Start Up And Review | 2018 Honda Civic EX-T Review

today we have the 2018 Honda Civic EX turbo edition with the 1.5 liter turbo I used to drive a Honda Civic for a couple of years and I got it solely on the fact that it was economical it was pretty inexpensive and I could rely on it this one you get the same thing except it's way better so let's check it out before I get started I want to thank Honda cars of Rockwall in Rockwall Texas for letting me make this video possible they're very generous to let me show you the Civic I'll be sure to put all the information down below in the description box if you're in the DFW area please be sure to check them out and they will take care of you hey guys thank you so much for tuning into this review of the 2018 Honda Civic DX t aka the turbo Edition if you're new to my channel please check out some other videos I try to post at least one per week as we move around back Honda's got this distinct C shaped headlights love them or hate them it's what they all have no backup camera is standard here there's a little camera down by the license plate this is a blue color what do you guys think of it it's kind of an electric blue I think it looks pretty nice standard on this trim are 17 inch wheels 16 inch is standard on the base model but you do get 17 here and up I'll show you inside but right over there is the Honda lanewatch camera more on that in a little bit we do get daytime LED daytime running lights would you not get LED headlights unless you go for the top trim level these are projector-beam halogen headlights though so they should be sufficient down below you do get fog lights as well what do you guys think of the exterior I apologize if you can hear the wind it is pretty darn windy out right now this does come with smart key access it does have push-button start if you're close to the car you just stick your hand in the door handle and then it will unlock for you you can push the button to lock it let's move inside now that I'm inside the Honda Civic it's a pretty comfortable place to be I wouldn't necessarily call it really comfortable but these seats do the job you know it's about what you would expect for a car of this class right here we have a pump to move the seat up and down you can just pull up on it and it will lift the seat otherwise there's no power adjustability you can just recline and scoot it forward manually in order to get leather seats or power you'd have to move up to the EXL steering wheel right here the lever is quite a ways down but you do get a good amount of adjustability with this steering wheel at five foot nine I have plenty of head space I have a little bit above me and this model doesn't even have a sunroof starting over at the door we have a somewhat soft material up here a cloth material here as well as your armrest which is not very padded it is soft though you do get automatic power automatic power windows for the driver and the passenger your mirror controls right over there your button to pop the trunk and your hood pop button right there storage in the door is about what you would expect in a car of this class you do have a bottle holder that is not very large just a small bottle and small storage back here we do have the smart key system that does mean that we have push button start foot on the brake push the button starts right up and you can see the nice digital display right here you get a digital speedometer as well as the digital tachometer right behind it even the side gauges like the feel and the temperature are digital as well they're in the center screen you can differentiate what you see right now you see average fuel economy and we haven't even driven in here so don't let that you know don't let that number for you you can see the temperature down below the time your current trip if you go to the steering wheel and you see the pages button right there you can push that to move through a few different things that you can access here such as your fuel in your settings your music your phone and some messages as well the steering wheel is leather wrapped as well as the shifter would you get steering wheel controls for your audio and I just showed you the information display right up there you have your calling features in your voice activation down below wonderful thing about this if you ever have been in some older civics or even some older Honda's you'll notice that these start to wear out this actually has a plastic coating on top of it that is clear so it will never ever wear and lose its marking over on the right side we do have the cruise control settings this does have automatic headlights and fog lights as well we have a sliding visor as well as a vanity light right there this model does have a sunroof sunroof controls to open and tilt are right up there next to the regular lights this does not have a sunglasses holder up there or garage home link system this is a traditional flip for the night vision mirror it is not automatic dimming over all the the cabin is a pretty nice look you know you really don't expect to see something like this in a lower-end car such as the Civic and the e^x model this is not even a Touring model as we go to look at this touchscreen this is 7 inches and it does look pretty nice it's a little bit of a tablet style but it still has some integration involved you do have Honda Lynx main system right here but you can plug in your smartphone and access Android auto or apple carplay to where you can see different things on your phone if you're not familiar with it just look up another YouTube video for it there's a lot that you can do with it such as you know view your podcast your messages and access other apps that are on your phone climate control is a little bit of a bugger here it is dual zone automatic which is nice but let's say you don't want it to be on automatic for for it to hold the temperature let's say you want to turn you get in your car and you want to turn the fan up really fast right away in order to do that you have to hit the climate button and then you have to hit the touchscreen so if you have gloves on and it's freezing out you're out of luck with that and then to get back out of it you can either hit Otto or you have to go back to the climate button and manually adjust it yourself so you'll probably want to keep it on the Otto most of the time anyways when you adjust the temperature you can see up there on the top left of the screen as well as the passenger over here if you move that one it will change otherwise you can hit sync to make them both the same we do have cloth 3-tiered heated seats for the driver and the passenger right over there moving over to the side we have our glovebox it is not locking but it is pretty good size to store quite a bit in there one really cool feature you can somewhat see down there sorry it's a little bright but there are actually two little spots for you to feed some wires through the back to where you can have maybe your phone sitting there and charge it from behind there without those wires getting in the way behind it is where you can plug in for your apple carplay as well as a standard 12 volt outlet here's the leather wrap shift or that I told you about this is a CVT transmission it does give you a sport option and a low option there are no paddle shifters in this car however if you do shift into reverse you do get a standard backup camera that is with guidance lines and it actually has a wide-angle view normal view and a top-down view looking straight down from the bumper you get Honda's brake hold button electronic parking brake econ button to help you with the economy and basically preventing you from gunning in around town and wasting gas as we move further back we got Honda's center console right here my water bottle does fit in this second cup holder which is a little bit larger than the first one this one's a little skinnier it does still fit but it's a tight fit these are not adjustable cup holders so you'll have to deal with you know maybe a camp a can or something smaller and they're possibly moving around this is not very padded it is cloth material and it actually sits kind of low so my arm really doesn't rest on there very well unless I lower the seat down it does move forward and backwards as well as open up like that for a little knick-knack storage back there we do have a sliding storage right here and these cupholders can actually slide and expose a bigger bin down below you can see that cup holder and an extra USB port as well if I move everything forward then you can see this big bin down here this is another example of Honda's clever engineering on the inside of their cars Honda sensing is not standard but it is available it does come standard on the top touring trim the one cool feature that this car does have is Honda lanewatch you turn your blinker on to the right and then you can see there's actually a camera mounted underneath of that mirror where you can see on the seven-inch screen what is over there pretty cool since we have the ext model the T stands for turbo and we have the 1.5 liter turbo engine right here this engine is mated with the CVT transmission you will get 174 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque the CVT is there for fuel economy and you get 32 in the city and 42 on the highway which is very impressive if you opt for a Civic with a six-speed manual you'll get 174 horsepower but one hundred and sixty-seven pound-feet of torque your miles per gallon will drop down a little bit just 231 in the city and 42 on the highway still if you opt for the 2-liter four-cylinder the basic non turbo engine you will lose some horsepower and some torque down to 158 horsepower and 138 pounds feet of torque you will also drop one mile per gallon in the city and two miles per gallon on the highway with the CVT transmission in the backseat these seats are still soft I just don't have a whole lot of headroom my hair is touching the ceiling right now in terms of leg space though that's excellent if you get somebody that's 5 foot 9 or less they shouldn't really have any problem being back here good foot space good leg space and a decently comfortable seat overall the back door is essentially the same as the front door with the same cloth and not very soft armrests a little bit of storage in the door as you can see right here I do have plenty of space being 5/9 back here there are no USB ports in this trim or no vents there is a floor hump in the middle so if any middle passengers are going to want to be small or children we do get a center armrest right here with two small cupholders and it is a soft cloth material as we take a look at the trunk the trunk is spacious with just over 15 cubic feet but one interesting thing is that the touring actually is listed at 14.7 I'm not exactly sure why if any of you know please let me know nice large wide opening you know it goes fairly deep on both sides if you want to lower the seats down in any level except the base model you can push or pull these little levers pull on that and then you'll be able to pull that seat down same goes on the passenger side now those seats are free to go down here's a look from the back seat with the pass through with the trunk open that's gonna wrap everything up thank you so much for watching please consider subscribing I do try to post at least one hopefully two videos every week on different makes and models let me know what you thought of this Civic down below I just also did the Civic hatchback sport so look for a link for that and take a look at that video because there are some definite differences between this and the hatchback model so please take a look at that if you have any comments let leave them down below what do you think of this car what do you think of the color would you go for the turbo or would you go for the basic four-cylinder let me know what you think have a great day

24 thoughts on “Start Up And Review | 2018 Honda Civic EX-T Review

  1. Great review! I bought this exact car (even the same color) in September of 2018 and I love it. This is my 3rd Civic in the past 19 years and they've all been great, but this one was a huge leap from 2008 model that I had before. You're really getting the best of both worlds with the 1.5 EX-T. When you want to go quick, it will move, once the turbo spools up. But if you want to save money on gas, it really can get the mpg that it's rated at, and without really trying that hard. One feature that I really enjoy is the Android Auto (it has Apple Car Play too, but I'm an Android guy). That gives me the option to run either Google Maps or Waze for navigation and they both work great. Another feature I like is that you can use the extra USB port below the cup holder to load up a bunch of music. I have over 100 CDs worth of songs ripped and copied onto a thumb drive and it works really well. I did try the 3 month free trial of Sirius XM and while I liked it I didn't feel it would be worth the monthly fee. Especially with so many other options for music. It does NOT have a CD player, but with the option to get tons of music through USB and from a phone (e.g. Android Auto provides access to Amazon Music), I haven't missed it.

    One thing I really like is how sharp this car looks. My previous two Civics, a green '97 and a silver '08 were about is boring as you could get. So I decided my next car was going to more fun to drive, and just plain look cooler. This one actually looks very nice, and I love it in the Aegean Blue. It really stands out when parked in a row of black or grey SUVs at the grocery store. I did consider getting the Touring model for the extra features and the subwoofer, but ultimately decided to be more frugal. And even without a subwoofer, the EX-T model does sound very good.

    Overall I am very pleased with this car, and every time I go out to my garage I still can't believe I now have a car this nice!

  2. Has anyone heard of or had any engine problems? I’ve read that turbo engines don’t do well in the south, I’m in Texas

  3. Being 20 years old I didn’t think I would be able to get a car like this on my own! I went from a 2002 Honda Accord to this 2018 Honda Civic Ex-T in this gorgeous blue color! I’m in love, well worth the price and the sport mode really has some get up and go behind it. I would recommend this car to anyone. Plus Honda financing is fantastic! They were able to work with me and keep my payment low, couldn’t be happier.

  4. Don't be cheap or even put if off go buy yourself a Honda Civic it is well worth your money and time trust me you'll be happy.

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