon I will silence the Thunder and stop up the clouds making them hold the snow and rain I will show Marduk and AR my power error slipped further and further into his delusions of grandeur he muttered to himself of how he would knock down mountains and kill the wild beasts he obsessed about killing the black haired people and wiping the face of the earth clean of every single man and beast the gods were not forgotten in his dark thoughts he promised to set loose the demons of the underworld in their temples and reveled in how the people would turn away from their fallen gods in his mind era considered the Anarchy that would ensue in the wake of his devastation his twisted mind embraced the thoughts of Shepards abandoning their flocks the words of blasphemy from the people who lost their faith and the images of the gods on their knees begging for mercy his madness consumed him from his temple that are set forth and made his thoughts become deed Isham watched with horror and pleaded with Enlil to intervene and Leo hardened his heart and was not moved to stay the hand of era era crazed with battle fury and ecstatic with victory cried tuition do you see them assume do you see them cower and tremble do you see them fear me muster the seven and bring them to me that they might ride by my side missions heart sank in sorrow once the seven were let loose there would be no hope for mankind or any living thing for that matter Hisham spoke to his master though he doubted his words would reach him why have you done this era why did you mastermind such an evil plot against the black headed people there are replied why do you act you know they only understand fear and power would you have me talk to them what good would that do Marduk has been chased from his temple again and has cast down his crown he has fled in front of my power why do you challenge that issue 'm answered you are out of control you are killing everyone and everything there will be nothing left of the world if you continue era was indeed beyond reason he continued on his warpath until he dominated over the entire universe as he lauded his power over the gods and the few remaining people Isham again tried to cool his master's temper how mighty you are you are the lord and master of all the earth of the sea of man and beast you hold holy s Aguila and gods bow to you you have their fear in counsel even father Anu listens to you and Enlil hastened to agree you know that you are mighty how can you think that they do not respect you the poem switches now to mod Duke and his lament for his City Marduk cried o my tiara you who had no fear see what you have done see the upset you have caused you marched into Babylon my beloved city with your weapons drawn they had no leader so they followed you they were not warriors but they drew their weapons and fell one upon another at your command they destroyed their holy sanctuaries and barred the gates of the city under your command they destroyed themselves their blood ran in the streets young and old feeble and strong they all fought and they all died my heart breaks for Babylon the city I tended with such care and love it was like a gemstone hung about the neck of the heavens now it is dust and ruin but it is not only Babylon that has suffered your wrath the holy city of CIPA that was spared from the great flood has fallen under your boot you pulled down the walls and defied the will of Shama in Arak you wreaked havoc as well you placed a governor corrupt and soulless as yourself in power he stopped the rights and offerings to mighty Ishtar as you knew she would she punished the city and scoured it clean the army you stood to anger has torn down the temples and sacked the city of Parsa still they do not stop him takes over the narrative again and once again attempts to stop his masters rampage Isham sets to error you have turned cities into wastelands and broken the people like reeds you have silenced their cries you have set father against son and mother against daughter you have raised the winds and sent plagues floods have come and receded only to have fires roar over the lands in their wake you have leveled the mountains and filled in the valleys you have punished the righteous under the wicked alike you have visited death on sinners and non sinners alike every old man every suckling babe every blushing maid and strapping youth you have put to death you have toppled the temples and banished the gods you are supreme is this not enough ASEAN's words poured over era and stroked his pride like the finest oil finally era showed the first signs of relenting they will finish what they have begun they will fight amongst themselves until they all kill each other then the Akkadian will rise and will rule them all go now ischl and lead the seven finish this and so ischium with no other choice led the seven into the mountains there they finished laying waste to what was left of the earth they raised cities and mountains to the ground they killed the wildlife and turned them back to clay they brought down the hand of death to everything in the sea swamp and thicket until there was nothing left once this was done era looked around and was satisfied the gods of the Iggy and the Anunnaki stared at him in wonder eros spoke to the Assembly of gods be quiet all of you so you can hear my words I did without a doubt intend evil in my anger I wanted to lay waste and create destruction like someone who had never planted a garden I didn't care about the fruit I laid about me indiscriminately and killed both that which was good and evil who knows what would have happened if issue em had not been there to soothe my ire Hisham spoke to era saying hush now era and listen to me this is all true but stay calm let us serve you no one can stand against you in your anger era was pleased by these words and his features glowed with pleasure he returned to his home in kuta and gave instructions to issue about how to set the world to rights he said to his trusted advisor let the people prosper again let their numbers once again swell and let them thrive you shall bring back the gods and soothe the anger from them let the people rebuild their temples and cities let them raise their voices in praise to their gods that they will once again rain down their blessings that everyone helped reinstate the mighty city of Babylon and the holy s Aquila shall be radiant once again oh praise be to the great era and issue the poem ends with a prayer to para for those who observe this poem may the blessing flow for those who ignore it may they never smell the sweet incense that any king who sings my praises be ruler over all that the prince who praises my valour have no rival let the singer who sings praises to me be saved from the plague and let his performance please the King let the scribe who honors me be protected among his enemies and honored among his countrymen that the scholars call my name and I will pull back the veil and grant them knowledge that any house where this tablet resides be safe from the wrath of era and the seven let that house to be safe from pestilence let this poem endure for time and all eternity let these words echo across the land and praise be to my name

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  1. Are these the egotistical, hedonistic beings we are created from? Makes a lot of sense. All the β€œpraise me, honor me” and meanness sounds like humans here on earth. I believe we can be loving and kind we have to choose that and not the other. Very Interesting.

  2. All I hear is an account of pre-historical geological and celestial events in chronological order. What good is that? πŸ˜‰

  3. This was very very interesting because it gives more knowledge about Annunaki, and their ways. But the real intriguing part is the information on igiggi

  4. It's truly amazing to hear how primitive they were. πŸ˜” These "gods" acted like little children, stank like goats, couldn't find their way around the block without help, and yet, "behold," these insipid buffoons do "this" or "that" wonderdrous deed. 😲 Give me a break. πŸ˜’

  5. The Keruv of the Old Testament is a heavenly being that has legs of a bull, arms of a man, wings and the faces of a man, eagle, lion, and bull. The latter face, according to Ezekiel, is the Keruv’s face.

  6. Not thoroughly researched. Actually there are two (2) ANZU's. One Anzu is more popular called ZU ( the usurper), the other Anzu is barely heard of. He, Anzu, himself claimed to have been as an emergency emmissary of Anu. Although Anu had a regular emissary.

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