State Police Seek Public's Help in Finding Flasher

45 thoughts on “State Police Seek Public's Help in Finding Flasher

  1. I don't know why they put his clothing in the description as it occurred 10 days ago, 07/18/19. Second what she did was stupid as he could have easily killed her had he wanted to or at least injured her. And for what, she accomplished nothing. If it wasn't for men being nearby it may have been different, he chose to flee not fight. It is never good for a woman to chase down a suspect who chooses to leave the scene.

  2. Were exactly is the flash? I don't see any in that clip, more metoo exaggerations and false accusations; looked like he said somehting but there was no flash on this vid. Good job he wasn't a crazy.

  3. When does he drop his drawers? I rewound it five times and I don't see it. I'm calling bullshit. If you don't like it go fuck yourself.

  4. I can't believe the dweebs who walked by without calling the police! Probably the same people who failed to read the description that says the police have the rest of the tape that shows the guy exposing himself; and now they're bad-mouthing the woman!

  5. I hope you don't believe this slut. She has lied before about something similar. Poor guy should have punched her in her whore mouth.

  6. And what gave her the right to put her hands on him? She might have a case, but it should get turned around on her as well for putting her hands on him. She has no right to do that. Imagine if that was a guy putting his hands on a woman….. double standards.

  7. There were eye-witnesses: "At least four people went by. Nobody reacted" because even the eye-witnesses saw that nothing happened.

  8. "In order for ‘evil’ to prevail, all that need happen is for ‘good’ people to do nothing"..That is what happen..people did NOTHING. That is why a lot of crime happen.

  9. if the cops or Mossad don't drop this guy his terrible athletic form will. 0:17: between the T-rex arms and mush feet this asshole's running career is toast

  10. There is no place in my feminism for women who choose to be victims. You're not helpless, ladies. Stop waiting for someone to save you.

  11. How convenient…a person with a camera, recording the event. I smell fake news. I'm surprised she didn't complain his penis was anti-Semitic.

  12. Good for Her . Hope He gets at least some time in the " CAN " . I figure he will just get a " Slap on the hand "".

  13. Respect. So good she reacted and he should know better next time not to harass women, Especially not Israeli ..[Just saw the news here in Israel ] .Unbelievable , During day time in a respected area [I lived there few years ] .Hope the police will capture him.

  14. "Please note that to protect the integrity of the investigation, the segment of video that was released does not show the actual act of indecent exposure; the MSP has reviewed the entire video" THE POLICE REPORT CONFIRMS HER STORY. THE POLICE HAVE THE ENTIRE VIDEO. FUCK OFF PERVERTS, THEY WILL CATCH YOU.

  15. Attention perverts: don't mess with women runners, we are SICK OF BEING HARASSED. She should have stomped his head into the ground. I carry mace because of incidents like this, and I am fucking tired of it. Try me.

  16. He got balls doing that. I would feel too embarrassed to flash my weenie at anyone. They might laugh at it and call it small.

  17. In the video, I do not see him pulling his shorts up. Even if the video edited out the vulgar part, there should be scenes of him pulling his shorts up.

  18. "The man resisted the woman’s attempt to detain him and fled the area, last seen running down Amesbury Street."
    No kidding…This guy is extremely out of shape and actually smaller than her and she couldn't manage to detain him.

  19. The next guy she chases might not be so mild mannered and knock her out cold. Call the police first and keep an eye on him instead of thinking you are batman. Stupid women these days. She is lucky she's not hurt. She tried to apprehend him while getting others to call police. The guy escaped. Luckily she's not harmed. She took a dumb risk. Call the police first don't chase after people.

  20. This women is awesome. Now understand she’s a foreigner, she sounded Russian or something. But the point is she’s shocked on how no one helped her😂🤣😂🤣 welcome to America lady I’ve seen shots fired and fights and robberies and ppl just walking right by like got to go😂🤣😂🤣😂

  21. They cut out the flash people. -they can’t show a tallywhacker on You Tube. And this deranged man is lucky his scrotum didn’t get busted wide open with his testes rolling around on the ground…

  22. Clearly 90% of you didn't read the description: "Please note that to protect the integrity of the investigation, the segment of video that was released does not show the actual act of indecent exposure; the MSP has reviewed the entire video."

  23. Americans are really convinced that women always tell the truth and are always right …

    While the facts show that women very often lie shamelessly.

    Americans are really obsessed with women.

    I wouldn't live in the US even if they paid me …

  24. Only in the US is it possible to see such crap …

    The only person who should be arrested is the woman …

    By the way, if such a thing happened in a country in Eastern Europe, that woman would have taken so many punches and kicks …

  25. Not seeing a flash. She does not react until well after they pass… Looks more like he said something that made her mad.

  26. No evidence he flashed her. He said she said bullshiit. Did any other woman report that he flashed them? This should not be a story without more evidence.

  27. Why only 20 sec? Why is it cut? Where is the Episode I.?
    This video is part of a big plan.
    Demonizing white men. *
    Presidential election 2020.


    lame argument: "they can’t show a tallywhacker on You Tube"
    Yes it is true. AND??? Video masking?

  28. He doesn't do anything….nor does it look like anything he's doing moves at all. If he did, then you'd have to see his hands go down there…. He probably said something sarcastic to her that she took offense to.

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