Spirit Halloween Store Tour 2018! FUNhouse Family

oh yeah wait no it's just mommy what did you do what's up guys welcome back to the channel no this is something that we do every single year of course we're gonna do it again this year who can guess what it is literally I said the word Halloween and casing pops right out of the sleep yes we're pulling up now it's a tradition this year's gonna be even cooler because there's fortnight stuff there's four nights now I can already see it on the window guys I'm excited yeah they have posters on there let's go inside you see this which one of these are for tonight guys back here which one that guy – oh that one is that a fortnight definite looks creepy oh this guy right here is definitely from 49 that's a fortnight guy that would know oh yeah it was an orange guy was in 49 I think they had a white one too though Omega so what about that no that's not for tonight that's not for tonight what is it alright the door's locked Casey knows a combination Casey knows the combination to the spirit store yeah – why was your fun new be spider-man under the floor it's not there may be spiders in there [Laughter] hello there's your brother this looks just like you whoa step on it step on it yes Slenderman oh that's scary butcher does what was very butcher easy for ya that was definitely that farted so hard ah sorry about that that's really hard we got to figure it out I don't see it anymore guys we're looking for the four night stuff where's booty where's all the for night stuff – I don't know do you see me for tonight I see dead bull was dead for people looking keep looking give me what do you say yes okay so you see something scary you see something scary this is scary well it's not scary about you you're scared he's holding on a mountain are you sure it's not you sure it's not scary we're hand cups like this 10 cups hand cups I felt hand cups where'd you find minecraft Steve is cool when did you become a British day flamer Oh party baby you guys remember party baby from last year mommy wouldn't let me display him I wanted a brain that's an actual brain it's not good yeah I wanted to keep party baby out like for Christmas mom wouldn't let me syria's look ooh look at this whoops tape stay stay look party baby's got a evil little brother chainsaw off chainsaw low you guys we have a chainsaw I'm just pumped into something what about you oh look at this thing that's crazy yeah well Jason's cutting that guy's turn okay so what's your heart you found the hacker Oh put it on the sea oh you look just like the hacker are you gonna put the mask on or not see what I did there yes you did this is feel bad my head's too big for this No oh look this thing looks real hey wait oh look at this kitty look at the grumpy cat are we getting the hacker mask you're gonna be the hacker mommy do you know the hackers it's from child-wife oh dude I was a crazy one yeah the hacker has actually got a bunch of the different youtubers they took over their channels oh my goodness can you see out of that thing as a button oh that's crazy yeah it's like no that's cool and remember Jason Hey look it's fifi from goosebumps it's feet oh my goodness you look like tomato face I'm sorry those tomatoes on your face gonna be Fifi what was Fifi's power again do you look just like Vivi what's in your mouth what's in there oh it actually moves what you're talking terrified hey you what's up oh yeah wait no it's just mommy crap what did you do yeah Jalen's gonna get her back daelin get a good man mommy take the mask off take that mask off take it off mommy said she saw the fortnight's over front I don't know go find it Oh I don't see it either Oh king of the cats oh wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute I do see a son right there right there hey wait but you lost get out Oh what happened what you found them this is it this is we're all gonna be look but not yet no for tonight guys not today maybe next time let's see what school they're all wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute I think we got something guys wait I found the actual four night section there's another one yeah that one over there was not the right one that's right here right there what happened out should I look up okay coming soon again this one's coming soon – oh I see what you did there mommy coming through with the crab joke I see what she did there look at this and I was really hoping to get some cool costumes and pickaxes and bombs what what is it Wow burnt zombie he looks like a disco zombie Slenderman nope nope nope nope you getting that okay alright Freddy's let's just the killer Dale I found Jeff the killer Oh guess what case and I just found you want to show him Jason we've actually been looking for a hammer just like this one for our granny in real life kind of pliers you found the cutting pliers we already got the cutting pliers ro the hammer is literally the last thing we need it look big hit yourself with it it hurt hey I found mommy go show Mom what we found four go tell her she's over here or in the dressing room Lindemann has old mario underwear look we found we found the hammer look hammer hello guess what we've seen Jeff the killer over there also tell everybody where Jeff the killers from scary's from roblox scary elevator don't beat the spirit guy up he's a nice guy we like him holy moly Kayson oh who would ever think I see Slenderman and Jeff ticular together in one wait where you going wait well Jeff the killer why are you coming closer to me is so scary is the killer you kind of look like Solyndra right now I'm talking a lot hey wait a minute when it's the minutes Linderman girl girl that much hair Wow hey Slenderman how are you bud give me a five cool thanks Oh Jeff the killer has a hammer that is terrifying case and you later oh my goodness oh don't swing that hammer Oh get away get away Jeff the killer Oh oh I always wanted a little girl yeah I mean her name Jeff her name Jeff but cute little girl you guys have the cutest little girl you're my little princess Oh princess it's hard were you guys thinking about running around the store and trying to scare some people all right here somebody Ritchie Fonz Linderman I don't think Slenderman has a grim reaper knife like that otherwise I never supposed to mommy what did you just find oh my goodness guys we found Chucky let's get him you guys when I get him yeah that's good what you got what you got yeah the bar barbar is pretty cool I think if we put a little bit I take the bat put a little bit of red paint on the end of it it'll look just like granny's bat it's gonna be cool Baldy baldies bat folly bad that's granny's bat not baldies bat you're mixing up games guys Balin slappy no I've never seen actual goosebumps costumes at school they add slappy slappy masks you do like a little slappy hey you know how I used to dress before slappy like this slappy dad jokes my thoughts funny whatever all right guys what's the final haul granny's back it just got upgraded to a barbed wire you get Jeff the killer casing oh yeah that's one of my favorite guys from roblox from the roadblock scary elevator I go to the gaming channel check that roblox gear hello bear yes what's the bad thing oh that's okay it's just a hammer what you get alien Slenderman oh we got some pretty cool little dress-up outfits tells me you guys will be sleeping in those tonight you did he helped Greta to a hammer look it's kind of sad though cuz know fortnight stuff little fortnight stuff good news though is we are gonna be going to a bigger better spirit store it's like about two hours to our really you drop fast but I heard they took over a whole CVS building no it's gotta be yeah those are usually pretty big so kind of a kind of a bust on this trip no for tonight stuff the nice lady at the counter said that maybe in a couple weeks they'll have it so what we're gonna do I look like a lady it's not lady yeah anyways you want to hop on over to our family channel that's what we going to that store ad if you liked it thumbs up the video I'm sure you'll be seeing these costumes and some gameplays coming up soon going over to the family channel check that video out where we're going to go to a bigger better banner spirit store and hopefully they got the 49 costumes this is the part where we tell you bye

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