Stephen Miller on Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, Trump’s border plan

100 thoughts on “Stephen Miller on Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, Trump’s border plan

  1. Miller about as believable as his hair in a can. Just telling the same lies over and over. Soon they will ring hollow everywhere

  2. Trump is going to be impeached. People are tired of these corrupt politicians standing up for a man who was elected by the Russians and now he is doing it again.

  3. I love Stephens smugness whenever he’s on cnn etc. he knows he’s right and doesn’t care what you think. The man knows how to stay on script and avoid the pitfalls of dumb hosts asking him loaded and baseless questions

  4. I see the Fox comments section has been invaded by the couch-potato warriors on the Left. They do this every once in a while when the orders come down from above to set their Twinkies aside, and go on Fox videos and write derogatory comments. Then Dancing With the Stars comes on, and they all go away again.

  5. The keyboard warriors now attack Miller’s looks. Any thoughts on the masked terrorists your side stands with? Nah too inconvenient.

  6. Whoever broke the laws of our land has gotta go. I dont care if it was Trump, Biden, Guiliani or Pelosi… Any of them who have been proven, in the court of law, to have broken laws have gotta go. Pull the blinders off America. The Right & the Left are equal parts of the same poisoned vulture that feasts on our division. These talking heads on TV are the ones profiting from it, the politicians get elected & profit from it, the lobbyists rake in BILLIONS from it and we are actively contributing to it. Stop worshipping these pigs and call their asses to the carpet. Trump is just another politician. I want him to do well but, if he is proven to have broken the law…hes gotta go. Theres no looking passed it because hes "our guy". Impeachment inquiries are not common so where theres smoke theres usually fire. If hes innocent then ever last politician who played a role on the Left has got to go.

  7. This is a big waste of money for all I can not stand the corruption! The USA 🇺🇸 can not afford this . This will cost millions of dollars 💵 . Drain the money dems . But it is my taxes that pays for your lies .

  8. im glad (from the comment section) to see y'all coming around FOX! (VIEWERS NOT THE PROPAGANDIST HOST and that vermin) Keep up the good work! WE CAN BEAT THESE TRAITORS! ✊🏽

  9. Ummm I am new to this whole political thing, so someone please explain to me why its okay for Dems to have been investigating Trumpto get dirt on him to impeach him like a couple days even before he was sworn in as President–and that has been legal, but now that Trump has asked for Biden's corruption to be investigated and that is now illegal?

  10. The leftist commrats in the fake news and in DC are shitting blood now that those vermin are getting exposed for the rats they are.
    4 more years of Trump should get rid of most of the Obama rodents

  11. Steven, these criminal Democrat politicians don't hate us Americans. We're too beneath their contempt to be troubled to hate us. We're just the farm animals whose job is to give up our lives for their gluttony.

  12. I really feel for this guy, Miller. He's so creepy that even conservative girls/women won't give him any. Playdoh for brains has no clue how to brand himself so a woman will give him some. Maybe he's autistic?

  13. Trump doesn't have a border plan or any other type of plan. Whatever he does is what somebody tells him to do.
    And the impeachment process is 100% legal and allowed based the constitution. And it can't be "illegally done" because there is no set way to do an impeachment.

  14. The Trump White House has already told you they are telling "alternative facts." Jesse Watters is an opinion host, not a journalist. I get that you guys want to hear things that make you feel good, but when does truth come into play?

  15. haha goodness fox news is hilarious from an outsider's perspective (Swedish guy here). Also, ofc, very scary considering how influential these people who are so clearly lying/spinning seem to be.

  16. Smiling white racist devils, they are destroying this planet but you will have to be shown and you will be soon. If there is devil this white man is it, he fits Gods description like a tailored made suit.

  17. up next , china tampering with 2020 election voting polls. the bidens took 1.5 billion from china , and did obama give iran a billion cash before or after that took place, sorry but we need to keep the crooked money laundering, baby killing , child trafficking pedophiles out of office.
    trump 2020

  18. Well said… we The People, The American Citizens see the Swamp fighting back… President Trump, Drain That Swamp

  19. miller is a poisonous, slimy traitor, hope he ends up in an orange jumpsuit just like his boss. What a pack of morons in the WH now.

  20. Fake president is nothing more than a land swindling real estate tycoon, who’s a bullshitting snake oil salesman selling divisive rhetoric to deplorable inbreds who are still crying from getting their asses handed to them in 1865…and want to make slavery great again.

  21. Hunter’s money form China is really Joe’s money. He should answer some questions about these treasonous issues.

  22. Truth isn't easy, freedom isn't pretty. But the one is simple, the other beautiful. We don't find the first, the second can't exist. This President is showing Americans why this is so and why we need to know it. If we won't stand for rule of law and our Constitutional individual freedoms, we truly will have failed as a nation. I pray for my beloved Country and my President.

  23. All Democrats are corrupted, there may be 5% less corrupted.
    Trump will win 2020, they will win the House too.
    Democrats supporters are people like we see protesting, Antifa and low life peoplekind, paid by Nazis Soros, they love killing babies, to hate, we can smell them, not at Walmart, we need money at Wallmart, but on the streets.

  24. The f**** Democrats don't care about you don't be stupid get rid of them take the embarrassment of being a leftist and get over it and go over to the right side so you can feed your families and have a safe country

  25. He's as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside. Where's the paint-on hair? A no-go? Edit: There is no Deep State. There's a criminal administration that is getting caught by the cops time and again. The cops are the Deep State apparently. Fascism is the GOP guide.

  26. You have to remember that these protesters are unemployables the majority of them for whatever reason some of those reasons are attitude laziness been spoiled to government handouts and now they want more because they are like babies that got the candy took away and they're screaming and crying and kicking their feet it's exactly how the Democrats want them to be it's their army let me tell you we will defeat that army us tax paying people art week as the Democrats would have them believe they are💣💣💣💣💣💥💥💥💥💥

  27. If Hillary was President, and Trump was running, would the DEMS be upset if she was investigating him for possible crimes….? Nope, not one bit…they'd be cheering. It is after-all, exactly what they did in 2016.

  28. Thank God that he sent a man like Trump to help you and he wants to obey God and do the right thing not for money nor Fame but for the people.

  29. Trump is rich, he does not have to steal anything. It is the Democrats who are afraid that Trump is going to uncover a ring of corruption in the Democratic Party and most likely, members the FBI are also involved !

  30. True as Americans we are allowed to protest. It is our right. However the violence and hate shown by recent protests is not something Americans should encourage. It shows a lack of maturity to throw temper tantrums when you dont get your way. If these protesters truly wish change they have to be willing to compromise. Civil disobedience only encourages those who truly hate to commit violence. It is not the end of the world. Every day is a brand new chance to start fresh with no mistakes.

  31. Impeach him, he lost me as follower when he violated my freedom of religion. Impeach impeach He literally follows NO LAWS NONE…. It would take a fool to follow him at this point.

  32. Something to think about LEAKER Adam Schiff his district House's The Rabbit Hole "SKUNKWORKS" how many military secrets have been leaked… D.Feinstein, Feinstein driver, Feinstein's husband sold 1.9 billion dollars of US post office property, Pelosi has made 190 million in office, Adam Schiff ? outsourcing military secrets?

  33. frankly i an surprised the stupidity of the whole whistleblower thing had me convince thant wb#1 was brennan and wb#2 was clapper now i have to revise my whole way of thinking clapper is the dumber of the two:-)

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