Star Wars: Who’s Who!? Wald | Canon, Legends & Behind the Scenes | The Phantom Menace

Well hello there! This is Wildjosh from
the Geek-Cetera podcast and in this episode we’re gonna talk about a childhood friend of
Anakin Skywalker’s, so sit back and relax because you’re about to learn who’s who
when it comes to… Wald! We’ll start with the legend backstory…
Not long before the invasion and Naboo Wald or W. Wald as he was sometimes
referred to in legends, moved to Mos Espa with his family. There he met a young
Anakin Skywalker, and helped him build his very own podracer. Wald was known
for being a nefarious little bugger! He would often steal from the citizens of
Mos Espa. He was also known to vandalize and tag buildings in the settlement as
well. One of his more popular tags involved taking shots at Watto, calling
him a dirty old bird. Scandalous! After Anakin left Tatooine
Wald stayed close to Kitster and Shmi. Soon he even found himself working for
Watto, doing odd jobs around his shop. In one legend story
Watto was having trouble with mynocks, so he told Wald to take care of it for him.
Wald subcontracted a traveler who was in the area and he was able to
drastically reduce the number of mynocks around Mos Espa. Wald was so
impressed that he hired this traveler to work with him more. In another story the
traveler helped track down some stolen swoop parts from a gang known as the
Laser Flitz. He did so, killing most of the gang and he returned the parts to
Wald. Years later Watto was so impressed with the of the work that Wald had done
for him, that he even turned over the rights to his shop when he decided to
retire. Wald renamed the shop Wald’s parts. Even later on Kitster stole a
Alderaanian moss painting called the Killik Twilight that was being
auctioned off on Tatooine. Wald helped Kitster to escape to safety and later
let Leia Organa Solo know where Kitster was hiding so that she could retrieve
the important artifact. Now for the Canon backstory… There really isn’t a whole lot,
but we’ll get into it. Wald was a male Rodian slave that lived
on Tatooine. During the events of Star Wars The Phantom Menace he was 6 years
old, and he was a playmate of Anakin Skywalker’s. Wald, Kitster, R2-D2 and C-3PO
made up Anakin’s pit crew during the Boonta Eve classic podrace.
And that’s it there really isn’t much else on Wald in canon yet, but maybe there
will be to come, as there are stories coming out all the time that are now canon.
We do have a little bit of behind the scenes… Wald was actually played by the
popular actor Warwick Davis who’s played many different Star Wars characters over
the years. Well there you go! You now know who’s who when it comes to… the Phantom
Menace’s Wald! Would you like to know who’s who about another character in the
Star Wars universe? If so let me know in the comments below!
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