Spiritual Empowerment Through Prayer and Fasting

Sunday morning internet global church service praise God glory to God those of you in the audience why don't you grab yourself a seat make yourself comfortable praise the Lord hallelujah anybody here smelling smells like air freshener hmm either we've sprayed air freshener all over the place or or I'm smelling air freshener in the spirit praise God kind of like a mixture between bakin soda and air freshener but it's a clean clean smell God will give you glory that you're moving in the service today by your Holy Spirit praise the Lord you're getting the baby powder I was kind of getting that it's like a light clean smell may the rest of you also begin to pick up on what the Spirit of God is doing I know you're you'll get you grabbing it already hallelujah and even those of you watching online made the holy spirit begin to open your sensory experience up to the prophetic realm and you get the fragrances of the Lord today as well praise God mmm baby powder got to doing something new something clean and fresh because there's a new wave that's coming to the body of Christ a healing wave more than just healing though a lot of the power of the Spirit and many many varied manifestations Before we jump into today's message I want to say a big thank you for my heart to everybody that sent blessings to me for my birthday number 32 right not just joking hallelujah I'm in the 50s bracket now number 51 but thank you so much all of the the cards the precious gifts it meant a lot to me and I really do appreciate it some of you melt things in some of you sent things in a line but I saw every single one and I really really do thank you for it praise God all right we're going to receive the tithes and offerings today and I would like for us to look just for a moment at a verse in Deuteronomy 8:18 I want to show you something in relation to that praise God we're in Deuteronomy 8:18 this is a scripture that you know it's familiar we've talked about this before but take a look at this today it says and you shall remember the Lord your God for it is he who gives you what power what's the purpose to get wealth of course this is one of the many purposes of the of the Covenant but we see here that there is power available to get wealth so in God's kingdom you need power because there are things that you cannot see in the natural realm that are in the spiritual realm that would actually try to sit even on your financial destiny did you hear me and tried to hold you back from going where you are supposed to go with God's plan for your life that's why you need what you need power to get wealth praise God do you ever notice that the devil doesn't mind if the drug dealers have a lot of money if rap musicians that blaspheme God's name in degrade women if they have a lot of money the devil doesn't mind but there is a barrier sometimes you can run into it is in the spirit realm and that's why you need what you need power I want you to see this a very interesting portion of Scripture in the book of Zechariah this is the Prophet Zechariah chapter 1 say this say I need power Zechariah one look at verse 17 praise God says again proclaim saying thus says the Lord of Hosts my cities shall again spread out through what prosperity you know it's hard to build a city without prosperity you can't have the proper infrastructure have you ever been to a city and a developing nation where there is no sewer system and it's just pretty much everybody goes wherever you want to go and you tried to find a place but you need prosperity to spread out can you say yes then it says the Lord will again comfort Zion and will again choose Jerusalem now watch this verse 18 then I raised my eyes and looked there were for what for what shout it out to me today for Tinkerbell's well we got a quiet group today four horns can you say horns four horns what do horns represent they represent power that represents power and strength horns always give a prophetic picture a symbol of power and strength this is very important don't let the enemy distract you right now hallelujah focus right now one about the same hallelujah then I raised my eyes looked and there were four horns and I said to the angel who talked with me what are these so he answered me these are the horns that have scattered Judah Israel and Jerusalem watch this then the Lord showed me four crafts in verse 21 and I said what are these coming to do so he said these are the horns that scattered Judah so that no one could lift up his head and you have people in the church financially they cannot lift up their head why you have a power that's sitting over you stopping you from being what God has called you to be well pastor Stephen if there are evil powers against my life and I am not even stepping into my financial destiny where I have financial dignity what do I need you need a greater power so the Lord gives power to get wealth why because there are opposing powers trying to hold you back to keep you from getting it and they work they work against you even against your finances whew thank God there's a greater power and you say praise God now today you're going to be tapping into that power okay so as you today honor the Lord with your finances as you sow see those of you that are online church members as you bring in the holy tithe today into the storehouse of God I want you to sow into the power of God okay I want you to sow into the glory and as you give today note note that you are tapping into God's power what will God's power produce in your life it will produce wealth hallelujah I should get an evening out of that hallelujah glory to God Heavenly Father as we bring the tithes and offerings today into the storehouse of God let your people tap into your power to get wealth that every opposing power that every horn that would try to sit on their financial destiny and block them let it be moved out of the way through power today in Jesus name Amen praise the Lord hallelujah those of you in the live studio audience that are giving you can give by cash cheque credit card forms have been passed out those of you watching online if you want to mail in your tithes offerings please send them to Steven Brooks international peel box three four five six Mooresville North Carolina our zip code here is two eight one one seven if you want to bring them in online you can do so anywhere from the world day or night 365 days a year it's available at the ministry website Steven Brooks org there's a link on the home page called tithes and offerings you can go there right now and bring them in praise God I see you breaking through I do I see you breaking through let's receive the giving today hallelujah are you ready for something different are you ready to break out of mediocrity so you've got to get fed up with being stuck if you're on some kind of plateau spiritual plateau financial plateau you have to get the strategy of God to go to the next level you can't keep doing the same thing expect somehow that is going to move you move you through you have to get that power you have to tap into that power now say this say I need power I need God's power to do all that he's called me to do now say they say Lord may your power touch my finances may I be empowered by you to accomplish financial exploits now say I'm going somewhere in Jesus name say I'm going somewhere financially well glory to God something's coming on you today praise God praise God bless past the blessing offering basket hallelujah glory to God father we just thank you let's just pray in the Holy Spirit for a moment you bah bah bah bah sandy Dada Dada glory to God yada-yada-yada baba buddy ah let the anointing for power touch you today bah-bah-bah-bah-bah let it touch your eyes the ability to see the ability to think ba da da ba ba ba da God's power touching your thought life hallelujah glory to God but the Michael just stand right here with the giving in house giving praise God and father I just touch and bless the giving in the studio we thank you for the anointing flowing through the camera right into the lives of your people into their checkbooks their wallets their purses their savings accounts their bank accounts I speak multiple savings accounts over your life Thank You father I speak financial portfolio over your life varied investments in the name of Jesus hallelujah every one of them blessed every one of them accessible by the Spirit of God because you have a generous heart father we thank you we thank you in Jesus name you'll never run dry financially amen praise God praise God today thank you Lord Jesus amen let's take our Bibles today and go into our message which will be found in first Timothy chapter four verse eight are you happy today is the Lord good to you today we really do serve a good gun hallelujah praise God if other words we go into your word we ask that you would illuminate the Scriptures but the eyes of our heart be illuminated to see it to understand it and to apply it in our lives now we thank you we thank you in Jesus name and we all say Amen praise God you understand the word is a seed right so what you will receive today is actually in seed form so you will have to take the seed and apply it so that it will produce the benefits that God attaches to it will you do that praise God amen verse eight today we're going to talk about spiritual empowerment spiritual empowerment through prayer and fasting verse eight says for bodily exercise prophets alyttle now it doesn't say that it's worthless it doesn't say that it doesn't have any profit it just says that bodily exercise going to the gym working out doing your push-up and your Callanetics or what Cal aesthetics or whatever it might be all of these different themes and terms we have today it's good but it has a little profit in in context to where God places the true profit for bodily exercise profits how much a little but godliness is profitable for all things having promise of the life that now is and that which is to come praise the Lord you know I think it's really an amazing revelation that we have here that if you look at bodily exercise even on its highest platform the greatest efforts of what it can produce let's just take for it sample an Olympic athlete who actually wins the gold medal okay so winning the gold medal really there's a lot of tights to that we have to be honest I mean if you win the gold medal you're probably going to become famous especially in what we would consider Prime sports let's say in gymnastics or figure skating and things where you're looking at if you win that gold you're probably going to get a million dollar plus endorsement at the very least your people you're least gonna get your face on a cereal box somewhere but you're also looking at probably multi-million dollar shoe contracts you're looking at being a commercial star for television ads and so forth so you're looking maybe at millions of dollars of potential and I'll even fame and so forth but God says even still in that context it still has little value so put it on its highest scale that you could potentially reach and it's still in God's eyes still only has little value mmm and it also can be very frustrating because you worked so hard to develop it and if you just lay off for a few weeks it starts dissipating all of those muscles that look like they were carved from granite they just start to lose that certain assist after a few weeks it's amazing and even even bodybuilders know that the images that you see in in catalogs or pictures they cannot hold that you could only hold that for a photoshoot or maybe just for a day or two and it start you it's just too hard you're not designed to live like that so all of that can be very very misleading in the sense that it's not it's not what God wants you to have the focus some of you say praise God amen amen hallelujah hmm so there is however a different type of exercise that we could call exercising yourself unto the probability of godliness hmm by the way anything that's had that has profitability in it you should have an interest in it praise God amen so this is the exercise of godliness through the spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting now what is fasting technically fasting is doing without food in order to devote more time to pray and to draw near to God can you say Amen praise the Lord so sometimes people they I'm talking about Christians they will do a fast and they don't eat but they're not really praying what do we have therefore we have a hunger strike that's taking place I knew one man a yogi I've led these corporate fast over the years and things like that and one man in my church he did the fast just because I called for a fast I called for corporate fast so you know you kind of want to be on the same bandwagon you know what I mean everybody else is doing it you don't want to be the oddball out so he did it – but he never prayed what did he do he told me what he did he watched TV cooking shows all the time he was in such misery during the whole fast he actually completed the fast with no food but he never prayed at all never prayed and to kind of just get through it he would watch you know Food Network just non-stop non-stop he already had the whole thing planned out that as soon as was over where he was going this that he would eat this meal first that meal second and he was just waiting for it to end but no prayer what's that that's a hunger strike that's that is not biblical fasting that is not biblical fasting some of these types of uh you know hunger strikes you might see it out in the world a political activist says I'm not eating well they're really the reason you're not eating is not to draw near to God you're just you have a political motivation and you want news coverage and that that's all this is about but we're not talking about this for talking about true fasting hallelujah so fasting actually is a spiritual obligation for your spiritual empowerment okay fasting is a spiritual obligation you are obligated to do this according to the teachings of Christ and it is for your spiritual empowerment praise the Lord fasting is an exercise of godliness that we engage in so that we can be spiritually fed come on you don't have to run a marathon you can take it easy say thank God you don't have to run a marathon to be approved by God if we did a lot of us would we just couldn't make it you don't have to do it you don't have to go to Hawaii and do the Ironman triathlon where you want you swim two miles then you bike 112 miles and then you top it off with a marathon or 26.2 miles all back-to-back-to-back so you don't have to do that you don't have to do that but this is spiritual exercise are you ready to go to the gym called prayer and fasting hallelujah it's open 24/7 Pastor Steven is that next to Planet Fitness it's a different location but God is very interested in you being spiritually fit hmm praise God look at this in Matthew chapter 17 Matthew chapter 17 verse verse 21 the Apostles ran into the demon that they couldn't cast out those things can be very very frustrating praise the Lord let me jump over there with you Matthew 17 verse 21 and so they asked the Lord privately how come we couldn't cast this this demon out verse 21 jesus said to them however this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting so there are some things that you can deal with because general faith is accompanying you you have general faith but there are other things that if you get over into them you will realize I don't have the faith for that I have I have faith to deal with general basics but this is going into an area or I'm up against something that unbelief is touching me in this area so what do you do in situations like that those are the type of situations that require power okay and so in order to be able to react properly in situations like that you must be equipped through prayer and fasting praise the Lord in other words to exercise the authority over it you must be in that proper position to do so I know some preachers they they dismissed these verses and they say well really what the problem with the Apostles was was their unbelief well yes but the way you cure that kind of unbelief though in those types of challenges really you could only touch it with prayer and fasting and if you try to do it in the natural you'll just you run up against it and you just know even if the right words are coming out this is not working this is not working mmm Wow how do you know there's a spirit involved and you're not you're not breaking through when you talk to it and it just Falls the words fall right to the ground I'm gonna go over there and I'm going to minister that person and I'm gonna lead them to Jesus and you go over there and you talk to them and the words just like hit a wall I mean you like it like a stone wall and why they're their spiritual resistance going on the enemy doesn't want that person to get saved and you you realize oh that there's a dark power there's dark power here and so that's why you need to be what its shape spiritually okay you say yes mmm hallelujah praise God thank you Lord Jesus let's jump over just for a moment to Luke chapter 4 Luke chapter 4 and we have the classic verse verse 14 which is a little bit of the summation the wrapping up of the experience of the Lord's encountered direct encounter with Satan see you have to understand that Satan had a diabolical plan to crush Jesus before the ministry could ever start and the Holy Spirit knew that and so the Holy Spirit has to take Jesus away why they get him ready why because the Holy Spirit knows what's coming before it ever shows up and that's why he knows what's good what's ahead of your life and he wants you to be empowered for it praise God so we have we have verse 14 then Jesus returned this is after the forty days of no food day or night for forty days then Jesus returned in the power say power in the power of the Spirit to Galilee and use one use of him went out throughout all the surrounding region we must have the power thank you Lord Jesus how was the power acquired through 40 days of prayer and fasting Oh pastor Steve not just accidental that's just Jesus he had it automatically no he did not he did not and it was not accidental and it's not accidental in your life either this is how you coming to the power this is not just how you come into you know a blessed walk with God this is how you come into the power walk with God it's different say Jesus when he came up out of the Jordan River baptism was filled with the Holy Spirit but when he came out of the desert after the forty days he had the Holy Spirit and power and power hmm are you ready for your desert experience hallelujah mm-hmm thank you Jesus see I grew up I grew up in church as a young young boy I was in church because of my parents every Sunday morning every Sunday night midweek Bible study Wednesday night three services a week year after year after year after year after year I heard I heard over a thousand sermons but in the denomination that I grew up I never heard one teaching on fasting never never heard one teaching from any of the ministers of my denomination ever ever ever on the subject of fasting and there was not one preacher who walked in the power of the Spirit in our entire denomination well some of them cash out but there's still no power some of them could make you cry because they were very emotional like you know like up we're the only a psychology you can just get people worked up and you know tell a sad story and somebody cries now somebody else is crying and but but there was never any manifestations of power ever ever ever in over 1,000 messages I heard the taut while hmm praise the Lord no power no power ever experienced in my denomination and of course the denomination I was in did not believe in modern-day miracles signs wonders and things like that but when I was in college and this college was an extension of the denomination that I belonged to when I was in college I began to take some classes in Missy ology missionary studies and things like that I really just I began to love the study of missions in a heart for nations and and things like that and one day I just found myself in you know as a young man 20 years old stressed out massively stressed out you know all the little problems of life you think your life is overwhelmed and I was so stressed out with life and I'm trying to do these things trying to do these things and struggling in there struggling to that and so I went the chapel I was on my way to the chapel and the teacher of the missions class was standing as all the students are going into the chapel thousands thousands of students come into the chapel in Chapel every day and he was standing by the entrance as we were going in and he saw me he said Steven what's wrong I said I'm just so stressed out classes and life and all these things I'm just I just you know I just stressed out and he put his hand on me and when he put his hand on me something came all over me like oil I had never experienced him I had never experienced power before I had never experienced the presence of God before and when he touched me it's like oil just went all over my head all over my interest all of that stress just evaporated and it just is gone it's still he and I should I feel better he said good go on enjoy the chapel so I went by his office two days later just to drop in to say hi and I dropped in and he's pouring some skim milk into a glass a little bitty glass and he's drinking it I said what are you doing he said what I'm drinking some milk I said well why are you drinking milk he goes well I'm just I'm just completing a three-day fast and so this is my this is my drink of milk after having done the three-day fast I said you went three days with no food he said yes I said you went three days with no food and you lived through it he said yes I said I've never heard of this in my life before all right now on because he was on the missions Department he would travel back and forth to Africa and minister in Africa and he knew that if you go to Africa you cannot nest her in Africa unless you have power so he had taught he had caught that while he was over there and when he would come back to the mainline denomination that he belonged to in the States he'd have to tone it down and kind of play it easy but when he went over there you know get back into the power stuff like that but out of all the people that ever touched me pray over me he was the only person that had ever prayed over me up to that point in my life where I actually felt power hallelujah hmm where was he getting it from Oh pastor Stephen God just blessed doesn't just put that on him no he was a man of fasting and prayer fasting and prayer hallelujah sure to smell good in here mm-hmm praise God your Christian experience is exactly what you get out of it is what you put into it that's all it's going to come down to the more you put into it the more you're going to be able to pull out of it praise God praise the Lord see Jesus need it to be spiritually empowered to fulfill his mission by the way you do too let me just share this you'll never ever meet any man or woman on this planet operating in the power of the Spirit who does not invest strongly into prayer and fasting I'm talking about those that move in power that move in miracles and the signs and the wonders you ever meet one of them who is not a fan of prayer and fasting hallelujah you'll never meet an anti faster who moves in power now there's a lot of really good ministers who teach good messages and help people but look if you want to come into the power though you understand that's different you're gonna have to go to the storehouse of where it's at praise God hallelujah without fasting in prayer there are spiritual hindrances that will sit on your destiny and block your progress and if you don't do something about it they will stay there till the day you die and rob you literally of what God had assigned to be manifested in your life hmm hmm praise God how many of you are familiar with a prophet Bob Jones he went on the be with the Lord he's in heaven you know just share a little bit about some of these things that happen behind the scenes in one time Bob Bob Jones had shared the story of a young prophet that came over to his house and the young prophet came over to his house and said you know I've been following your ministry and I've I have tapped into that ability that my faith I can get caught up in the spirit and I have that's been happening to me and he got really strong at it had a beautiful prophetic ministry still does but there's young this young prophet said the other day it was very important for me to go up in the spirit and I couldn't get up there was something sitting above me holding me down and so this young prophet came over to Bob Jones house to tell Bob Jones of what he saw sitting above him holding him down but before he could tell him Bob Jones told him what it was because he said I saw it because I was in the spirit and he said it was that old and he named the name of a person today who's alive today who is the leader of a major world religion I won't say what it is he said that was sitting over you wasn't it he said he was holding young prophet said yes that's exactly who I saw sitting above me holding me down by the way let me say this humanism is not Christianity humanism as some religions and this particular religion dispels shares a message of love and compassion that if you're just a compassionate person and you love others and you try to be a good person then you will make it into the next realm the next world whatever that is that is a total lie from he'll see the truth of the gospel is that we have all sinned and we've all fallen short of the glory of God and because we have sinned we have been separated from God because he's holy and we're dirty and sinful and because of our sin we are now worthy of being punished so the punishment for our sin is eternal separation from God in hell and then eventually in the lake of fire let me say this right now every sinner who is inhaled today knows why they're there and they know that they fully deserve it to be there they know the righteous judgment of God they know that what they did was wrong they know that they violated the laws and the commandments of God and because of their punishment they know they fully deserve it and they're tormented they're not happy that they're there but they do know that they are in the right spot because they are worthy of receiving what they fully deserved and the gospel is that Christ came to be a mediator between God and man so that you could have a way back to God and be reborn and have your sins washed away and forgiven and you could receive eternal life through Christ and through him only for there is no other way to salvation except through the Lord Jesus Christ so humanism is a lie and you can have these nice people dispelling and teaching these nice things but if you don't have your sins taken care of you will go to hell and that's the gospel truth praise God hallelujah and it was the leader of this large religious organization that was holding this person down sitting over him so he couldn't go up you know some of these gurus you they understand the price of spiritual power because you cannot be that high up in the spiritual link and not know who you're working for they may seem like nice sweet people they know exactly who their boss is mmm absolutely praise the Lord but a lot of those gurus they get up at 3 o'clock in the morning to pray chant meditate go through their whatever it is they do but there are so-called religions Eastern religions and all of these other things that have permeated much of the American culture and have even affected to agree the church praise the Lord but there's a price for spiritual power God's people must step into their inheritance it is an obligation praise God hallelujah when there are natural barriers oftentimes there are are so spiritual barriers that are linked together with them and these things can hold you back from the promotion that God wants you to experience these things can hold you back from receiving the raise that is rightfully yours these things can block and hinder the big continent big contracts from coming through and they can be destiny destroyers they'll sit there they'll sit there praise the Lord but you know what our God is a consuming fire and even if the enemy doesn't like you he still has to respect fire you know you can be in a room with a bunch of adversaries and they hate she they talk behind your back and they don't like you but if that room caught on fire you know they're gonna go running why they respect fire you could be in the middle of a jungle at night surrounded by Jaguars and and and and lions and tigers and things like that and they may want to have you for a meal but you know what if you start a fire and you get a big bonfire you get a long torch and you can stick that thing out about six feet they might not like you but they still respect the fire and they they may know as much as they want to take you out they're afraid of that fire they're afraid of that fire when you come into the power of God's Spirit through fasting and prayer you begin to touch the fire of God the fire God the fire of God begins to burn in you on you through you hallelujah that which is not a God will begin to be consumed in your life hallelujah glory to God you get too hot for your enemies hallelujah he goes I have to move I have to move I'm getting burned alive I have to move Hebrews 12 29 God is a consuming fire the non practice of fasting let me say it again the non practice of fasting is where many Christians have sold their birthright just like Esau trade it sold out his destiny for a bowl of red beans he's hungry oh those beans sure look good you put some paprika in them beans yeah mmm well I tell you what I could I need some beans I need some nourishment and for one meal for one meal he trade it his birthright mmm fasting is not a gift it's a responsibility oh now pastor Steve would you have that gift you just born where you don't like food now we all like food but you and some special others you have some kind of a special gift no it's not a gift at all nobody has the gift it is not a gift it's just a responsibility oh praise the Lord look at this in Matthew chapter 6 are you happy today Oh hallelujah we're working out in not goals Jim but God's Jim hmm getting stronger every day hallelujah even though the outward man may be weak and and not have the strength yet the inward man is being renewed day by day and you're coming alive more and more into the things of God Matthew chapter 6 verse 7 jesus said and when you pray when you pray not if you pray but when you pray prayer is an obligation a Christian not praying is like a bird not flying just weird doesn't make any sense so it's an obligate can you say yes prayer is vital to your spiritual vitality hallelujah verse 16 in context of directives and commands of the kingdom verse 16 moreover when you fast when police say when not if but when hmm when you fast verse 17 but you look at your neighbors say I think Jesus is talking to you look at the person or the other side say well that means you too but you when you fast not if you fast not if you feel a special leading mmm but but when well what is the Lord implying what is he revealing to us when he's making these statements that God expects you and I to make fasting a part of our spiritual exercise program you just make it a part of your program how often is is between you and the Lord but it needs to be in the program it needs to be a part of your spiritual program when you fast when you fast when you fast praise the Lord fast he must be a part of your spiritual schedule schedule it for the renewing of your spiritual strength hmm put it on the schedule mmm I was in the office one day of a man that walks in great power mighty miracles and signs and wonders and I was going to be ministering later that evening and uh I needed a little time to get away and things were so busy he said he said look he said Stephen just stay in my office I'll leave and there's no other workers around this area so you just use my private office as your prayer place and I'll come back just before you know you have to minister so he left and I had I had a wonderful time in prayer and really enjoyed myself praying praise the Lord some places you do so much praying you could make a place anointed for prayer you're not talking about his office is very easy to pray in and my eyes my eyes caught a calendar on his wall January February March yet the calendar and I just seemed like I was kind of drawn to it by the Holy Spirit because he has things on this calendar that are not on the public calendar this is like his life kallen there's personal calendar and there it was month or so and so on the sixth begin forty day that quit fast end on this day after 40 days of fasting on the calendar so you have to schedule it if you don't schedule it it'll never happen there is never an easy time the fast if there would be it would probably maybe not during wintertime we're just so cold because when you fast you do get cold because you don't have as much energy and as much heat but outside of that it's never like it's convenient life always has things going on so what do you have to do you have to schedule it you have to make room for can you say yes it's the same way I think for physical exercise without some exercise your physical structure will it'll begin it'll just break down it will not be at the level God wants it to be I mean you can always just go out and walk I think that's good about walking as you can pray in the spirit and you can pray while walking but you might like some exercise whether it's some tennis or some basketball or whatever but you need to do a little something or else your body can be it'll begin to go downhill before it's supposed to go downhill hallelujah hallelujah without fasting in prayer your spirit will become weak just like your body can become weak without fasting and prayer your spirit will become weak praise the Lord I want you to see this in the Gospel of Luke chapter 5 Matthew Mark Luke let's turn over to the Luke Luke's Gospel Luke chapter 5 whoa hallelujah say I'm going into the power room hallelujah glory to God we'll have to talk this message over later with a good steak dinner hallelujah praise the Lord hallelujah well we'll see amen Luke chapter 5 verse 33 then they said to him they said the Jesus why do the disciples of John fast often and make prayers and likewise those of the Pharisees but yours eat and drink not tell you what those guys didn't love to eat Peter and the mothers bore they love to eat mmm praise God hallelujah verse 34 and he said to them can you make the Friends of the bridegroom fast while the bridegroom is with them but the days will come say that say the days will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them then they will fast in those days those days are here you are now in that era where the Lord has been taken away he will eventually come back we can have a lot of fun then praise God but right now you're in a dispensation of prayer and fasting praise the Lord one minister stood up and said now the time that the Lord was taken away was when he was in the tomb for three days and that's when they fasted and so does it came out we could all go right back to eating I thought no dad no no no no that's not what that's referring to this is when the Lord left the planet physically now I know that the Holy Spirit is with us but at this point though we are in a time where he has been taken away he said then they will fast in those days can you say yes when you fast and pray you actually create a spiritual catalyst in which your prayers are answered more easily they go up more easily you're going up with them they just go up they go up so much easier to get over into the spirit let's take a look at this in Isaiah chapter 58 verse 9 mmm something's going on the flame of God the fire of God hallelujah Lord we give you praise this would be Isaiah chapter 58 hallelujah verse 9 then you shall call and the Lord will answer you shall cry and he will say Here I am this is in context to the response to God's initiative to go on a fast and we respond we schedule it into our life whether you have frequent fast weather it's one day a week or you have an extended fast at certain times when you feel the call to go up on the mountain with God hallelujah but when you move over into fasting prayers are answered so much easier then you shall call and the Lord will answer you shall cry he will say Here I am and you just move out of that realm that a lot of Christians are stuck in I don't think God hears my prayers and if he does he's certainly not saying anything about it you move out of that realm of guessing praise God it causes your prayers to rise up without strain and you step into a place of breakthrough as seen in verse 14 then you shall delight yourself in the Lord and I will cause you to ride on the high heels the high places of the earth see when you fast and pray the breakthroughs that have been hanging over your life some of you for years they hang over but they never come down when you fast and pray they break they finally break they finally break they finally break say I'm going through see when you fast and pray verse 14 again said I will cause you to ride on the high heels of the earth that is your destiny that is those specific things that God said I have called you and assigned you to do these great things life they are high heels they're a high place of the earth and if you will walk with me and respond to my prayer fasting initiative you'll get the breakthrough Oh hallelujah say I'm going through whoa hallelujah tell the person next to you I see you in the high places say you're going to make it there so you will not be kept out any longer to your high calling praise God praise the Lord praise God Lord we thank you when you fast and pray God shows you the way that you're supposed to go an extra chapter eight verses 21 through 23 they were getting ready to make a journey and Ezra said you know what before we take this trip you know what this is this is a very dangerous trip we could be an ambushed hijack we could be slaughtered and killed we're traveling with women and children we don't have a guard to go with this and so we you know we don't want to get off track and end up out in the desert lost and all died so he called for a three-day time of prayer and fasting they stopped everything and they prayed for three days and fasted with no food and after the three days they began the journey and they made it all the way to Jerusalem safely praise God and God protected them on every side see that's why it says in isaiah 58:8 then your light shall break forth like the morning what is that light it's the direction of what you're supposed to do which way are you supposed to go we need to make the right decision we can't we don't have we don't have any room for error when you fast and pray your light will break forth you will know what to do God will show you the way that you're supposed to go praise God what is light then shall your light break forth light is revelation knowledge and understanding of what you're supposed to do it's what God wants you to do and you get it the light goes on now say this with faster than prayer I'm coming out of the dark whoo hallelujah hallelujah you just wake up in the morning and you know what to do hallelujah set up in bed just know what to do hallelu I'll be the light just cut and it comes on strong too it can be just like somebody turned the light on literally from dark to light it can be like dear lord I know exactly what to do now it can be that ever upped glory to God mmm your light your lights coming on mmm thank you Jesus your dark days are over time for the church to come out of the Dark Ages well now pastor Stephen that was back in the 12 hundreds well you can live you can live the dark ages today if you don't know what how to get to the power room not the powder room the power room hallelujah fasting is good for your health when you do a biblical fast when you do a biblical fast according to verse 8 also it says your healing shall spring forth speedily did you know that when your spirit is strong your body bottles along when your spirit is up your body doesn't want to be down Oh hallelujah mm-hmm that's why it says in proverbs 18 verse 14 that the spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness but who can bear a broken spirit so when you fast and pray your spirit is charged with the power of God charts with the power of God and your physical body says I like this I'm gonna come along for the ride I think I'm gonna live longer whew hope begins to flood in strength begins to flood in and your strength is renewed you begin to go up like the Eagle it starts inwardly and begins to splash over even outwardly can you say yes Lord we do thank you today I see your healing coming forth quickly quickly quickly quickly I was reading actually watching a man share his testimony about fasting and he he was due to an extended fast and began the fast 10 days 20 days 30 days and he begin to get out there a little bit further on extended fast and he said he had something very unusual happened to him and he wasn't working so he had time just to relax but he began to lose his eyesight he said I don't know what's going on but I I filled the peace of God so he just kind of yield it to it and for five days his eyesight went completely dark he couldn't see anything so he just sat in the house and drink water but he said something's happening not something bad something good so after five days that darkness went food and completely left him and he walked outside and could read the most distant signs with the utmost brilliance and clarity of eyesight God had renewed his eyesight like an eagle's like an eagle what was going on with the five days of darkness a flush all the junk coming out see a person that doesn't know it would think something's wrong something's wrong no it's a cleansing yield yield and it just that stuff food and came out of him and I mean it was it was like it was like a like a hawk or an eagle and the phenomenal eyesight whoa whoa so your health your health coming forth speedily mm-hmm Lord we give you praise for what you're doing your spirit man is made in the image of God you need to energize it continually fasting produces divine direction in your life the breaking forth of light you know what to do you know the right decisions to make it produces divine empowerment so that you have authority over all the works of the enemy and you're the one treading on snakes and scorpions and they're not treading on your head praise God biblical fasting produces divine health manifested in your physical body fasting produces supernatural breakthroughs where you ride in your destined high places and when I say you ride I'm getting a quickening on that by the spirit some of you guys even destined for you to ride in certain vehicles and if you'll follow after him and live for him and serve Him you'll be surprised what he's got destined for you to ride in and it's not a skateboard either Pastor Steven that's all I want God to do I'd be happy with the skateboard no you know take you places he'll take you beyond a Viet but he'll take you belong four wheels he'll take you two aircraft hallelujah mmm you ride the high places of the earth yes Lord say yes Lord one more time say yes Lord say do it my life mmm let's remember the words of seed you have to take the seed and I let it and obey it work it let it produce in your life it'll produce all of this in your life when you work it mmm see what I see over each and every one of you is that you're now do for the next level of breakthrough in your life it's it's it's ready right now and you're doing right now so what you have to do look all you have to do is you have to pay the price tag that goes along with it that's all you have to do and I don't break on you it's like a wave it'll just finally come crash on you a good blow a good wave a blessing a great wave a blessing a great wave of a breakthrough that's all you have to do I personally don't believe that it's safe for a Christian to not practice fasting I think it's so easy to get lifted up and pride I think it's so easy to get tangled up in sin as Paul said the sin which so easily entangles and besets us I think it's so easy to get us distract it and get tangled up and caught up in silly stuff I think that fasting helps us to stay humble and to not have it on a schedule somehow in your life I think it's actually dangerous because you are dismissing one of the big three that Jesus as pillars in the church prayer giving and fasting and if you if you eliminate one of those you will you will face some type of debilitation in your spiritual walk something that should be there will not be there because you're not following the commandments the commandments of the king every Kingdom has a king over it and every king has his way of doing things and every king Institute's his own laws and so when you come into his kingdom you learn his flow and you learn his principles and if you walk them they won't work for you whoa say I want to fly mmm Laury Laury hmm maybe we should talk this over with a big chicken dinner after church this is good praise God hallelujah chicken and waffles praise God hallelujah praise God fasting with prayer gives you the ability to respond with the needed authority with the unneeded authority for every situation so you need to exercise yourself come on do this for a moment you exercise yourself to godliness yes pastor Stephen I'm going to exercise myself to 18 inch biceps I like it yes that's gonna look good on me mmm but there's something a far greater value far greater value mmm exercise yourself to godliness planes have crashed worth world-class athletes on them who went down because they had no ability to respond buildings have collapsed the people that had traumatic tremendous physical gifting but they had no ability to respond in situations that were beyond them but when you walk with the spirit you ready for anything jesus said he said the Prince of this world he's going to come he's not gonna find anything in me he doesn't have anything on me he can come check me out he can open my closets he doesn't have me anything on me he has no bait he has no bribe he has nothing to get he has nothing say that that's empowerment that's empowerment whoa hallelujah glory to God there's a lot of people in prison today that wish they could have heard this message and they would have humbled themselves with fasting and prayer and they never would accepted that bribe not knowing it was a government agent in disguise but even if it's not an FBI undercover agent he still shouldn't do it because it's wrong in the eyes of God and if you violate his principles the bless he won't work right hmm you don't need the world system you need the word system it'll take you anywhere you want to go hallelujah it took you all the way all the way to the top you don't have to be crooked or do these things then these shake grab Shady gray things do you're through that stuff no hallelujah gotta take you there straight up out in the open praise God what transparency praise the Lord Lord we give you praise now 1st Corinthians 11 verse 27 in in reference to godliness exercising yourself on the godliness remember that Paul he wrote that also said in first Corinthians 11:27 that he said he was in fastings often and fast he's often I think some Christians they have a principle in fastings rarely only when the fat and when the pastor just almost courses us to do it and I do it with a bad attitude sneaking over to the pantry at night anyhow eating the chips I did that one time when I was on the mission team they took me and all the unmet all the young missionaries out to a camp and we left the University and we traveled to the mountains of Colorado to get along with God and to have an encounter with God we thought this is fun we're all in the van all you know we're all in college together we're in the van on the way to the mountain we stop we eat McDonald's we continue our journey we stop and we eat pizza and we just just having fun yeah we love the Lord hallelujah we're gonna touch next changes and we're all charged up and we were all immature didn't know what we're doing but we're excited we have all this zeal we have all this zeal but no true knowledge and so we get up on that mountain we get up on that mountain and the same man that had touched me there that day going into the chapel he's there and he's leading the retreat he goes well we passed all the restaurants we're up on this mountain and he said I haven't told you this but all of you are going on a three-day fast and he said this is what you're going to do I told you to bring a little tent yeah we've all got a little tent good take your little tent and go walk for 20 minutes in the direction you want and I'll see you in three days well I would no no you can't be serious it's like yeah just go anywhere you want picture tent there's no you don't have any food well we don't have any food and after three days rot after three days are up we'll all meet back here and we'll have a meal well I thought I thought in those three days I was gonna die boy I just I had it but you know my roommate you know we're gonna go out to buy to my friend I could hear his stomach growling he was 2 miles away he was also over his floor 10 about to fall apart and we're all about to fall apart well somehow someway after three days we found out we didn't die but Bowl we came back together at IDE middle of meet spot we're so hungry hungry and there was a person over there cooking the food I get no getting I like a meal ready for all of us to eat and me and my partner who were going to touch the nation's for Jesus we were so hungry we could smell the food over there cooking that we snuck over there behind the tent and we reached in there and we just grabbed a bunch of chips and started eating them as fast as we could now the corporate fast has not been broken yet and we're over there eating chips and grabbing anything that we could grab without it being noticed that it's missing and just eating food as fast as we can and in suddenly pop the the other guy there's always a guy like this in every group the guy that's the instigator the guide that's the reporter the guide that will go straight to the top and say everything he saw and he there's hidden there saw me and my friend eating his food and he ran to report us immediately to to the man that was in charge of the whole he said I saw him he said I saw both old meat he's fast as I could and so that man said he said Stephen and he said my friend he's called the same he said is that true we said yes it's true we just we had a breakdown we had a breakdown we thought were gonna die we had a breakdown he said after I pray and bless the food and everybody else is eating you must go last we said well we can hold that a little bit longer now that we probably just ate about you know half the chips over here so we made it so but you know God God has something special for you to come into the Apostolic grace or Paul said in fastings often not just where you have this rare thing where you're almost just like drawn into it where yo know you must go if nobody else goes and I think I think you may have to I think in some situations you may have to you may have some spiritual friends if you do you're blessed but at other times you may not have friends that are that spiritual what they say and let's not only do it let's do it starting Monday see the Sun will always put it off yeah let's do it next month I got too much going on now then that month goes by then let's do it next and it's just then you before you know you forgotten the whole thing you forgotten the whole thing praise the Lord in fast teams often sees Paul became not by accident but by working the principles he became a spiritual star he became a spiritual star to the point that in Acts chapter 19 verse 15 when the seven sons of sceva were endeavoring to cast a demon out of a man endeavoring to perform an exorcism that the demon spoke through the man and actually said Jesus I know and Paul I know but who are you and then jumped on the men that were trying to do the exorcism and tore their clothes off and beat him up it was a big mess but think about this the demon behind Jesus list Paul whoa Jesus I know and the very next thing he says is Paul see Paul became a star in the kingdom of God in fastings often in fastings often to where there was such an anointing of power on his life that he could work special miracles when they brought handkerchiefs and napkins and aprons to him special miracles it's not accidental and ever is it's a result of applying what we see here in the light of God's Word through prayer investing now very quickly back to Isaiah 58 verse 6 I want to show you verse 6 which is a very III caught this by revelation years back I almost couldn't believe it said what it said but it is a powerful promise in verse 6 it's actually one of the craziest promises in the Bible if you'll do it see this is a promise that it's not conditional unless the conditions are met whoa are you ready for it verse 6 is this not the fast that I have chosen to loose the bonds of wickedness pastor Steve and I felt like something's something's got me well this is how you get free to loose the bonds of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens pastor Stephen I feel weighed down and crushed with many things well here's your solution to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free you can even be a believer and be oppressed not even a sinner of course but you can be a believer and have demonic oppression not possession but oppression watch this and that you break every yoke that you know that fasting and prayer biblical fasting and prayer there is no yoke on the planet that can stand against it there's nothing heroin nothing there's nothing cocaine nothing pornography there-there is no yolk on this universe that can stand against the power that's generated through the believer when they fast and pray now here's the revelation it says you break every yoke you can do it you can break any yoke but here's the do you see it you have to do it you have to do it whoo hallelujah Christ does it through you but if you will not fast and pray remember the whole context of Isaiah 58 is fasting and prayer done the right way one through five shows you how to do it the wrong way verse six and onward to the conclusion shows you how to do it the right way and what you will get out of it would you do it the right way mmm but you shall break you shall break I taught that one time years back and a man heard me teach it and he came up to me in private and he said pastor Stephen I struggled with panic attacks and I have to stand before thousands of people every day he and he did can you imagine it you have to stand before thousands of people every day but before you go out there behind the wall before you go out behind the curtain he's he's thinking I might have a total breakdown in front of them and several times he almost did a complete breakdown and he would try to fight it but this was something that troubled him because he thought I could lose it and if I lose it that this could destroy my might my career and so forth and he said pastor Stephen I heard you teach that that I can break any yoke it when it says you can break every yoke here he said I caught the revelation and I did a 21-day fast and it has never touched me since I have never had a panic attack ever ever ever and he speaks before thousands of people and all the people think is that guy is one cool cucumber Wow how does he so relax it's like he's talking from his living room they get speaking before thousands of people Wow how did he break it fasting and prayer and that can break any yoke there is no yoke that can stand against it praise God I believe that the anointing can be so strong on you and your your your prayers can be so effective that when you couple it with fasting you can break yokes off other people they just come off they just come off hallelujah glory to God glory to God praise the Lord praise the Lord use wisdom drink a lot of juice can you say yes Eve on you when you use wisdom sometimes funny things still happen how many part of pastor Paul young-hee Cho founder of the Lord of the world's largest church over the course of his ministry he passed out and fainted three times when fasting in front of the people but his church has eight hundred thousand members I think God paint and pass out – hallelujah but he would just push himself push and see he was saying he's willing to pay the price willing to pay the price he fainted and passed out three different times because he was pushing so hard in prayer and fasting whew hallelujah glory to God I think in athletics when people push we give thumbs up yes go brother go three more reps you've got it in yet go go go but when it comes to spiritual gymnastics we said Oh take it easy don't strain mmm peace for the peace peace and we just we just and when we pull back we pull back go over to God hallelujah there are some fast that a five there are some things that a five-day fast will handle it there are some things you can't break it unless you go 21 days there are some things that can be so stubborn they won't fall off and yield until you hit 30 days and yet there are some others that will not relinquish their hold unless there is a 40 day fast that is enacted praise God but all of those things are between the individual and the Holy Spirit praise God praise God hmm say Lord I need your power say Lord I'm going to renew my membership in the gym of prayer and fasting see some of you let your memberships expire hallelujah and you need to renew your card Paul in fastings often in fastings often hallelujah glory to the Lord that which is out of the Lord just begins to get incinerated that which is not of the Lord when you fast and pray just begins to leave you praise God praise the Lord and you're left with clarity calmness peace and power praise the Lord I would ask you to close your Bibles and stand up praise the Lord glory to God hallelujah thank you Jesus today I feel like the Lord speaking Isaiah and Isaiah 58 verse 1 where he said cry aloud spare not lift up your voice like a trumpet tell my people about the power available through prayer and fasting glory to God hallelujah you know my wife and I were in Washington DC area ministering one time with the pastor he invited us to come up and he wanted me the minister for him and while we were there he was on day 30 of his water fast and having gone 30 days with no food and just going with water you would think he would be weak but he was like the Energizer Bunny everybody's body responds different everybody has a different physiology but he had so much energy pouring out of him I mean he was just charged with power but it was also during that time that the Holy Spirit gave my wife a word and said the Lord has answered your prayers you could come off the fast now and he finished that fast and God did one of the wildest muddy miracle breakthroughs for him I'm telling you what you talking about a guy that was between a rock and a hard place and no way out he was buried financially and he was crying out God deliver me god I've made some mistakes financially God come and deliver me and God came in in a literal miraculous way and delivered him completely out of that financial situation that he was in I mean it was a it was an absolute miracle answer to a major money problem he had in his life and he told me how much money poured in it was incredible absolutely incredible and many times what comes also is the wisdom of how to walk out of it you may think there's no way out but God can show you a way that you could never have seen before and you end up walking out praise God hallelujah let's lift our hands to the Lord father we just thank you today I see that the angels are here now to our east and old memberships some have some cards have expired I see a few cards that have been filled up it's like a passport if you go to so many countries it just gets stamp stamp stamp there's nowhere to make a new stamp some of you are getting new cards because you're going to a new level of experience when you go into this next fast you're going to see that I believe that's really the case for many of you actually praise the Lord hallelujah Lord we thank you for spiritually on any dry land you'll find out that as you go into this next fast the Lord's gonna meet you so fast he's gonna meet you so quick you'll be like wow Lord you're you're showing up so quickly this is wonderful praise God so father I pray for everybody today that the Angels stamped their cards stamped their hearts and father also that you give them strategy to schedule fasting as a lifestyle not through legalism not through a fair ascetical means of of a dead routine but at the same time incorporating it in the way so that it is a Living Essential father now we thank you for this the wisdom and the strength now to go out and walk it out by your grace we thank your father in Jesus name we all say amen praise the Lord hallelujah won't you have a seat for a moment praise God let's get ready to receive Holy Communion glory to God we can pass out the elements of the bread and the juice those of you watching at home online grab some great juice some unleavened bread and let's take communion together praise the Lord Lord we give you praise today praise You Lord thank you Lord Jesus Lord we give you praise in glory see when you take communion you proclaim the Lord's you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes technically you don't proclaim his life you proclaim his death because it was through his death that our redemption was purchased praise the Lord but my friends when you engage in fasting with prayers there is an identification very strongly with the cross of Christ and you not only embrace it you embrace it with great love and affection anything that God has not destined for you may you never want it may you never not only may you never desire it but may you never even dance around it praise the Lord anything that God would not put in your hand may it never be found in your hand anything that's not his will for your life may you say Lordan that's fine with me so be it so be it praise God hallelujah the Lord gave the twelve tribes each and a lot of territory and what belong to Judah did not belong to it's a car well I want what he's got no that's his and what you have is plenty and what you have is good and you should be happy and satisfied there with the blessings I've given you praise God so father we just thank you we consecrate the bread and the juice we set it apart as Holy this is now the flesh and blood of Jesus and as we receive the body of the Lord Jesus we say yes and amen we embrace the cross with joy Oh hallelujah we thank you we thank you that you said your yoke is easy your burden is light we thank you Father God that the closer we get to you the more that we embrace your cross the more of your life we have we thank you Father God we received the body of Jesus now let's protect praise God thank you Father for the blood of Jesus hallelujah I see you reaching your high places so you're riding on your high places so happy in the Lord so happy that you paid the price hallelujah you know if you make a commitment the fast for three days and you break it you know the Lord still loves you but this is not about approval this is about this is about a price tag for power two totally separate two separate different categories that's why if you make a commitment the fast for three days and you break it your heart your conscience is disappointed and you say Lord I gave in i rated the kitchen I ready to refrigerator whatever it might be so you know what you want to complete a time of consecration because God watches and God sees and if you will make it to the end you will see God bless you but you have to make it all the way to the end woo if you do help meet you in power hallelujah but you'll never know unless you go all the way praise God hallelujah there's nothing more you could ever do to make God love you more this is not what this is about this is about going into the warehouse of power praise God not of God's acceptance these aren't accepted you because you're in Christ hallelujah this is about being empowered hallelujah and for that there are conditions that must be met father's we receive the blood of Jesus not now we thank you for strength the run the fall course that you displayed to us to do thank you in Jesus name Amen let's drink it say I'm going all the way whoo hallelujah the Lord I'll meet you at the finish line you can have a seat praise the Lord hallelujah praise God mmm this is a good message to talk over with a nice speech so hallelujah hallelujah by the way I never like going into a fast hungry before you launch into a fast make sure your soul is satisfied hallelujah have your favorite meal Amen hallelujah that way you can taste it for as long as you possibly can hallelujah praise God never forget that when you come off the fast the food will still be there praise the Lord you know it's amazing how good food tastes after fast mm-hmm hallelujah glory to God there was a man that was lost at sea for 76 days drifting across the Atlantic he left he left Europe and in the middle of the night his little ship got hit by a whale he think he thinks it was probably a whale or something like that but it shattered the bottom of his boat he began to sink in the dark all he had time to do was grab his a little life life raft grabbed a few things of supplies they don't only classed about three days and he jumped into the life raft while they watched his boat sink and go beneath the waters and begins to drift thank him surely I'll be found he's drifting drifting thank you well if I keep on drifting I'm gonna drift eventually to the shipping lanes will the ships from America going to Europe they traveled a certain route after a few weeks he reached the shipping lanes and a ship goes by by about a quarter of a mile and he takes takes a flare gun out and he shoots it and he thinks I'm gonna be rescued I've been out here for three weeks now and he shoots the flare and the ship just goes right on by and for about five days several ships went by and never saw his flares and never stopped and then he drifted a little further and realized well I'm out of the shipping lane now this is gonna be a long haul because the next thing on the on list is the Caribbean and I'm 1,000 miles away floating in a raft he floated and floated and floated seen nothing but blue sky and blue ocean for 76 days and one day woke up skin and bones having eaten nothing but a rare fish every now and then that he could catch thinking over his life how he had waste his life now his how so many things in this life had failed and in so many ways he was trying to run away from responsibility and all this time to think all this over and he woke up one morning on the 76th day and he saw an island and saw green this is the first time he's seen color for 76 days he sees green for the first time and he's like I can't describe what it was like to see green when you haven't seen color like this for 76 days and he was thinking how is my little raft which was completely about to fall apart how is my little RAF gonna get through these waves and how am I gonna land on that rocky coastline surely I'm probably gonna die I haven't died yet but the landing on the beach is probably gonna kill me and he was thinking it over when uh when some fisherman in a skiff saw birds in the sky in a certain area and they went to follow where the birds were at and the birds were actually over his raft because of all the fish swimming beneath his little raft his raft had become an echo system to all of these birds swimming beneath excuse me all these fish swimming beneath it so the fishermen followed the birds and found him and they rescued him and they pulled him into the boat and the only rate weighed maybe 70 pounds a full-grown man that only weighs like 70 pounds and they the men of the boat gave him some coconuts that had red sugar sprinkled on top of it and again he said when he saw the color red just popped he said I haven't seen red and so long but he said when he put that sugared coconut in his mouth he was just like this is like this is like dying and going to heaven he's hadn't tasted anything like that for 76 days and they begin the nursing slowly back to health and the report that he was alive begin to circulate back to America and then eventually circulate it back to his parents and his parents and his brother never gave up the hope that he was still alive they somehow sensed he's still alive not that they knew that they couldn't have died but something told them he's still alive praise God that of an experience he became an international expert in surviving and surviving long ordeals lost at sea wrote manuals wrote books improved life technology and all these different things but my friends if you just make it to the end God's waiting for you hallelujah oh I'm not saying you gotta go 76 days you you might not make it hallelujah you just might not make it but you could go perhaps 21 you could go 10 if you need medical help check with your doctor whatever the case might be praise God but if you go hallelujah the Lord will not only meet you at the end with the reward but you'll have many discoveries about yourself along the way hallelujah and you know when you make the most of unusual discoveries when you've pushed off far from shore so fast it's like that it's like leaving the shore for me it's like one of the time we left we were out on the Gulf of Mexico and went deep-sea fishing and we kept going and going in hours and hours and going and going and eventually you leave what's called the continental shelf and the water turns a completely different color of blue because now you're not only in water that's 800 feet deep now you're in water that's four miles deep and it's totally different Wow it's like being on a long fast when you get way out in the middle everything gets real calm and steel and you realize you're a long way from home for where you start it this is not big one or day two anymore you're way out there you still got a ways to go but you just settle in and God begins while out there on the deep to be the begins to reveal deep things to you deep things to you hallelujah very sacred very holy things but you'll never know if you're not willing to go out into the deep praise God father we thank you today we thank you today let's take a moment and worship the Lord as we worship the Lord let the Holy Spirit II for a fasting schedule be unfolded before you then it begin to unfold before you can you say yes hallelujah now I want to actually should mean to do that second song that we sang which is a little bit more of a praise song but the words in that song were I don't want to be satisfied with anything ordinary okay there's a there's an anointing on that phrase don't want to be satisfied with anything ordinary praise God as you sing this song to the Lord those are the audience you can stand up as you sing this song to the Lord really let that come out of your heart to the Lord let the Holy Spirit giving you a fasting schedule a fasting strategy are you ready get ready got to go to speak to you on this song I love it father please we are waiting on your open up a heavens and shower down your presence can we respond to your brief love our beloved beloved please come down with me you're waiting on your touch open up the heavens shower down your presence respond to your Kreitler we won't be satisfied we won't be satisfied with the ordinary that is spider open up the sky more than we want open up the sky we don't wanna but our beloved Jesus we just want to see you our beloved Jesus we just wanna see you in the glory of your light things don't matter they just fade and shatter touch my love diva you'll be sad we won't be satisfied with anything ordinary we won't be satisfied we won't be sad anything ordinary we won't be satisfied at all so open at the sky my grade as we Oh [Applause] here we go let's go to the throne the place that we belong right into his arms here we go let's go to the throne the place and we belong right into his arms we gonna go to the throne the places we belong and it's right into his arm let's go to the crowd the place where we belong right into his arms we won't be satisfied we won't be satisfied with anything ordinary we won't be satisfied we won't be satisfied we won't be satisfied anything ordinary we won't be satisfied at all think I won't be satisfied I won't be satisfied with anything my ordinary I won't be satisfied more time I won't be satisfied with anything ordinary open up the sky we open up the sky we don't open up this day fall down migraine more than your blessings we oh praise the Lord Amen hallelujah father over every person watching right now we thank you for prayer fasting strategy download right now some of you can even in your mind's eye can see like a time you're supposed to block off for a certain amount of days for a special fast maybe it's 21 days I don't know what it is but it's a it's a fast for breakthrough okay it is a fast for spiritual empowerment it's a fastest says you're fed up with your blessings just hanging but the fruits out of reach you can't reach up and grab the hanging fruit it's a fast for the breakthrough and it's gonna release all about the fall upon your life and when it falls it will all fall praise God so look right now you may want to close your eyes you'll see some people you're getting the month of June some of you are getting the month of May casue nur many times is better than later hallelujah let the Holy Spirit show you glory to God hallelujah praise the Lord thank you Jesus glory to God be sheikah da da ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba da da da da spray nurse fear for a moment ba da da ba ba ba-ba suka baba baba baba door sheikh adel yeah you should have received a strategy of heaven yes she bid on those across the seas in other countries receive the revelation of god concerning heavens blueprint and strategy for fasting and prayer in your life receive receive receive bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah da da da join the global chorus of saints tapping in into the power of God be about how to CDR and stand on the front line to what God is doing in the earth praise you praise you praise your God hallelujah thank your father in Jesus name praise the Lord hallelujah have a seat in the audience if you you said if you if you need a healing in your body wave your hand at me anybody need a healing in your body let me take the first three people come just stand right here and a line pastor Kelly would you grab us some extra water for me praise God okay ladies come on up you stand right here in this area right here praise the Lord today glory to God you all may have South Carolina friends praise the Lord so glad that you're here today glory to God there's that fragrance going through here today it's the baby powder all over the place oh the glory praise you lord time for a new thing fresh new thing the birthday another new thing today hallelujah the birth the birth you know has a new dimension of a walk in the spirit oh praise God thank you Lord Jesus you know I was talking one day to a a group of young people tonight a young girl had the glory all over her she was a teenager now stop and think about this she's 14 years old and she had the glory of God all over her she was lit up like light coming all over her I said what are you doing in your life spiritually right now she said I'm on day 40 of a 40 day fast I said what have you were taking of the whole fast she said nothing but milkshakes every day that's it now there's probably some smart aleck out there that will say that's not that that's easy then those are milkshakes if you think 40 days on milkshakes is easy just go try it you'll find out is no substitute for cheeseburgers and pizza it no a milkshake still can go right through you in a way I I'm not like a milkshake person but for her for a teenager come on for a fourteen-year-old to eat nothing for 14 days but drink a milkshake Wow and in the glory was all over her I said so the Lord is really gonna bless you praise God hallelujah but see there's a light that comes on you the glory hallelujah begins to come on you oh praise God what do you need your body diabetes symptoms some back issues what do you need in your body praise God okay what do you need mewn disease praise the Lord all right you ladies just lift your hands to the Lord praise God hallelujah father we just thank you today that your anointing is here to heal the healing power of Jesus is here that the Lord is here in power and in glory that your healing anointing that's on me is also going to go right through that camera through the internet touching people all over the world watching their computers and their televisions we give you praise and glory father those that are watching online I rebuke and curse diabetes if you have diabetes put your hand on your body I rebuke diabetes now loosed them in the name of the Lord now you have to take this by faith take it because the anointing is breaking the stronghold of diabetes there's nothing stronger the anointing there's nothing on the planet nor in the universe stronger than the anointing hallelujah praise God father I just rebuke diabetes in the name of Jesus receive your healing thank you Father God healing down into that back pasture kill if you touch your back fire now into that back in the name of Jesus healing power thank you Father for a fresh oil fresh touch and new visitations and a new empowerment she's coming in to thank your father in the name of Jesus glory glory hallelujah prosperity coming to you to furnish the house of God praise You Father hallelujah father I just thank you fresh anointing new oil Thank You curse the diabetes in the name of Jesus lucerne the name of the Lord thank you Father Scott to go praise your father God in the name of Jesus thank you Father God hallelujah I went right into you just went right into you thank you Father God kind of stand right here my dear sister praise God I just rebuke it in the name of the Lord hallelujah hallelujah the anointing now goes into the body hallelujah thank you Father for your power thank you Father God hallelujah comes off now thank you Father God that immune system problem be healed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ hallelujah hallelujah guts touching and family members sound Olivia that you've been praying for that's touching them and those prayers are being answered in this season in this season they're being touched a little yeah so young people coming into the kingdom serving God faithfully hallelujah hallelujah we thank you Father God hallelujahs gonna really make you happy but we thank your father God hallelujah thank you Father God Jesus they praise your father a Mia glory to God let me bring up the whole South Carolina group if you're from South Carolina in this entourage of intercessors please come up hallelujah praise God where are the esters of intercession the esters of intercession come stand right here just come stand right here praise the Lord and who's the pastor yes Dorothy stand right here we've already got sisters come on squeeze right in right there hallelujah ladies squeeze in right over this area a little bit more praise God amen glory to God the esters of intercession Amen praise God lift your hands ladies so father we just thank you let there be a circle of fire hallelujah and let their circle expand as you're going to bring you another intercessors hallelujah hallelujah you will not breathe you are not going to allow disruptors to come in but you're gonna be you're gonna bring in the heavenly prayer warriors the interrupter –zz of evil assignments those that really are ready to pray hallelujah those with surrendered hearts thank you bring them in Oh God hallelujah from other cities and other areas bring them in from around the city bring them in how to lose your father God and glory glory hallelujah we just think your father and that a healing pool will be established but a healing will be established where people can come and just sit and be healed because the healer has come to the room we thank you Father God hallelujah the Lord says it doesn't have to be fancy doesn't have to have bells and whistles it doesn't have to be all figured out you don't have to have all your T's Crossing your i's not it just pray Lord says I will come in power and will answer the most unusual prayers so father we thank you that God's gonna build the army he's gonna feel the ranks we think it'll be a lace is also a peace in solitude as many angels will stand around and guard and protect this work so we just think your father we just thank you in the name of Jesus thank you father in the name of Jesus for a new anointing a new oil Lord we just think you're raised up intercessors hallelujah those willing to pay the price glory we thank your father in the name of Jesus thank you Father God thank you Father God do you need anything in your body what do you need Lord just touched the kidneys hallelujah master Kelly just lay your hands there in the kidney area be healed of the name of the Lord a miracle all those kidneys work work in the name of the Lord thank your father and the name of Jesus hallelujah hallelujah glory what do you need Lord bless her hallelujah glory hallelujah and you walk hallelujah hallelujah new workout routine in the spirit what do you need where's it at all right Lord touch your pastor Kelly just put your area in that lower back Lord touch her the name of the Lord bring healing and deliverance hallelujah amen amen you going into a new walk hallelujah yes praise God be blessed as you go back to your seat I just want to tell sister Dorothy I just keep hearing the chariots of fire coming and you'll all be caught up well it just says you're interceding oh yes fasting and praying I just I just see your whole group getting on a chariot of course the angels are driving that chariot but I see fire I see fresh fire coming so get ready because what you're doing is of the Lord and the Lord is gonna start the fire and it's going to be a flame that will not put out and it's going to touch different areas in South Carolina and the Lord is going to draw the people some of those people will even see the fire burning in Jesus Dorothy because I see the chariots of fire coming in your Albany so there are many others gonna get on too but you are to start this because it's gonna set a fire book on the area surrounding where you're at you're ready for it it's the timing now yes amen yes Father bless sister Dorothy bless sir Oh God I tell you I see the provision flowing the house will be beautiful they Mia amen praise God amen Letty's be blessed Lord we praise you hallelujah hope you're having a nice time on the in met today glory to God glory to God today next in line come on up ladies praise God forever what do you need today have no pressure cholesterol what do you need mm okay praise the Lord hallelujah father we just thank you we're just rebuke diabetes in the name of Jesus it's going to leave you've got to leave her body hallelujah thank you Father God hallelujah mmm whoa thank you Jesus hallelujah you know your spirit comes in shape watch your body follow with it Wow hallelujah you ladies are in the spiritual gym hallelujah Lord I just speak healing to that tear in the throat area in the vocal cord be healed in the name of Jesus be healed yes Lord hallelujah we thank you Father for freshmen 19 physical healing in this body yes thank you Father we rebuke every disease take your father in the name of Jesus hallelujah yes diabetes fall off leave in the name of Jesus thank you Father God hallelujah thank you Father what do you need cool place all right father we just thank you I rebuked the high blood pressure well thank you Father for strengthen this body Lord bring financial deliverance thank you Father in Jesus name financial deliverance in the new anointing in that area thank you Father God in Jesus name God's gonna take care of you Amy I god bless you praise God praise the Lord praise God today does anybody else today need prayer in the studio wave your hand come on up let's come up Jesus we praise you come up amen praise the Lord Lord we give you glory hallelujah what do you need today you need prayer for your daughter okay how old is she she's 13 is she here she's at home okay what's were you from okay praise God hallelujah glory to God brother Michael please go ahead and help her brother Michael first Tracy's got her brother Michael please go to my office and there is a blue little towel and one of my pullout drawers okay pull the left drawer out first it's not that one tried the middle one we're gonna know in a prayer cloth for your daughter hallelujah so father while we're waiting for the cloth I just pray over this dear woman of God who drove from out of state because she loves her daughter and her daughter is being influenced by the enemy what we thank you Father God that you have a plan and the enemy is being driven out now that protection starts now hallelujah we thank you Father God hallelujah that there is gonna be a hedge of protection placed around this family a great blessing thank you Father that you've got to redeem the daughter and that which the enemy has meant for good you got to turn things around and you're gonna give her a voice hallelujah a voice to speak forth your praise Oh hallelujah hallelujah and instead of words of rage and anger and cursing there will be blessing in praise even towards her mother even towards you O God hallelujah we thank you Father in the name of Jesus praise the Lord glory to God thank you Father we just anoint this this cloth hallelujah hallelujah glory to God this is a really good cloth this is a microfiber cloth it'll hold the oil probably for a long long time the Lord we just think you hallelujah Father we thank you that the oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and as I laid my hands on this cloth we thank you that the anointing and the power of your spirit goes into this cloth now our deliverance from demonic oppression and even possession you foul spirit you will come out in the name of Jesus and torment her no longer we just thank you we thank you we thank your father in the name of Jesus hallelujah thank your father for your anointing thank your father in the name of Jesus I speak blessing over the mother hallelujah over the whole family hallelujah increase and blessing and promotion from every side think your father in the name of Jesus amen brother Michael go to the kitchen get a ziploc bag put that in that then hand it to her god bless you amen god bless you praise God amen thank you Lord Jesus oh praise the Lord glory to the Lord hallelujah hallelujah what do you need okay well father heal up the scar in the name of Jesus thank you Father Lord we just applied the supernatural neosporin that inlay heal with no scar in Jesus name thank you Father a blessed sir amen god bless you amen what do you need my brother alright Lord bless his attention ability hallelujah we thank you Father God thank you Father God he's going to begin to the discover his anointing and gifting hallelujah thank you father let the spiritual gifts come alive he's gonna exorcise himself on the gut leanness thank you father let the gifts of your spirit begin the flow out of him in the name of Jesus that prophetic anointing prophetic oil come out of him in Jesus name thank you father and I sense the Lord has seen if you'll fast and pray during those times of fasting and prayer he will speak to you with ideas may be witty inventions ideas just things that you couldn't unlock before but the Lord will give you the answer to some of those things they'll give you answers okay divine answers from heaven so you're old enough to do that I sense the Lord wants you to start fasting and praying then you'll be surprised what the Lord shows you during those times whoo hallelujah amen praise God yes Jesse what do you need praise the Lord oh okay praise God hallelujah amen well Lord we just thank you she has a nice smile even if there's something missing hallelujah the glory outshines thank you Father God thank you father letter tooth be fixed and made right we thank you Father God hallelujah hmm Lord thank you hallelujah hallelujah bouchard ah dah dah dah dah dah dah the enemy would try to say that that things were diverted and cannot be made up for and the Lord sees a total lie did you know that the did you know that the Lord always makes in mistake time into your life some of you didn't know that hallelujah the Lord on purpose he includes it in the package what he would call mistake time do you know that when mercedes-benz rolled out the brand-new s-class series they already factored in extra money into the price why they do that would be mistakes so since it's a high category product going to high clientele there's gonna be problems so bake the price into the retail price for mistakes let's see God bakes in for your mistake time so there were some things that the enemy would even try to taunt say Oh wrong move but lost time lost opportunity Lord says oh no no no no no no no no Lord says I he said you're right back in the flow and you got to begin to sense it the oils gonna begin the flow the gifting is coming back and the anointing is coming back the ability to go up is coming back and it's gonna be a much smoother flow hallelujah and you you are but you're a much wiser Eagle now you're a much maturer eagle now so now you carry much wisdom with you while you'll soar you'll be able to help also the young Eagle sprays God so follow she's going back into that stream where she belongs and the wealth is gonna begin the flow you gotta go way past anything you had before it's gonna seem like small potatoes so father we just thank you we just thank you we thank you Father she's a person that that will fast and will pray so we thank you for that scheduling by the angels by the Holy Spirit we give you praise we thank you Father God you'll also be in Israel many more times in the future God will always make provision yes different different just different things he's working with that so father we thank you we give you glory and praise in Jesus name I'm just hearing the Lord say it's turnaround time all right and look forward to what lies ahead because your future is bright okay and I just when you brought up that broken tooth what it just heard the Lord say but you have wisdom you have wisdom the Lord has given you wisdom and it's resting upon your shoulders to make great decisions all right so do not let the past dictate your future because the Lord says the past is the past you've forgotten about it you need to forget about it and let the Lord build your future now he's given you wisdom all right I see divine investment strategies I've always seen that I see it again it hasn't stopped the flow has not stopped so let go of the past so the Lord can work through you all right it's turnaround time so it's time for you to prosper yes amen I wasn't a a situation one time where I had been in prayer with the Lord and I said Lord I I've made some exits in life that were not the right exit anybody else done that besides me and I said Lord I I lost some time with those wrong exits I said Lord am I still on time or did I fall behind in an irrecoverable way and I was kind of just working my way through that in prayer and the next day I saw a prophet bill Haman and he prophesied over me and one of the first things he said he says thus says the Lord you're right on time you're not behind it all you're right on my time hallelujah Oh and I feel that's that's also a corporate word in the sense that many of you would question that but God's got it all worked out for you praise the Lord but you're up and running now in the gym get your membership Lord we give you praise today praise the Lord praise God sister Dorothy just wants to share you know you're always in the right place at the right time for the right reason amen if you're working with the Lord and I just wants to see Dorothy to share how she heard about Steven Brooks who praise God already heard about it but on we had been fasting we fasted first 14 days I think then we took a couple days break and the Lord put us back on our 21-day fast near the end of that fast I had a dream I had already woken up but I went back to sleep that morning because I was off and in the dream a minister a female minister said to me I had a vision and Steve Brooks told me to tell you praise the Lord so I said okay I don't know Steve Brooks but I'll figure it out so I prayed about it I googled him boom I prayed about it I saw some Steve Brooks that wasn't Steve Brooks I need to know and and then I saw Steven apostle Steven Brooks I said let me check him out it was Mooresville North Carolina not very far Lord what are you saying earlier in the week the Lord had said the esther's need an impartation for our healing conference so I said okay I just kept praying I talked to a couple of Esther's about it and so I sent the email that's from Friday I had to dream Saturday I sent the email Sunday morning I got a response and Sunday night we had decided that he was purged the Lord praise the Lord all right thank you men and we didn't know this but sister Esther their team is already in fasting and prayer Oprah she's right on track with what's going on there amen your light shall break forth like the morning hallelujah angel visitations even telling people that you're supposed to meet and have divine connections with I tell you we're running into the end times we're running on an end time program hallelujah so father all that you've done today seal it in Jesus name we give you all the praise father and by the way if you want to come out to that meeting on Resurrection Sunday Passover Sunday in South Carolina come on let's have a great time down to South Carolina that's all the informations on the website itinerary will be in the glory we really will can you imagine if you came having prayed and fasted how God would speak to you and such a place where there is gonna be a centralized empowerment of God's Spirit in our midst glory to God it's gonna be very exciting amen Stephen is there anyone here that needs to get born again today would you please ask that question that's always a good question to ask there's there anyone who doesn't know Christ as your Savior but you would like to wave your hand that they maybe maybe you're here just hanging out and you've never given your heart to Christ praise the Lord Jesus made a way come on up to the front amen thank you man praise the Lord come on over here pray use the Lord tell everybody your name Kevin this is Kevin Kevin is a wonderful young man and Kevin you want to make Jesus your Lord and Savior amen well just say this after me say it raise one hand to the Lord hallelujah that's kind of like a sign of surrender in your heart and say this right now say Jesus I give you my life come into my heart wash all of my sins away give me your new life and I give my life to you today and I give my life to you today and I make you my Lord and Savior and I make you my Lord and Savior right now right now if both hands just say thank you Jesus amen thank you Lord amen amen and if you are watching and you don't know the Lord call upon him right now to say Jesus come into my heart I give you my life right now he'll come and wash all your sins away god bless you kept it we love you we love you amen praise God praise the Lord Amen Lord we give you praise okay if you are ready to move out of ordinary stand with me and sing this song as we say goodbye for today we will be back again soon sing this from your heart amen because you are going into the super ordinary hallelujah you're going to go to the high places whoo are you ready amen god bless you we'll see you next time let's sing the song

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