Sulgrave Manor and the NSCDA

And one of the duties, as we all know, of
the past President is go down in the basement and clean out all the files for the new President.
So I was down there, doing exactly this task and I came across some old microfiche and
an actual invitation of an event that happened in Chicago that was sponsored by the Colonial
Dames, the Illinois Society, in 1914 of the Centennial of the peace between Britain and the United
States which was marked by the treaty of Ghent in 1814. In 1914 to celebrate the Centennial,
King George IV raised subscriptions in England and purchased the Washington Family home,
Sulgrave Manor, and presented it to the peoples of the United States in Great Britain in perpetuity
in celebration of 100 years of peace. That is the genesis of Sulgrave Manor. Those Dames
who wanted to be involved took over the guardianship along with friends in England, it was a joint
venture, to take care of, to raise funds for Sulgrave Manor. That is how it all started.

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