Spring 2019 Commencement: College of Business, Saturday, May 11th, 9:00am

[MUSIC PLAYING] Ladies and gentlemen,
the graduates of the College of Business. [APPLAUSE] And now, the faculty
representatives of Ferris State University. [APPLAUSE] The president and
stage dignitaries. [APPLAUSE] Please be seated. Ferris is proud to recognize
graduates and guests who have served or who are
serving in our armed forces. Veterans, would you
please stand or wave? [APPLAUSE] Thank you. Audience and graduates, if
you would also please stand. We are about to sing
our national anthem. And please feel free to join
our soloist Rachel Schumann. Gentlemen, please
remove your hats. [MUSIC – “THE STAR SPANGLED
BANNER”] (SINGING) Oh, say can you
see by the dawn’s early light what so proudly we hailed at
the twilight’s last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright
stars through the perilous fight, o’er the
ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket’s red glare,
the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night
that our flag was still there. Oh, say does that
star-spangled banner yet wave o’er the land of the free
and the home of the brave? [APPLAUSE] You may be seated. Good morning. All right. Welcome to the
commencement exercises of Ferris State University. We’re delighted that you’re
here, the family and friends of our graduates, to
participate and witness this awesome occasion,
which celebrates their accomplishments. My name is Dr. Kasey Thompson,
and I’m a faculty member here in the College of Business. Carrying the symbolic mace
and representing the Academic Senate is James Shimko. Marshals representing
faculty members are Patrick Bishop
and Leslie Sukup. And today’s music is
performed by the brass quintet from Mount Pleasant. The interpreter is Emily Baxter. And the ushers are members of
the Ferris State University Student Alumni Gold Club. Please join me in thanking
them for their service today. [APPLAUSE] Now, allow me to present the
stage dignitaries who will rise as they are introduced. Audience, please
hold your applause until all have been recognized. First, Board of
Trustees Chair Amna Seibold of East Grand Rapids. President David Eisler. Honorary doctorate
candidate Mike Shibler. Provost Vice President for
Academic Affairs Paul Blake. Representing the Academic
Senate, Sandy Alspach. Associate Vice President
for External Relations and Executive Director of
Ferris Alumni Association Jeremy Mishler. Vice President for Student
Affairs Jeanine Ward-Roof. Interim Dean of the College
of Health Professions Lincoln Gibbs. Trustee Rupesh
Srivastava from Wixom. Trustee Kari Sederburg
from East Lansing. Trustee Emeritus author
Tebo from Walloon Lake. Vice President for
University Advancement and Marketing Shelly Pearcy. Vice President and General
Counsel Miles Postema. Vice President
for Administration and Finance Jerry Scoby. Dean of Retention
and Student Success, Interim Dean of
FLITE Jason Bentley. Dean of Michigan College
of Optometry David Damari. Dean of College of
Pharmacy Steven Durst. Dean of College of Art
and Sciences Kristi Haik. Interim Dean of
College of Engineering and Technology Richard Goosen. Dean of Extended and
International Operations Steven Reifert. Dean of College of
Business David Nicol. Would you please join me
in acknowledging them all? [APPLAUSE] Officially presiding over
this commencement ceremony are members of the Board
of Trustees of Ferris State University. Board Chair Seibold now brings
you greetings from the Board. Thank you. Good morning, and
welcome to the spring 2019 commencement ceremonies. Ferris State University
is one of Michigan’s great public institutions
of higher education. The Board of
Trustees is comprised of citizens who
have been appointed by the governor with the advice
and consent of the Senate of the state of Michigan. As mandated by the state
of Michigan’s constitution, the board is charged
with the responsibility of governing the university by
setting policy that enhances not only the
quality of education but also the quality of life. And graduation today
epitomizes both. As someone who greatly
values a college education, I’d like to share
with you some wisdom about the value of your Ferris
State University education. Your experiences
from your years here will always be an important
part of your history and an important part
of your life story. Your Ferris education
currently is an important part of your life. It’s opening doors and
employment opportunities to you. And it will continue to be an
important part of your future as Ferris State will
provide important networking connections throughout
the rest of your life because you will
encounter fierce alumni and friends wherever you go. On behalf of the entire
Board of Trustees, I extend best wishes to
all of you being honored today and a special
congratulations to the spring class of 2019. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] President Eisler now brings
you the university’s greetings. It is a true honor to stand
before you, the class of 2019. Today is a wonderful
opportunity for you to reflect on your
accomplishments here at Ferris State University. At such a time, you need to
know that your success is built upon the collective
efforts of so many people who care about you and who
take great pride in your growth and development. I want to pause
for a moment so we can express our thanks to them. I begin with our
faculty, who have served as your teachers,
advisors, guides, and mentors. We are truly fortunate
to have a faculty who are dedicated
to teaching and who care deeply about students. Would ask that our
faculty rise so we can express our thanks to them. Faculty. [APPLAUSE] I also want to
thank our staff who each contributed in their
way for you, our students. In doing so, I would note
there are many contributions to our ceremony. We have beautiful
decorations here today and the commencement program,
which provides information on our university, its
degrees, and today’s ceremony. Now to the guests with us today. First, I want to
recognize your parents. They have planned and
sacrificed to help you reach this pinnacle of achievement. Parents, please stand. [APPLAUSE] I’d be willing to
guess that there are some proud
grandparents here also. Would you please stand? [APPLAUSE] For some graduates, there are
spouses or significant others who have stood by them in
both good and tough times and have supported you
working toward this day. Would you please stand? [APPLAUSE] Graduates, some of
you also have children who have had to share their mom
or dad with books, studying, and homework assignments. I’d ask the children of
our graduates to stand. [APPLAUSE] Finally, we have many
friends and other relatives of our graduates here. Please stand so we can thank you
for being here with us today. [APPLAUSE] Graduates, in a few moments,
you’ll be crossing this stage. Two helpful reminders. As you celebrate
this achievement, take time to thank
those who have worked, helped, and supported you. Their sacrifice and
love have helped create this moment for you. Second, a practical
but useful reminder. We’re going to take your picture
as you receive your degree. Don’t forget to pause as I
shake your hand and smile. As graduates, you represent
the hopes and dreams of our institution. Each of us at Ferris
State University, faculty, staff, and
fellow students, see your educational
accomplishments and personal growth and take
pride in your achievements. As members of the
Ferris community, we never know when our
efforts will shape a life, be an inspiration, or help one
find the path to a brighter future. I wish that I could tell
each of your stories as they are all meaningful
in their own way. As examples, let me share
two special stories with you. When this graduate from
Grand Blanc was 12 years old, her mom was injured on the
job with the Flint police department. As the oldest child,
she stepped up to cook, clean, and take care
of her two younger siblings. Because it took nearly
two years for her mother to recover from two
surgeries and rehabilitation, it was not until her
senior year of high school that she could again focus
on herself and her grades in school. Upon graduation
from high school, she was ready to attend college. Coming to Ferris was
her first choice, and she approached this as an
opportunity for a fresh start. She knew from the moment
she stepped onto our campus that she wanted a career
in hospitality management. While in high school,
she spent many hours planning special dinners and
photo sessions for friends in addition to planning surprise
birthday parties and family reunions. Over the past four years, she
has done well in her studies while working two or three jobs
on campus and in the community at Buffalo Wild Wings, as
an elementary cheer coach, at the Holiday Inn, and
at the tutoring center. Even with this
busy schedule, she has been an active participant
in extracurricular activities and services projects. She joined the Hospitality
Management Student Association, which provided her
of more opportunities to take on leadership
roles with the association. After her freshman year,
she joined Zeta Tau Alpha and became involved
in student government first as a representative,
next student government senator for the College of Business, and
finally director of operations. In her junior year, she was
inducted into Eta Sigma Delta, an international hospitality
management honors fraternity. Through this, she had the
opportunity to network with industry professionals
across the nation and grow her knowledge
of the industry. She’s volunteered as program
director for the Big Event, for Habitat for Humanity,
Comic-Con, German Fest, the International Wine
and Beer Festival, and enjoyed membership
in the Order of Omega and the Panhellenic Council. With the help of her professors,
she obtained two internships, first as interning manager with
City Park Grill in Petoskey, second as the membership and
events intern at Sommerset Pointe Yacht Club. These experience helped her land
a position with the management team at Enterprise Rent-A-Car
in her hometown of Grand Blanc. Today, she would like to
thank her mother and father, Amy and Lynn, her grandmother,
Helen Abbott, her boyfriend Justin, her supervisor
on campus Karen Royster-James, her professors,
and her Zeta sisters. She especially thanks Amy
Dorey for leading and guiding her to where she is today. It’s my pleasure to introduce
to you Maria Rogers. Maria, would you please stand? [APPLAUSE] I’d ask that Maria’s family also
stand so we can recognize them. [APPLAUSE] This next story is
about a graduate who learned to embrace
change at a young age. During her childhood,
her family moved often between North Carolina,
Florida, and Michigan, which made it challenging
for her and her siblings to maintain friendships. In this, she looked out
for her younger siblings and worked to make the
best out of every location where she’s lived. Living in Michigan
during high school, she transferred from
Grand River Prep to Lowell High
School, which she says was overwhelming as
a much larger school. She graduated from
Lowell and was ready to move to Tennessee
to attend Southern Adventist University. At the last minute,
she changed her mind to stay closer to her family. She enrolled at Grand
Rapids Community College. Initially interested in
pursuing a degree in accounting, she discovered she really
enjoyed business and statistics and began looking
for another major. This is when she
did some research and discovered our business
data analytics program. After 2 years at
GRCC, she transferred to Ferris State University. As a Latina student, the
Center for Latino Studies reached out and encouraged her
to participate with the Promesa Scholars Program. She was looking to
become more involved in the Latino community,
so she eagerly accepted. Being a Promesa scholar
provided opportunities to serve as a peer mentor
and leader on campus. Through this, she has
fully immersed herself in campus activities. She was vice president of the
Hispanic Student Organization, treasurer of the Data
Analytics Association, and a member of the National
Society of Collegiate Scholars. She completely mapped out
her two years at Ferris to ensure her
classes would line up and she would graduate
after only two years. Admits taking classes
sometimes 18 credits a semester and working, she
completed her internship with the Department of Defense. This student is graduating
today with her bachelor’s degree in business data analytics
with an information security and intelligence minor. She already has had
multiple job offers and will be joining
her family in Virginia to begin her career
with Booz Allen Hamilton, a global consulting
and data analytics firm. In the future, she hopes to
obtain her master’s degree in data science and give
back to her alma mater that, as she says, provided
her with so many opportunities to grow and thrive. Her advice to the
graduates today is this. Anything is possible. Don’t be afraid to
question the status quo or pave your own path to what
you want to achieve in life. She thanks her father and
mother, Milton and [? Nacey, ?] and her extended family for
being so supportive of her throughout her college career. She also thanks the
Center for Latina Studies for believing in her and giving
her so many opportunities to lead and mentor on campus. It is an honor to
introduce Sayra Moore. Sayra, would you please stand? [APPLAUSE] Would your family
here today also stand? [APPLAUSE] Graduates, on behalf
of our university, I wish you great
success and fulfillment as you begin the next
stage of your journey. As you look to the
future, please remember the stories of Maria and Sayra. And I encourage you to remember
the words of Sayra Moore. Don’t be afraid to
pave your own path to what you want to achieve. Congratulations and best
wishes, class of 2019. [APPLAUSE] And now our Provost and Vice
President for Academic Affairs Paul Blake will introduce the
honorary doctorate candidate. Good morning. We are honored today to
recommend a champion educator and leader in West
Michigan, a visionary who has led an extraordinary
career over the past 51 years. We are proud to recognize
Michael Shibler. [APPLAUSE] Allow me to share the
resolution concerning our honorary doctorate
candidate, Mr. Michael Shibler, the Honorary
Doctorate of Public Service. Whereas, Michael Shibler, you
have led the Rockford Public School District as
superintendent since 1989, establishing many successful
initiatives for students and providing an extraordinary
example for educators throughout your 51 year
tenure and education. Whereas you are instrumental
in forging a strong partnership with Ferris State University to
provide concurrent enrollment opportunities for Rockford high
school students, helping them earn more than 3,000
college credits toward their post-secondary
education and over 1.6 million in tuition since 2013. Whereas under your leadership,
all Rockford public schools are blue ribbon exemplary
schools and accredited by AdvancED, and
Rockford High School has become an advanced
placement achievement district and is ranked among the top
500 high schools in America by Newsweek magazine. Whereas you are a leader in
your profession receiving numerous awards, including the
MSU Outstanding Alumni K-12 Administrator Award, the Reading
Council’s Golden Apple Award, the Rockford Chamber of
Commerce Award of Honor, and induction into the Rockford
Public School Hall of Fame. Whereas your creative thinking
and inspirational leadership has earned you the reputation
as a true visionary within Michigan’s
education community, now, therefore, be it resolved
that the Board of Trustees of Ferris State University
offers to you its sincere gratitude and takes
great pride in conferring upon you the honorary
degree Doctor of Public Service with all rights
and privileges there unto. [APPLAUSE] Michael Shibler,
Ferris State University is privileged to pay
tribute to you today. By virtue of the laws
of the state of Michigan and the authority vested in
me by the Board of Trustees of Ferris State University and
with the sincere good wishes of the faculty and students
of this university, I confer upon you the
honorary degree Doctor of Public Service with all the
rights and privileges therein. As a symbol this
recognition, we invest you with this doctoral hood. [APPLAUSE] And present you with
this degree, Dr. Shibler. [APPLAUSE] May I introduce to you,
Dr. Michael Shibler. [APPLAUSE] Thank you very much, Dr. Eisler. This truly is an honor
for me and for my family. And I thank Ferris
State University for this opportunity. On behalf of my wife Connie,
my daughters Katie, Chelsea, and Holly, my son-in-laws
Tomas, Brock, and Jeremy, and my granddaughters
Brooklyn and Lucy, I want to thank Ferris State
University President David Eisler and the University
Board of Trustees for this incredible
honor, which I feel very humbled to have received. Dr. Eisler, I thank you
for this opportunity. And I thank you for the comments
that were made regarding me. I wasn’t sure if I was thinking
about me or somebody else, but those are very
nice comments. And I want to also thank
the Rockford public schools. I have Board of Education
Trustees here today, as well as employees of the
Rockford public schools who made the drive here to be part
of this opportunity for me. The Rockford public schools
has experienced a great deal of success in the
past 30 years, but it has been with the involvement
of hundreds and hundreds of people. I’ve just had the privilege
of being part of it. All of our
stakeholders, our board of education, our employees,
our parents, our students, and the entire
Rockford community. I truly have been
blessed and so has my family to be a part of
Rockford these past 30 years. The most important
people that, of course, we are honoring today
is the graduates of Ferris State University’s
College of Business. Congratulations to all of you. Also, I want to congratulate the
parents and family members who are here today because
your role in their success has been very, very important. President Eisler asked
me to share with you a few brief comments regarding
personal examples of what I believe are relevant
to the long-term success of our graduates. Many years ago, graduates,
I wrote on a whiteboard in my office–
it’s still there– of seven qualities of
effective leadership that result in success. Most mornings when I
come into my office, I do glance at those. And I believe that after
51 years of service to the state of
Michigan as an educator, these seven examples work. They actually work. Number one on my list is faith. For me, it’s faith in God. It’s faith in family. It’s faith in yourselves. It’s faith in people
who surround you. Believe me, you’re going
to need lots of people to surround you to become
part of your life to make it relevant and important. Number two on my list is family. However you define
family, family should be a top
priority for you. Number three is vision. If you don’t have a blueprint
for the next 10 years of your life, I
suggest you find one and make sure that it’s flexible
because you will amend it over and over and over. Number four I listed on
my whiteboard is courage. You know what? Courage is difficult to define. But it actually means, for
me, doing the right thing. Many of us can do things right,
but doing the right thing takes courage. And sometimes it’s
not very popular, but it’s the right thing to do. And leadership is not
a popularity contest. Number five are two
words that really are synonymous with each other. That is perseverance
and resiliency. I have listed those
two behaviors together because I believe they
are similar and are most important to your success
and to all of our success. These characteristics of
perseverance and resiliency, that is, never giving
up and taking the hits and getting up after you
do, are, quite frankly, extremely important
to your success. Period, end of story. Very few successes and/or
failures are one and done. Number six is grit. And I define grit as
perseverance, courage, and resiliency. If you haven’t read the
book from Angela Duckworth, I suggest you get
the book and read it. It’ll be very important
to you as a young person going into the business world. Number seven is compassion,
compassion for others. People don’t care,
graduates, how much you know until they
know how much you care. That’s really, really important. By the way, I should
actually give you one more, number eight,
and that is to have fun. Graduates, I have one
final thought for you as you consider the
challenges you’ll be facing and how you will face
those challenges. When I graduated from college
with my bachelor’s degree 51 years ago in 1968, I
made a promise to myself– this is really true,
it’s just not hyperbole– I made a promise to myself. In fact, it was
more than a promise. It was a commitment that
I would never ever allow other people,
society in general, to attack, challenge,
or diminish my potential to
make a difference in the lives of others. That promise, graduates, is
still very clear in my mind today. I personally made that
choice to protect my idealism that all things are
possible through hard work and perseverance. And that fits well for
you in your 20s and 30s, and it fits well for
me at the age of 72. I can honestly tell
you, graduates, that I have kept my
lifelong promise to myself, even when outside forces have
tried to discourage and defeat me. In summary, graduates,
I want to give you a quotation from President Teddy
Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt made this statement 110 years
ago, but it’s relevant today. It is not the critic
who counts, not the person who points out how
the strong man or strong woman stumble, or where
the doer of deeds could have done them better. And the credit
belongs to the person who is actually in the arena,
whose face is marred with dust, sweat, and blood, who
strives valiantly, who best knows in the end the
triumph of high achievement, and who at worst,
if he or she fails, at least fails
while daring greatly so that their place shall never
be with those timid souls who know neither victory or defeat. Ferris State
University graduates of the College of Business,
you have an incredible life before you. I wish you the greatest
opportunities and successes. And I wish you the
very, very best in life. Congratulations. [APPLAUSE] Thank you, Dr. Shibler. Now we take pride in recognizing
the graduates of Ferris State University’s class of 2019. [APPLAUSE] All right. In the interest of time and
maintaining the integrity of the ceremony, we’re asking
that family and friends, if you would please just remain seated
during the complete ceremony. The university has a
professional photographer who will take pictures
of every single graduate. And following the
ceremony, we invite all of the family and friends to
come up front and take pictures with the graduates. But for safety purposes, we will
be closing off the platform. The academic deans will assist
President Eisler and Provost Blake to confer the appropriate
degrees and certificates on the Ferris State
University’s class of 2019. Provost, President. Will the candidates for the
master’s degree in the College of Business please rise? And will their
families also rise? Dean David M. Nicol will present
the master’s degree candidates. On behalf of the
College of Business, I’m honored and privileged to
present to you these candidates for the degree of master
of business administration and master of science
in information security and intelligence. They are hereby certified by
the faculty for their degrees. By virtue of the
authority vested in me, I confer upon each of
you the master’s degree as it applies to
you individually with all the rights, privileges,
and responsibilities therein. Congratulations, master’s
graduates, College of Business. [APPLAUSE] Family members,
you may be seated. Graduates, please come forward
as directed by the ushers. Congratulations. [READING NAMES] Ladies and gentlemen,
the master’s graduates of the College of Business. [APPLAUSE] Will the candidates
for baccalaureate and associate degrees
and certificates in the College of
Business please rise? [APPLAUSE] Will their families also rise? [APPLAUSE] Dean Nicol will
present the candidates. On behalf of the
College of Business, I am honored and privileged
to present to you these candidates for the
degrees of Bachelor of Science, Associate in Applied
Science, and certificates. They are hereby certified by
the faculty for their degrees. By virtue of the
authority vested in me, I confer upon each of you the
bachelor and associate degrees and certificates as it
applies to you individually for all the rights, privileges,
and responsibilities therein. Congratulations, graduates,
College of Business. [APPLAUSE] Families, you may be seated. Graduates may be seated
except for the first row. And please come forward
as directed by the ushers. [READING NAMES] Ladies and gentlemen,
the graduates of the College of Business. [APPLAUSE] Will all of our
graduates please rise? There is a
longstanding tradition at commencement ceremonies
in which the graduates move their tassels from
the right side to the left side of
their caps as a symbol of their accomplishment. I invite all graduates
of the class of 2019 to flip their
tassels at this time. [APPLAUSE] Congratulations and best
wishes to each of you. You may be seated. Jeremy Mishler,
Associate Vice President for External Relations
and Executive Director of the Ferris
Alumni Association, will now bring you greetings
from the Alumni Association. It is now my great privilege
to salute all of you for the first time as alumni
of Ferris State University. [APPLAUSE] From this day, you will
face many new possibilities, probabilities, and challenges. And we will now be
depending on you to do your part to strengthen
the economies of our world and to build our communities. And it is now more
than ever that we will be counting
on you to advocate to your family,
neighbors, and colleagues the continuing opportunity
of Ferris State. We are looking
forward to your return to campus as our advisors,
to be our guest speakers, and to share with
us your successes so that your stories
will inspire and support future generations that
have the ability to one day stand at your side. Celebrate this great day. We look forward to
hearing from you soon. And remember, you are and
always will be a Bulldog. [APPLAUSE] Ladies and gentlemen,
please rise for the singing of Ferris Fidelity. You may join Rachel Schumann
in singing our alma mater. The words are located
in your program. [MUSIC – “FERRIS FIDELITY”] As constant as the Northern Star
our faith we pledge to thee. Our word, our bond, our oath,
our trust to you fidelity. From the promise of the crimson
dawn to sunset’s mellow gold, thy spirit shall prevail. We pledge allegiance as of old. Ferris State, all hail! [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Please remain standing for the
formal closing of our ceremony. Thank you for sharing with
us this very special day. Please remain standing. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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