Students & Faculty Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month | Seton Hill University

In Mexico on September 15, we gather in our grandparents’ house with our friends and family. We sit down to watch TV and when the President presents himself, he starts giving “the scream” which is him saying all the names
of the people that helped us gain the independence. We all start screaming “Viva Mexico” “Viva Miguel Hidalgo, Ayende,” etc. One of the traditions we have in Puerto Rico is the Three Kings Day. We celebrate it on January 6th and we grab
shoe boxes, fill it up with grass, and we place them under our beds
for the Kings’ camels to eat and the morning after the Kings leave us gifts and the camels have eaten the grass. During this month of September in Chile we celebrate the independence of Chile. We go to events that are called “Fondas”
and we eat traditional foods and games and also have alcoholic beverages. All my family gathers December 24th to have dinner because at night we wait for Baby Jesus, since it is the anniversary of his birth. A tradition that I really like from Spain
is the celebration of Holy Week. During this week everyone goes out to the streets to see the processions. The processions consist of “stations.” A “station” is a sculpture figure that represents an important episode in the Passion of Christ and the most important days are at the end of the week, which are Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

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