STREAT – Winner of the 2019 Human Rights – Business Award

– Thank you. Wow. Thank you. Thank you. I would just like to thank Yvonne for the
Welcome to Country this morning. And the thing I was really touched by was
the ‘walking alongside young people’. Because that’s what we do at STREAT as well. We look after the land that nurtures us all
and we walk alongside young people. I had a very fancy speech just in case we
won, and I was a little bit nervous about it. But what I actually had on the back of the
speech was a list of quotes from the young people we work with. I just did the evaluation with them the other
day with our class that just finished. I think I’m just doing go bring the young
people, our trainees into the room, and tell you some of the things they say about the
program. It’s all very well to hear from from us, but
it should be them standing here. Some of the things they said were, ‘STREAT
changed my life. I wouldn’t be here, I would be in prison if
not for this place.’ ‘You made me feel like I was at a real job
and part of a team and important.’ ‘I learnt that I’m a capable and worthy and
a good person.’ ‘You gave me a chance and I did it.’ ‘STREAT restored my faith in humanity.’ ‘STREAT kept me from doing bad things.’ ‘You weren’t afraid of my rap sheet’, and
he wasn’t talking about music. Another one said, ‘I always felt safe here.’ Someone else said, ‘Respect is what this place
is about.’ Last week we had the graduation of our most
recent group. There was a mother who came to me and she
was teary, so I got teary. And she said, ‘I never thought we’d have anybody
in our family with a certificate. Like the kind you can hang on the wall that
some people on TV have. I’m so proud of him. I thought he’d be dead by now but instead
STREAT has got him a qualification and a part-time job already. I can’t thank you enough.’ So, you can imagine the tears I had at the
end of that. In a time of persistent social injustice and
climate crisis, it’s these kinds of word of hope I think and thanks that make me feel
what we do at STREAT is really important and the work that everyone in this room does as
well. So thank you. And thank you.

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