Stage Foundation Set, Work Picks Up on Amphitheater Site [VIDEO]

while it may still feel like a long time there's a strong chance you'll be watching their first concert in the new way Park amphitheater this time next year oh yeah we'll make up public works director bill Ashland says things have started to pick up on the amphitheater site over the last month we've been continued working on site improvements and moving rock digging footings and foundations the main stages for these informations are completed backfilled and they're working on putting in the underground utilities in there he says they also have footings in place for the box office and concession stands which he and teach the page should be built by next month the hardest part is getting all the dirt work done and getting the footings in the ground and once we get that venue things can start to move and as I told you earlier we went from a lot of handful of people out here to probably two dozen now son says they are still working on some landscape work to help incorporate the natural beauty of the quarry the way Park amphitheater is expected to host about 15 to 20 national acts every year and we'll sit roughly 4,000 to 5,000 people the City Council is hoping to name the facility in the near future they hope to have their top three choices narrowed down by next month Alix wykowski W Jo Ann

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