Streamer Responds to a Donation in the Worst Way Possible

you know I think I've made like three maybe even four videos on female streamers you know every time they do something wild I'll make a video but I'm not sure if I've ever made a video on a male streamer I'm trying to think back but I can't remember myself actually making one so today I figured it's time for some equality you know I'm saying will make the feminists happy for at least one video you know it's the least I could do so anyways we have a perfect candidate for a video today all right this guy I don't know what he's thinking to be honest so let me just give you a little breakdown here of what's going on before I play the clip yesterday a twitch streamer by the name of DM Brandon received a donation on stream and instead of just saying thank you like a normal person he had a fucking complete freak out and started attacking the guy who's donating him money so that by itself is already pretty fucking stupid but it gets much worse than that I wouldn't make the video if it was just that like that's kind of fucked up but once I play the clip and you see what the guy said to him in the donation you will realize how bad this situation actually is there are a lot of streamers out there that would appreciate that message I'm just gonna call you an asshole if you don't like my opinion about that you can find somewhere else to watch who's gonna tell you they're killing yourselves okay go fuck yourself kid hey to peace you can leave my fucking chat – I'm so sick of this like constant ridiculous like self-pity bullshit like I have depression I can't do anything in life like everyone has fucking depression and anxiousness everyone has a hard time fucking waking up and still a lot of us do it without putting the burden on a lot of other people there is therapy there are friends and there are people to help you and if you decide that you're going to end your own life or let these do these ridiculous fucking debilitating disease ruin your life because you don't know how to deal with it well then fucking good when you say things like I was gonna kill myself like why do I want to fucking hear that I don't want to fucking hear that you're gonna kill yourself you're putting a burden on me that I don't deserve and as a final point freedom of speech protects you from persecution from the government it doesn't mean you could just spout off a bunch of fucking uneducated bullshit and not have people tell you you're a fucking asshole for it if you truly feel that my videos and streams got you through that you're not watching my fucking content well enough to think that that was an appropriate message for me okay so I just wanted to give you the full experience of what this guy said before we actually talk about the full videos actually like three minutes long I gave you guys about a minute of it some of the major points that he made before we break this out let me just give you my overall thoughts real quick all right let me just give you a little summary here basically the guy he kind of has a point he's not entirely wrong with what he's saying but he's not really saying it in the best way and his reaction in general was just terrible he's making a lot of assumptions here when he's saying all this stuff because you know he's trying to really sound smart or something I'm not sure he doesn't really know what he's talking about but he's trying to pretend that he does is this kind of situation here and if you ask me personally this is just my opinion this guy probably has some sort of personal experience with this cuz he's just way too fucking upset you know because a regular person would just see that message and they'd say thank you RS to end of it they wouldn't get all fucking worked up about I don't know why this guy's so fucking upset because if I receive that message I would not be fucking mad you know I'm saying that's the main issue I have with this situation like how fucking hard is it to just say hey thanks for your donation man I'm happy I could help you out that's like you have to say this it takes fucking three seconds like I don't understand why that's difficult or you know if that's too much for you right that is just too much to fucking ask just say hey thanks that's one fucking word man I think you can handle it just one fucking word that's all you have to say instead you go on some fucking rant about this guy like he personally did something to you I don't know he pissed you off for some reason I'm not really sure so let's just look at this message too long didn't read that's what Tod R stands for by the way I tried killing myself last August discovered your videos once I was released and smite has become a positive outlet for me thanks and he donated five dollars okay when I see that message the way I'm interpreting that is this guy actually attempted to kill himself in August it didn't work for a reason and he was then put in the hospital or institution or whatever the fuck he was put into until he gets better and you know whatever I don't know how serious it was he then got released that he found this guy's channel he liked his videos because of that he discovered smite and now smite has become a positive influence in his life and he's feeling better he doesn't want to fucking kill himself anymore which came directly from him watching this guy's videos so reading that message and interpreting the message the way I just said I'm just confused on why the fuck you're mad like what are you mad about dude why are you fucking upset I just don't understand because people tell me all the time hey you know I was having a rough day or I was feeling sad and I watched some of your videos and they made me laugh and I feel better and I just want to say thank you or whatever and obviously that's not the same extreme measures that this situation is but it's a similar concept but I received messages like that all the fucking time and my response to those is always the same like hey Thank You Man I appreciate you watching my videos I'm glad I could help you out that's it we fucking move on what is so difficult about just doing that I don't understand like I just don't understand why the fuck your weird ass is freaking out like is there something wrong with you what's the fucking problem here I don't know now let's take a look at this from the perspective of the guy who donated okay so we have a guy who really looks up to this streamer the streamers like this guy's fucking hero basically like he literally saved his life and he's just trying to show some gratitude on stream right he's just trying to donate this guy some money and say hey you know thank you for everything you know he's just trying to get some recognition from you know one of his favorite streamers who legitimately helped his life out right like this is probably gonna make this guy's fucking day right he's probably gonna be very happy about this but instead of just you know thanking him and say you know glad I could help this dude just starts roasting his shit not even roasted attacking him and just humiliating him in front of the entire stream he's just attacking this guy publicly in front of everyone and now hundreds of thousands of people have seen this video imagine how he must fucking feel he probably feels pretty fucking shitty and his life already wasn't going very well he already tried to fucking kill himself and then you just shit all over him publicly like this dude probably wants to fucking kill himself again like you probably just ruined his life if this kid kills himself I mean I'm not a fucking lawyer but I'm pretty sure this dream could be used as evidence against you and they could make it out to where like this is your fault that this kid fucking killed himself so I just don't understand what the fuck you were thinking it anyways enough talking let's just go through and address some of the stuff that he says because I definitely have a few things I need to point out that are wrong with what he's saying suicide is very selfish everyone has loved ones family parents if you kill yourself with another person on the planet who cares about you you're being a selfish prick okay so this is the guy's main point that if you kill yourself it's very selfish to your family and other people that may care about you he's not exactly wrong because your family would definitely be fuckin upset about that but he's making a giant assumption here he says everyone has loved ones everyone has parents everyone has a great family like I hate to break it to you men but no everyone does not like that's not how the world works there are people out there who are in unfortunate circumstances where that's not the situation that they fuckin have you know there's definitely a lot of people out there who don't have good parents who have fucking terrible parents and these parents may even be the reason that these people want to fucking kill themselves so you can't just say something like that and assume you know everyone's story like you don't really know what they're going through you can't really assume that their life is fuckin perfect and they're just sad for no reason like there's obviously a fucking reason that they're depressed so I'm sure in some cases yes what you're saying does make sense but in a lot of cases what you're saying does not make sense so you can't really just assume that everyone has the same situation if you don't like my opinion about that you can find somewhere else to watch who's gonna tell you that killing yourselves okay go fuck yourself kid now this is another thing that I didn't really understand because where the fuck is he getting that from nobody is saying killing yourself is okay no one's going around in this fucking stream saying hey kill yourself I don't understand why you're even bringing that up no one fucking said that that's an irrelevant point to this whole situation and then on top of that you add in and go fuck yourself kid to the kid who just donated to you by the way and fucking told you that you saved his life and your responses go fuck yourself kid I just don't think that is the approach it responds that so that's actually one of the worst responses to the situation that you could have like telling someone who has a history of depression and they already tried to kill themselves before and then you tell them hey go fuck yourself especially when they like look up to you as a positive influence in their life and you tell them to go fuck themselves I don't think they're gonna take that very well man like I just don't get it what the hell is wrong with this guy like what's fucking wrong what you do and you say things like I was gonna kill myself like I wanna fucking hear that I don't want to fucking hear that you're gonna kill yourself you're putting a burden on me that I don't deserve honestly I think this guy might just be stupid or something he has just completely misunderstood this message like we're in the message did he tell you that he's going to kill himself like no we're in the message to say that there's no fucking burden on you dude no one's putting a burden on you if anything you should be happy you genuinely helped this guy's life out it just doesn't make sense it's as if you're reacting to a completely different message than the one that was originally sent so I don't know man this guy may just be an idiot but he's just trying so hard to like preach some sort of fucking message to people that no one even fucking originally asked for I got I don't know what the hell this guy's doing and as a final point freedom of speech protects you from persecution from the government it doesn't mean you could just spout off a bunch of fucking uneducated bullshit and not have people tell you you're a fucking asshole for it all right this was just too perfect I had to point this out exactly what this guy thinks he's doing to his stream I'm doing to him like this dude is literally spouting off uneducated bullshit and I'm calling him an asshole like that was just too perfect man I hope you realize that I'm not trying to personally attack you trying to wake you up a little bit okay so you're not trying to personally attack this guy yet you spent in the last three minutes personally attacking this guy I'm not quite following the logic here doesn't really matter what you say you can say you're not trying to do something you still fucking did it doesn't really matter if you say that you're not personally attacking him and then you follow it up by personally attacking him you see how that makes you look fucking stupid it is a very simple idea it's not because I got you through it it's because you got you through it you want it to be through it because it you clearly don't watch my content enough to truly be affected by it and you still got through your shit because you're stronger than you think you are stop giving that credit to other fucking people this is actually probably the best thing he said in the entire video he's still completely missing the point but at least he's saying something positive towards this guy is giving him some credit which is good for people in this type of situation you know they need positivity in their life that can really help them but overall this guy just thought he was way smarter than he actually is or something he just misunderstood what was going on or he's just an idiot or he's just a fucking asshole I don't know what his deal is but the bottom line is very simple all he had to do was say thank you and move on and everything would have been great but apparently that is just too difficult I don't know anyways to finish this video off this guy is actually well I guess he was actually one of the caster's for smite and like for the eSports like competitive scene and because of this he actually decided to leave his job and I feel like he probably left because they would have probably fired him anyways a company definitely does not want one of their employees saying this type of stuff because it makes them look bad it represents them in a bad way so this guy pretty much ended his own career he lost his job and he's probably not gonna have much of a streaming career in the future I don't think anyone will be donating any money to this guy because if you do instead of him saying thank you he might just attack you on stream so anyways that's pretty much it thank you guys all for watching be sure to leave a like rating if you enjoyed subscribe if you're not already found on Twitter links in description down below other than that have a good day and peace uh like you victorious I'm back on a Tuesday and fucking feels lower yes I'm on the back beach sipping in the backseat listening to ensign no knock back straight

27 thoughts on “Streamer Responds to a Donation in the Worst Way Possible

  1. From someone who has had a family member shoot herself in the face and several people I care for do the same or self harm themselves I hate ppl that do that shit. If anyone has a mental breakdown and want to commit suicide feel free to dm me on Twitter or Instagram I'll have your back! Both my ig and Twitter have the same logo

  2. Hey you saved my life.

    MOTHER FUCKER YOU GAVE ME MONEY? HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD'VE FINISHED IT OFF!! Donate more please c:

  3. “You’re putting a burden on me that I don’t deserve”

    Gee, I had no idea that feeling empathy for a kid who idolises you and tried to take his own life is such a burden. This guy’s a piece of shit and deserves nothing less than a bullet in his head

  4. What a dumbass. He's clearly thought about the topic a ton, but he's taken the wrong angle on it.

    I get where he's coming from, but there's no reason to call the donor an asshole or to be harsh.

    Not to mention, his tactic of "pull yourself up by your boots-straps, walk that depression off" demonstrates a myopic view of depression/suicide. He clearly has no idea what the donor meant.

  5. I think he was going for the "tough love" approach but overdid it and came across as cruel because he's dumb af. I do sort of appreciate what he said at the end bout taking credit for yourself, because zero self esteem is what leads people to make that decision to kill themselves a lot of the time. The dude definitely should be proud that he made it through. But the streamer guy again missed the point, the other dude was just thanking him for helping, at no point did he say it was 100% thanks to his smite videos.

  6. I don't understand how you missed it, he wasn't even stealth about it… this is a level 3 code Eugene if I've ever seen one. What a fuck wad. Keep up the great content bro. Very entertaining!

  7. Ey since we are on this subject your videos helped me roast lots of kids at my school who like to emotionally bully me by referencing my friend group and it outcast sort of subject and when I see your videos you just go all out and it shows me that I have freedom of speech why not use it and it really helps me keep away from these kids I’m happy to have found your vids

  8. If I was twitch streamer I would of simply said "thank for the donation but please don't say those type comments when donating it might set off a chain reaction to people who have had depression or are going through depression and might end up making it worse then what it once was or might make it worse then what it already is. Next time you are feeling this way please send a message saying can I talk to you after the stream? Also just a friendly reminder I just don't want those kinds of messages happening Live, where people can react in real time. These types of topics are best or better talked about where the most minimum amount of people can hear/see about it. I hope your day gets better and if you want me to talk to you please wait till after the stream alright buddy :)". This is what I would of said or something like that.

  9. Hey birdman, before I found you videos I was okay. But after watching your videos I want to kill myself. I just wanted to tell you, why would you do that to me?

  10. There are situations when one family member commit suicide and the other family members get so depressed so they commit suicide too

  11. Oh dear. It seems a lot of people don't understand what depression is.

    We all get sad, we all have days where we feel like complete shit. But some people legitimately have depression, every day they feel more worthless and that there is genuinely no hope for them. We don't know everyone's background, they could live a very shitty life or could have suffered a past trauma. It's easy to say "Well I have shit in my life too" but you have to realise that there are people who have it worse off than you, and everyone reacts differently to these circumstances, not all of us have friends, family and positive influences to reach out to. I don't have depression myself but I know and have worked with people who have/ had it, and I have witnessed first hand how your own mind can be your worst enemy. Depression is a mental illness.

    The streamer is a cunt.

  12. Lemme catch my fuckin son saying “I’m not personally your son it’s just that….” man wtf is this fuckin logic😂

  13. A huge portion of the smite players all hate this streamer he’s a toxic streamer to be expectedly you watch him

  14. But its really fucking Weak , everybody has Ups and Downs in life, maybe not as hard , but killing youreself is just an option if youre to weak to fucking deal with the problems, and going on with ur fucking life. It triggers me , today lit. Everybody claims Anxiety and Depression, just fuck off

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