Student Engagement Options in the Online Learning Environment | American Public University (APU)

Did you know there are plenty of ways
for you to get together with your fellow students online? Much like you would find
on any college campus the University offers honor societies, professional
organizations, and clubs. They’re all facilitated online, and they offer you a
chance to get that out-of-classroom experience with your colleagues. We have
many national organizations that are highly respected with members who
contribute to bettering their industries and their communities. Now, some student organizations such as
the National Society of collegiate Scholars and Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law
fraternity even hold virtual induction ceremonies to welcome their
new members into the organization. Golden Key International Honour Society
coordinated a virtual service project called Tokens of Wisdom which sends
letters to school aged kids about the importance of education. Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization,
Sports and Wellness United, and many other posts and even create resources to
members with their professional, social, and academic goals. Many organizations do meet face-to-face at our annual Commencement ceremony during this
weekend organization leaders can coordinate service projects, chapter
meetings, and small meet and greets with group members. These organizations have
excelled at connecting members from around the globe in projects that
support their mission. Our Student organizations are successful because of leaders like you.
We have outstanding members of the faculty, university staff, and student and
alumni officers who work annually to coordinate plans for each organization
and build opportunities for members. Our leaders continue to do phenomenal
things, and our student organizations provide opportunities for you to build
new relationships. network, and make a difference. It’s an exciting time to be a student at
our university. So, I invite you to get involved. You’ll be glad you did. Interested in
learning more, check out student activities to learn more about the
benefits of membership and how you can get involved.

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