Stranger Things Star Natalia Dyer Reveals Which Cast Member is Most Likely to Ghost a Date

– The heads are lovely. Lovely, familiar faces. Hi, I’m Natalia Dyer, and I’m here at Seventeen
to play Superlatives. (upbeat dance music) We have sweet Finn, what a cutie. Millie. We got Noah and Caleb. Gaten. Mr. Joe Keery. And then there’s me. (upbeat dance music) The most savage breaking up? Ohhh. I sort of feel like Finn would, maybe. Actually, you know, maybe
he might be very apologetic. I just feel like he might
say the wrong thing. (upbeat dance music) Hmm, if Charlie was in here
I’d probably say Charlie. Charlie forgets about everything. Charlie is notoriously late, to set. Yeah, he’s definitely probably the most, he’s the one you might not get a hold of. (upbeat dance music) I don’t know, I feel like anybody would date their friend. You’re gonna have
friendship anyway, right? That’s part of being in a relationship. I don’t know, that’s hard to say. The dating ones are so hard ’cause it’s just hard to think about these kids dating. (upbeat dance music) Sort of feel like it’d be one of, probably one of us. Who hasn’t? Come on. I tripped, it was one
of those just physical, things that you’re just, of course that would happen right here. (upbeat dance music) The last one to get a
girlfriend or boyfriend? Who’s the youngest? I mean they’re about
neck and neck with age. Actually, probably just
the boys, I don’t know. One of them, I think. (upbeat dance music) I don’t know! Any of these kids. I just can’t see them dating. They’re just so young to me. Dating and driving, I’m
a little protective. (upbeat dance music) The three inches rule? Oh, I don’t know! I really don’t, they’re
all so young to me, I can’t think about it. Joe’s like a, he’s a Taurus, he’s like super respectful and chill. I think he’d be, yeah. I think he’d be pretty respectful. (upbeat dance music) I’m gonna say, these two. These two guys. Yeah, I feel like they might go buy some clothes, buy some shoes. Yeah, I feel like they’re fine. They have such a funny, cute
little friendship together. I feel like they’ve probably
done some shopping trips. I get the vibe. (upbeat dance music) Oh, I actually think
Gaten, he’s really smart. I mean, he’s smart on the show but he’s really smart in real life. I feel like that’s
something he might actually, genuinely enjoy. (upbeat dance music) It would definitely, definitely be me. Yeah, I’m shameless when
it comes to free samples. (upbeat dance music) I think Finn. I think, you know, he
plays my little bother but sometimes he’s like really, I feel it, I feel really sisterly. (upbeat dance music) Hmm, a special antenna? I’d say either, I’d say maybe one of these two. They’re both like really
sweet guys I feel like. (upbeat dance music) Probably Noah. Noah’s always singing and
dancing on set between takes. Thanks for watching guys
and please, if you want, watch the new season of
Stranger Things on Netflix.

100 thoughts on “Stranger Things Star Natalia Dyer Reveals Which Cast Member is Most Likely to Ghost a Date

  1. am i the only one?
    lovely familiar faces…

    all around me are familiar faces maaaaad wwooooorrllllddd

  2. What about Sadie/max she is one of the main characters?!👏🏻🤷🏼‍♀️😢-also what about hopper? And Charlie!! Her boyfriend!!!!!🤔

  3. When they asked who would dance for the end of the world I said Noah. Also😂😂😂

    It’s just so him

  4. I understand that the questions were kinda supposed to relate to the show but they’re just odd questions for such a young group

  5. For the singing one when the world is ending. Definitely Noah😂 there is that video of him literally stuck in like, a rock wall thing just singing

  6. Why all these questions are all about relationships, crushes, dates etc? like are u tryna learn something

  7. 4:32
    its official, we are made for eachother.
    i cant stop singing like at all. i suck at singing but i do it anyway

  8. A lot of the questions are from the show about season 3 and stuff and this went out before season three apparently 😒🧐

  9. This is the worst video cuz ur asking about KIDS dating lives and why would the ask NATALIA it’s so uncomfortable to watch

  10. I understand that they are 14-17 (I know joe is 27 I’m taking about the kids) but it’s kinda weird that they’re asking her questions specifically about the casts relationships

  11. comment section:
    wHeReS sAdIe, dAcRe, aNd cHaRliE?!,!,!?!,'?!!?!!?!
    wHy aRe aLL tHE quEstioNs aBouT dAtInGgGGgGgGGgGzg?!??!!,'!!

  12. Can we just take a moment and see that when she said she doesn't know if any of these kids are dating she kept looking back at Finn and Millie

  13. They are making her answer question that makes her say stuff bad about her cast. It’s so sweet how she is trying to say the best about them

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