Spiritual Warfare: Against Occult members and Witches. Q&A

This is Apostle Michelle Peterson I
hope you guys are having a beautiful day you guys I have a video is a spiritual
warfare type of video actually is actually answering a question that a man
of God had commented on one of my videos I think it was my spiritual warfare
video you guys haven’t seen that I’ll link that you can check that out and so
I was gonna you know do a video for him he commented and he was really
frustrated and upset because you know the enemy you know attacks are so hard
and then we have a cult members and witches and they’re attacking us and
they’re like non-stop and he was just really really frustrated and upset and I
used to feel like that – like what can we do I used to feel like what can we do
to just destroy them and get them off the earth you know so go to the Lord
like I was just so frustrated I was tired of the attacks and you know I just
wanted them to be done with and so when he commented on my my video I totally
understood where he was coming from a hundred percent you guys it does
frustrate us because it’s like they won’t leave us alone they’re obsessed I
don’t know they have this obsessive demonic spirit that’s controlling them
that they are obsessed with us and so I decided to share a spiritual warfare
tactic I guess you can say that you can use against the cult members and witches
because whenever here doing warfare against them they are different from
demonic spirits and I know I’ve said this before but they’re different from
demonic spirits you can’t plead the blood against them because they’re
humans it doesn’t work against humans it works against demonic spirits you can’t
just find them you know and use the name of Jesus against them it doesn’t work
because they’re humans yes one day all of us will the people who are not
Christians they’re gonna have to stand before the judgment you know
throne of God and be judged and you know and sent to where they’re gonna be
forever so they’re gonna what they’re doing now they’re gonna be held
accountable for it on Judgment Day but right now you know we can’t use
spiritual like the blood the name of Jesus against him so something else has
to be done and what is effective if God has to take care of them in the
spiritual realm when they’re doing stuff to attack you God has to take care of
them and so we have to go to God and ask him to do stuff when it comes to dealing
with people okay people who are attacking us in the
spirit realm and so there’s a lot of things out there you know you have
returning the curses to the sender I actually used to do that when I first
learned about that a long time ago when I was new and deliverance I used to do
it and I’ll tell you what the Lord told me about that he told me that it doesn’t
work you said it doesn’t work you know whenever they’re sending curses to us we
just stop and say no we return it to the sender it doesn’t work because what
they’re actually doing they’re putting they’re working with demonic spirits
okay whether they know it or not most of what the occult members know it witches
and people are stealing stuff like that they may not know it but they are
working with demonic spirits to attack you okay so they give these demonic
spirits they call them up and they give them assignments to go out and attack
so if demonic spirits are coming to attack you and you’ve returned the curse
to the cinder it’s not gonna work because you have to come into some kind
of relationship you know with these demonic spirits to give them an
assignment to take it back to the people I mean that’s how it works and so like
you know like we don’t do that we don’t work with demonic spirits so us you know
returning persons to the center that demonic spirit is not
take a curse off of us and take it back to the person that they have a
relationship with us putting them on signs they’re not going to do that so
the Lord told me that doesn’t work but I know you know when I first started doing
it you know I felt like it worked but that’s what the Lord told me it doesn’t
so this is something that does work okay and it’s also biblical here in 1st
Corinthians chapter 5 and verse 5 and I’ve shared this with a few teeth people
you know doing our consultant sessions they were being attacked by cult members
and so I shared this with them and so they’re starting to do it but this is
something our ministry team used to do and this is something that when I
learned about it there was this one person I think she was just a witch I
don’t think she was a cult member but she was so obsessed with me she was
attacking me almost it seemed like 24 hours a day and I was like Lord you know
the Lord told me her name and everything so I knew who it was attacking me I’m
and I know her you know like mad or anything but I just knew her name
and so she was just attacking me I was just like man so the Lord gave me some
things to do and she was still coming she was still coming non-stop I was like
you know what but this is something that I end up doing you know to her asking
the Lord to do to her and the attacks stopped okay okay so first Corinthians
chapter 5 verse 5 says to deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of
the flesh that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus and so what
I did I asked Lord to turn her over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh
so that her soul might be saved okay so when when I was telling the
ministry team about this like some of the people in the ministry team they
didn’t want to say that because they didn’t want anybody to be turned over to
save I don’t want anybody to be turnovers saying you guys cuz he is no
joke I mean you know he’ll destroy his own people he doesn’t care nothing about
humans and so I wouldn’t want anybody turned over but the cool thing about
this verse is that the reason why they’re being turned over to Satan for
the destruction of the flesh is so that they their souls might be saved you know
because when the enemy starts turning against them and attacking them you know
in and everything is going wrong in their life they’re losing everything bad
things are constantly happening you know that’s the opportunity for them to turn
to God you know to cry out to God for help so they can actually get saved when
the enemy turns on them because I don’t know if they think the enemy is their
friend and he’s given them this power that you know he’s your friend he is not
their friend and so but this actually works because it reveals who he is and
they will see him for who he is because he will turn on them at a drop of a dime
and start attacking them and destroying them because he destroys he kills he
steals he does that okay so he’ll start doing that to them and then they can get
sane he dies so what happened this girl when she was attacking me when I
actually asked the Lord to explore to turn her over to Satan for the
destruction of the flesh so that her soul might be saved and God wants their
souls to be safe he loves them okay and you know he definitely wants them to be
safe so when I said this towards this girl and she was attacking me constantly
so like one day I was like hmm and I didn’t you attacks in the wild ix Laura
said Lord what was that girl and he is you know she
still attacking me and I heard him say no and I was like what happened he said
that she’s not focused on me anymore because everything is going wrong in her
life she doesn’t have time to focus on me I’m the last thing she’s focus on
Harlow Silva now and so to take their obsession and their focus off of you and
start putting it on themselves because everything else to start be going wrong
in their lives and they don’t have time to be obsessed with you anymore
attacking you so you guys first Corinthians chapter 5 verse 5 that is
your prayer that you can Axl or to turn them over to Satan for the destruction
of the flesh so that their souls might be saved
okay and so let’s say if you have like five people attacking you what you have
to do each time you get an attack say it for that specific person knew one person
at a time because you can’t do all of them it doesn’t work like that
like if if I feel an attack coming on and let’s say I feel some stabbing or
something in my head or my body pain just coming out of somewhere my hair is
falling out I’ve been getting this half of my hair recently and I’m kind of like
I noticed it a little late and Lauren said that they had a curse on my hair
and I heard some I heard some women chanting in the background ball head
ball head ball hits off like what is that and they were putting curses on me
so I got it off but I started noticing my house like something’s going on with
my hair and so when I explored about it you know we got that curse off they’ve
been attacking my hair for years there’s a successful my hair for some reason but
let’s say after you noticing something’s going on with your hair then instantly
Heavenly Father in Jesus name I ask that you turn that person that’s attacking my
hair or attacking and I’m feeling some stabbings or pain and you know I’m
feeling something and you know it’s from a person say Heavenly Father in Jesus
name I ask that you turn that person you got
specific okay that’s the only that’s the only way it works with God you got to be
specific you can’t just do blanket stuff it has to be specific what you want okay
like when Jesus asked them what did they want you know when they want to healing
you know he would ask them what they want it you got to be specific what do
you want so say I’m Heavenly Father in Jesus name I ask that you turn this
person that’s attacking me right now I ask that you turned them over to Satan
for the destruction of the flesh so that their souls might be saved in Jesus name
okay and like I said you have many people attacking you do it whenever you
feel the attack do it and when they are tired over you guys I’m telling you haha
you know they won’t have time to be focusing on you anymore because the
enemy will turn on them and you know like I said I don’t want them to be
attacked by the enemy but I definitely want them to know the truth know the
truth about the enemy that he is not their friend and you know and God can
actually help them and you know get all those attacks and changed your lives and
make them you know a better person so you know so they can come to the Lord
and get free from all of that stuff so I hope this makes sense and I wanted to
share this with you guys because so many people are being attacked by a cult
members and witches warlocks and but this is something that works it works
it’s biblical it’s biblical for you guys but you’re
like well does the Bible back that up yes the Bible backs it up okay
and it’s something that you know Paul told people to do and so you guys can do
it too and just know you know our whole focus is for them to be safe out of this
okay God wants them to be safe and so that’s our focus because bad stuff
happening to us and them can bring us to God like my situation
bad things happen to me and that’s what brought me to God so bad things
happening to them can bring them to God too so you know so I hope you guys
enjoyed this video and also I do have one more video what’s gonna record it in
this video but I’m gonna do that one next and because I’m gonna be really
really short so all right god bless you guys see you guys later in the next
video fun

6 thoughts on “Spiritual Warfare: Against Occult members and Witches. Q&A

  1. God Bless You , I've certainly been attacked in this area as well thank you for the information God has given you , it's really been a blessing in my life Amen ,May God continue to Bless You in Jesus Name

  2. Wow I’m completely understanding this topic. Something is definitely coming after me, and tomorrow I’m going to start a 3 day fast. Stand in agreement with me please 🙏🏾

  3. Thank you for this video and message. I have been through so much that I'm sure who is attacking me. I pray that God give me clarity so that I can pray correctly and specifically.

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