St. John’s Board of Trade Member Profile Video – McInnes Cooper

McInnes Cooper is an Atlantic Canadian law firm and among the 25 largest business and litigation firms in the
country. We’re market leaders in many areas
including business litigation employment and energy and natural resources.
At McInnes Cooper we provide more than professional legal services. We aim to be
strategic or advisors to our client’s businesses. We provide them with the
benefit of a local firm that has global outreach. McInnes Cooper has a
collective social responsibility program that encourages all of our lawyers and
staff to regularly give back to the community. We’re always inspired by the
many stories of how our volunteer efforts and financial support have
benefited people in our society. We also have a pro bono program where we provide legal services to disadvantaged people and organizations that have difficulty
gaining access to justice. And I think all of this resonates, at a high level,
because it gives us an opportunity to provide value to society that goes
beyond the provision of legal services. We really are one law firm that operates
right throughout the region and we operate in a very collaborative fashion. And this really is for the benefit of our clients. you

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