Substance Abuse among Children

Hey kid whats your name Kamlesh!! Familiar voice huh! Well you may know him through the internet or may have seen many meme’s about it You may have had a good laugh after watching it or maybe felt bad about it But that video of Kamlesh is a grim reminder of Substance Abuse among poor kids not just in India but all over the world When we think of drugs we only think about methamphetamine Cocaine Heroin and Marijuana Mostly made popular due to pop culture But drugs aren’t limited to just these Poor Children like Kamlesh are using paint thinners by inhaling them after putting some of it in a piece of cloth These products contain a chemical compound called Toluene which when inhaled activates the release of Dopamine triggering the reward mechanism and slowing down body’s function making you feel high and hallucinate for sometime It can cause severe neurological harm while inhaling too much of it at once can lead to death Poor Children use these products because they can be easily obtained from your local stationary store even though these products can’t be sold to minors Often kids living in the streets tend to have very bad relationship or no relationship with the family at all Add on top lack of schooling sexual abuse hardships can be daunting Due to which they find drugs as an escape route Tackling this issue is much difficult as you can’t ban these products and although strict monitoring of sale of these products certainly helps but children might still get their hands on it through other means Right to Education is one of the right steps taken by the government to help educate poor kids there still many convent and minority run schools that do not accept this policy Education family friends and above all love are the important things that a child needs Without these a child has no future and without these children a country has no future We cannot let kids like Kamlesh be a meme They need our help If you liked our video then subscribe to our channel we also post cool facts in our facebook and twitter pages this is Wise-G fadding off….

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