Stanford theatrical society presents “Rent”

Stanford University. I love Rent because
it encapsulates all of the nuances of human
emotion and human experience. There are moments of absolute
devastation and frustration and ecstasy and confusion. As a human being, it’s
so easy to connect to all of those emotions
and their rawness and in their vulnerability. And I think that’s
what makes Rent such a special piece of theater. Rent is a musical
about starving artists in New York City in 1989 in the
middle of the AIDS epidemic. And it’s really a
story about what it means to not only
survive every day, but live every day
to its fullest. I think Rent is really a
story about young people and what it means to make
choices about who you are and how you want
to live your life. I play Mark Cohen. And Mark is a young,
ambitious filmmaker. And he wants to
make a difference to the lives of marginalized
communities in Alphabet City. And I think he’s still trying to
find out what his place in life is. I play Maureen Johnson. And is a very
free-spirited person. She doesn’t really conform to
institutionalized ideology. Maureen is an incredibly
selfish person. But I think we could all
learn a lot from Maureen about how to take
care of yourself and how to be your own advocate. Rent is a story of
difference and the diversity of the human experience. It’s really about
embracing the things that make you different
from other people and being able to
navigate the world in an honest and fulfilling way. It’s a showcase for diversity in
terms of talent on this campus, and in terms of
different identities, and how those
identities intersect in this beautiful medley. So not only do we
have cast members who just come from all
different walks of life, we also have the ability
to express that difference through the characters on stage. For more, please visit
us at

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