STANCE: Clean and Low 1990 Civic Sedan

24 thoughts on “STANCE: Clean and Low 1990 Civic Sedan

  1. Fellow Floridian and EF owner right here. how did u guys get the integra seats to fit with automatic seat belts?

  2. I had bought all the parts to do an b20v, and 2 days later, some russian asshole comes speeding doing 80 or 90 on a residential street and smashed into 3 cars including mines. My civic frame was so fucked up that there was no possible way of recovery.

  3. Just bought a 89 honda civic LX 1.5 SOHC for $1000 bucks. Only 100,000 miles on it. Going to rice the shit out of it. Cost me about 600 bucks to rice it. Cant wait to get started. I drove it from Fresno CA to Chandler AZ in the dead of summer. Did not over heat once. It was an 11 hour drive.

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