Student Success Stories: Yvette Smith – Toyota Co-op

I’m Yvette Smith, and I’m in the mechanical and nuclear engineering department. So co-op is similar to an internship, but it’s actually for an entire semester and a lot of people do multiple rotations So they’ll end up being out of school for a whole year And then come back or they can just vary their rotations. What I did at my co-op, I worked in the facility engineering group, and I worked on a water mapping project I had to find out how much water was used in the plant that was in Georgetown Kentucky for production for the whole entire site. It offers you a lot of times a lot of companies they pick from their coops when they look for a full-time job so the fact that you have your foot in the door from that, from doing a co-op is what kind of can get you the job after graduation. I’m a part of NSBE – the National Society of Black Engineers and they have a national convention every year I’ve been going every year for the past three to four years so I went to the career fair. They have a huge career fair They have like all different kinds of companies from Google to Apple to Toyota was there when I went one year Every kind of company that you would imagine working for and I ended up talking to them and they offered me an internship I went on working manufacturing engineering and my internships have helped me figure that out because a lot of them I got to work in a plant or Just being like on the floor of a manufacturing facility that definitely helps shape like my mindset of what I want to do. Dr. Massey she’s been very helpful to me especially when I came in as a freshman. She allowed me to do research in her lab when I was a freshman so that’s kind of very like big to be able to do that because not a lot of university to offer a lot of research opportunities for undergraduates And she’s always been very helpful to give advice like if I didn’t know like where I wanted to intern at or Especially with classes and having to get into certain classes, especially going on co-op because you’re kind of off track when you come back So she was definitely very helpful for me. Some advice I would give to young women, would be if you don’t know what you want to do Just don’t be afraid to take different opportunities as well as getting involved in like engineering organizations that will help you a lot of your networking as well as helping you be a better engineer.

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