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this is 28 year old Isaiah and his two wives 28 year-old Marlene and 20 year-old Becca so you two have been married for how long 10 years 10 years and you two been married for how that's three of you married for about a year and half thank you for playing that out Marlene and Isaiah married young both were only 18 but committed to living in a plural marriage if Isaiah would have told me that he didn't want this before we got married I wouldn't have married him vice versa like most newlyweds here they moved into a small trailer and started raising a family after eight years of living in monogamy they were joined by a second wife Becca so what happened with you Becca one day I was in church and I was sitting with my sister Sharon and I saw him walk through the door had a felling just come over me and um I turned to Sharon and I said yeah that's that's who I felt like I belonged at 19 Becca married Isaiah and Marlene as I watched the three of them laughing joking and making sushi they make it look so easy they could be the poster family for polygamy and I have to wonder did they always get along this well yeah kind of mess with my head a little bit I mean we're so different you know I mean I'm tall she's short I'm she's what I'm brunette would you characterize it as kind of a little envy or jealousy initially yeah yeah um I think that there's absolutely jealousies to work through I think it's a normal human emotion how does the sleeping situation work do you sleep in one room one night the next from that I mean it's just mountain bars I'll stay two nights with Rebecca and stay two nights with Marlene and just back and forth like that I couldn't do it like just the idea of it I just give someone else like my husband you can't look at it from sharing your man aspect you have to look at it like joining the family like her kids are my kids and if I couldn't have kids I would still have kids if he was gone I wouldn't be alone I would have her you know and so it's a lot more than just being jealous over your man mm-hmm cuz that's nothing compared to what you have after a year of marriage Marleen and Becca say they've worked through the initial bumps in the road and are now almost inseparable Johnny Depp's getting old is he still cooking potty I have right now my best friend living with me I can talk to her about any of my problems she completely understands cuz she's married to the same guy I talked to her every day and I probably talk to her more than I talk to Isaac between the two of them they have four children the most recent a six week old baby is Becca's first we didn't want this is my child this is your child we wanted all of our kids to be raised together um you know I'm mom cheese mom he's conceived tell that she's filling out like in her neck and her you know yeah she's getting chubby this baby will soon have another brother or sister Marlene is just weeks away from delivering her fourth child and both women expect to have many more I don't know that I would ever put a number on it I grew up with 25 brothers and sisters and I loved it and I want that for my kids I believe that this is the way God lives and I believe that this is a superior way to live there's no doubt that this way of life is hard to grasp for those who don't practice it and that difficulty has led to decades of persecution for those who do would you're kind of gracious Heavenly Father we thank you for this day that we've just had my grandfather you know was put in jail for five years for it his dad was put in jail for five years and my great grandfather on my other on my mom's side also thank you this isn't necessarily for everybody but if if it is for me and if I'm willing to do that I feel like I have every right to watch over protect us in a country where one husband and one wife is the law this young family has redefined what a happy marriage can look like for two ladies to share a husband and to share a house and to share children and everything I mean they really have to learn how to have charity for each other and accept each other's faults and weaknesses and failings and grows human being oh I really do love her she treats me like a wife you know she wants the same for me but she wants for herself and I don't know she's a huge blessing thanks man it is dark and so it is time for grateful we're gonna meditate so grateful zipper ready I'm grateful for my family I'm grateful for our nice time we have I'm great Oh for God and grateful for our good kids I'm grateful for sushi and I'm grateful for sleep tonight Becca will be sleeping with the children while on the other side of the home Isaiah and Marlene will be sleeping together

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  1. NO that's not the way God wants you to live. Don't put your failures onto God's plate, this is your choice. Don't pretend like you're doing something divine and worthy: you're not.

  2. Nooo dude its suppose to be both vajay jays in one bed!!!specifically one on your balls and the other on ur pito

  3. Satan's first wife is Lilith I called uporn her and made me win a soccer tournament first place village

  4. Satan has 5 wives energy, that's why I say USA nati nwo is confused that demon u say is not Satan its someone els

  5. Well polygamy is when a guy is married to more then one wife and had marriage licenses for each wifes not one wife and the rest of the ladies are polygamy come on homie get a life

  6. "I believe this is the way God lives. And, I believe that this IS a superior way to live." Oh, sweetie, how led astray you are. My heart really breaks for you.

  7. Than what about another man in the house… an extra one for the two woman too share!!!!!….WTF i would find one and merry him ,like he did with them! Anyway the world is full of freaks !!! lol…4 or nothing! Hell no!…i would make him feel how it is to have me in bed at night with another man !!!…

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