Spot Seems Sick

*Theme Music with Barking* So we’re gonna discuss some common
ailments that owners of dogs may notice sometimes in the early part of their
dog’s life or as they get a little bit older. First today Mopsy is going to help
us talk about some problems that we have with skin. So skin problems can be a
really common, and they happen in all ages of dogs, but the most common skin
disease we see is allergic skin disease. Dogs can be allergic to lots of things
in the environment, their food. Sometimes it’s things that they come into contact
with. So allergic skin disease generally shows itself in a few very specific ways.
So generally we will see ear infections that goes with allergies. So the ears
will look pink and irritated, or dogs may shake their head excessively. So licking
the feet, sometimes licking the rear end, a lot of chewing, and there’s some areas
that dogs that have allergic skin disease like to chew in particular.
Besides the feet would be in the armpits, and then also right here over the tail.
Moxie’s gonna show us. Right here over the tail bass is a really common area
where dogs like to itch if they have an allergy. So things that we can do to
prevent allergies is to keep an eye out for those particular symptoms but also
make sure that our dogs are eating a high quality commercial diet that has
all of the nutrients that they need to maintain a good coat, making sure that
they’re parasite-free. Fleas and intestinal parasites are one of the
biggest reasons why dogs will have irritated skin We’re here with Winter to discuss a
really common problem that we see in adult dogs, which is obesity. Winter is a
little fluffy. She has her winter coat and some things that overweight dogs
tend to have problems with are arthritis, joint pain, hip dysplasia, other sorts of
issues related to carrying around a lot of extra weight which causes more stress
on the joints. It also makes it harder to breathe. The ways you can tell that your
pet may be overweight are a few different ways. When we look at winter
from the side, she should have kind of a little waist. She
should tuck in a little bit and we see that she doesn’t, she’s got a
little belly on her. It’s okay honey, I understand. The other way we can look is
if we touch their ribs, we should be able to feel their ribs pretty easily. So just
because a dog is a little ribby, does not mean that they’re emaciated.
A little bit of rib is okay depending on the breed of course. And then the last
way that we determine the dog, if a dog is a good weight, is from the top. If she
has a little tuck in right at the waist right behind her ribs, she should have a
little waist right here over the top. The other thing that we can tell we can see
if we know that a dog may be overweight is they’ll have some extra fat right
here at their tail base. Honey, come on. Nino is here to talk about a really
important disease of dogs and sometimes cats which is heartworm disease. Heartworm disease is transmitted by mosquitoes from one infected dog to another.
Mosquitoes are present everywhere in the United States and dogs that are not
protected from heartworm disease generally will eventually become
positive. So heartworm disease in dogs can be fatal if we don’t prevent it.
Preventative is fairly inexpensive, the treatment is very expensive. So if a dog
does have heart worms, they may be asymptomatic for years potentially, until
they start showing symptoms of heart failure, which means coughing
being lethargic and eventually fluid accumulation in the abdomen and death
when the heart stops working properly. So heartworm disease is very serious but
very easily prevented. So now you know some of the common medical illnesses
that your pet might experience during their life. It’s very important though if
you have any concerns to always see your veterinarian.

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