Stuart Scott Addresses Young Folks

Well, if I could address the young people who are politically in … the controlling factor — the wild card right now, I would just … I would tell them to … to go for it. Just the … the mild bravery, form of bravery, that Greta exhibited by just staying out of school I mean, is it’s from remarkably powerful, I mean, kids don’t realize just how much power they’ve got. Okay and, so I would I would encourage all of those young people who are just finding their … their feet and finding their voice to realize that there’s nothing more important than the protest. The career is not more important than the protest. Okay, the you know, the job you’re going to get is not more important than the protest right now. There is no job without the protest. So, I would just encourage all those young people to … to go for it, you know, and to not let anybody tell them about sacrifice they are making by staying out of school. Yeah, I’m reminded of that Paul Simon lyric, “When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school it’s a wonder I can think at all”. Well no, I mean I don’t have disdain for … complete disdain for education, but there’s a lot of crap that they dish out. It’s indoctrination, you know, it’s … it’s programming. You can call it enculturation, but it’s teaching people that … that a growing economy is good — always. It’s stupid. It’s a stupid thing, but, I mean that that’s part of what we teach kids in high school is that everyone wants to grow the economy. So, I think the young people today have … they have to kind of reclaim reality, you know. Anyhow, I’m just very grateful for … for the work that Greta and her … her colleagues, her youthful colleagues, are doing. {Thank you for watching and sharing.}

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  1. It may work, but may is the word, big oil and fossil fuels companies rule, it would be like taking on the Mafia if you were a business in Italy etc.
    People will not lower standards even if it means killing the younger generations, that is what I think, glad I chose not to have children back in the late 1970's.
    And I hope I do not return here( reborn) after death, although I do not believe in reincarnation or any God things etc.

  2. Yesss! Women refusing sex would actually work~!^^
    I'm grateful for what you're doing for all of us and I pray & hope for your healthiness!!! Thank you always~!!!

  3. Stuart your work, and enlightenment will be remembered.

    It will take young, and old alike to address the issues we face. I can remember fighting against Global Warming when I was in high school. I am now in my sixties, and it seem as if only now the rest of the world is starting to take it seriously. My fear is that at this point Guy McPherson is probably correct.

  4. If you are young and have any doubt that your protest can change the course of history please watch news clips from the late 1960's. The clean water act, clean air laws, etc, etc. All signed only after millions of young people made the politicans "fear for their career" (it helped end the war in Vietnam). If you want a full life on a habitable planet you must make the change happen. The only way to motivate a politician is if they "fear for their career"

  5. I agree Stuart. The young people must rise in revolution to save themselves and the planet from an early death. I am praying for your healing and hope you will return to us soon, if possible.

  6. Stuart Scott, Thank you for bringing us Gretta, You will not be forgotten for all of your hard work and dedication to our cause.

  7. A great statement from Stuart Scott who really understands what the global climate emergency is, knows what our young people face, and has dedicated his considerable skills to warn the world of.

  8. I hope your treatment will succeed and that you take a time out to recover, we will manage for a while.. but when the lights turns off after Chile .. because your voice is important. You have a caring heart that give color to your voice and make it trustworthy. Add to that your courage to speak the truth, and your skills to unifi so many movements, without compromising science and facts. Do you realize the worth of that. With a lot of love I urge you: – Don't you dare to leave us. Take the time you need to recover. Then come back and pour your loving "push" on all of us newly awoken to this nightmare . Thank you for listening.

  9. Good to hear Stuart again. What a fantastic voice- a great brick I the wall of human life. Rest assured that you are very much cared for.

  10. Thank you Scott! I started at university a few weeks ago but I’m still unsure whether this is a good use of my time given the emergency we are in. What’s more, it’s a headache trying to balance activism with studies. I’m also struggling with the social aspect of activism, that is to say it can be very hard to talk to people about the climate crisis and get them to engage with the knowledge on an emotional level.

    Thank you for all the work you do!

  11. All good people with the little knowledge necessary to understand where we're at with the climate, are on your wavelength. This is turning out to be a battle between good and evil. Wish you lots of strength.

  12. thankyou so much Stuart for this powerful statement and for your decades of hard work on this crucial issue. All best wishes for your recovery and return to health !!

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