Student Success Stories (Alumni Edition): Emmanuel Aboah

My name is Emmanuel Aboah. I graduated in May 2015. I studied computer science with a minor in math, and I currently work for Northrop Grumman Information Systems. Northrop Grumman Information Systems hired me back in October as a software engineer. I’m currently on their cyber team working as a tech analyst and a software engineer, I pretty much do anything that involves support and database management. Not much of any development work yet, but it’s an entry-level job so I’m kind of slowly getting into the role. I actually got this job through NSBE. That’s National Society of Black Engineers. I went to a conference about two years ago, and I talked to recruiters from Northrop Grumman. They contacted me a year ago and offered me a job in October. The biggest thing that has helped me get this job was being self-sufficient and learning to use my own resources and Develop as a professional. The way that applies to this job is there are a lot of resources and a lot of things that are made available to you, but it’s taking that initiative in developing yourself and doing your day-to-day activities. The most exciting thing would be my team. Everybody seems really approachable, really knowledgeable, and they have a lot experience in the field. And also looking at the growth in the company is really exciting, and I’m looking forward to developing my skill set over there at Northrop Grumman. Definitely get involved, take up some leadership programs, go to the Career Center. Go to career fairs and talk to as many recruiters as you can, and don’t wait till the last minute. If you get that internship experience, it makes you stand out coming out of school, and you would most likely land a job or an internship, and that’s very important.

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