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hello friends and family welcome back to my channel first of all don't be alarmed if my face or my skin looks really really dry today I'm gonna be actually putting on some of my skincare products for you guys so yeah don't be alarmed there you go I missed you guys how y'all doing today okay I know I've been gone for a little while ah I wish I had an actual excuse to give you all but I don't so let's I mean the name of this video is called the truthful tags how much just be real truthful with you I was being lazy I did videos that's that's literally what happened but I am back feeling really inspired and ready to get back into the groove of these videos so today's video is going to be the truthful youtuber tag so I saw this video kind of circulating around the interwebs and I said you know what 2019 is all about being truthful and not being in denial about the nonsense that I do so so while I do that I'm gonna be doing my makeup as well as showing you guys just a little bit of my skincare prep for a makeup before we get into that I'm just gonna need you to do once and I wants it only for me and that's to make sure you're subscribed okay hit that notification bell considering I haven't been the best these past few weeks I'm not gonna judge you I'm gonna give you a pass on not subscribing it but I'm gonna need you to subscribe it now yes right now have you done it okay great so a lot of you guys have been commenting on my skin lately thank you so much I mean my actual skin is still going through a bit of stuff as you guys can see out of this little pimple right here got some dark spots over here but they are like lightening up and they're getting a bit better so anyway I just wanted to show you guys that my skin is not perfect okay so don't ever think that moisture and moisturizing your skin before your makeup is so important and it makes such a difference with how your makeup applies but first I'm gonna start off with these sweet chef serum shots so this is kale plus vitamin D and ginger I think that's ginger and vitamin C when I started using these products I noticed a very big difference in that skin and just like the texture of my skin so I'm here for it so first question is have you ever received a product tried it did it like it and then decided not to review it not to review it why wouldn't I review it though are they saying like sponsored wise I'm not sure home question goes but either way if they're asking have you ever tried a product that didn't target yes there are tons of products that I try and for the most part I tend to like a lot of products but there are some products where I'm just like not it's saying it says I can't really remember like what products I received and didn't really like and decided not to review it coz pretty much I almost almost for the most part like something or I can find a way to use it in some type of way so there's that next to help lighten up my dark spots I'm gonna go in with some sweet almond oil I don't know in 2017 I discovered that this helps with brightening dark spots so I just take a little and just spot treat just some of my dark spots and pray for the best product you use alone but don't show or use online um that's so funny I feel like what I'm showing you guys right now our products that I use that I never show online like these I've never showed online I've never mentioned it on my Instagram so I think that's that's one of them for sure actually I have a few wow this is bad this is terrible okay so I use are in our shade luxury this is there serenity body oil it's a brand based out of Ghana and Nigeria there Shea oil is so good I love it I enjoy another body butter that I use so this is butter meat essentials this is their Vivi butter enriched with hemp seed hemp seed butter so they are a black-owned business I met them at an event that I was hosting at the Barclays Center actually which is like Wow but yeah butter the essentials okay their entire product line smells lovely okay so if y'all want to support I think they're based out of Jamaica or they think were Jamaican if I if I serve if I'm right but yeah enjoy their stuff I also have this is their role on perfume euphoria and blossom yo this smells so good and it's so faint so nice but yeah so those are just some of the examples of products I use a lot Andy show and don't really show online which is like crazy but that's I know you like it when you don't even want to tell nobody about it cuz you did you don't love it you don't even want people to know lastly for moisture I'm gonna go on with the Olay Total Effects with sunscreen this has SPF 25 in it which is why I enjoy it and it's pretty lightweight and allows me it doesn't feel like it's like clogging my pores or anything like that because I do find that problem with sunscreen sometimes that it just feels like is clogging my port well this one is light as they say whip so yeah mmm see that skin ooh shiny shiny y'all I just watched Beyonce's homecoming documentary got my whole life so now I'm gonna go in with elf their prep and hydrate balm I think this is a nice primer it kind of makes my skin really so what is the product you want but won't buy because you don't support the brand oh oh actually there are some brands I don't support so I was gonna say fashion over because I've had a few experiences with them where they wanted me to create content for but they refused to pay me they wanted free videos just they wanted free videos and I just felt like that wasn't cool especially considering they work with so many celebrities I was like oh no no like don't ever try to play me like if you have budget for a celebrity you definitely have budget for influencers and that's not to say that influences some influences can't get paid the same amount as celebrities but I'm just saying like if you got celebrity money you got money period so don't even do that so yeah I definitely will never be supported in fashion over and also they'd be copying designers like styles and stuff but anyway yeah so that was my experience with them another brand that I would like but I can't honestly support any longer Chris they had you know hired me to essentially do some promotional work for them and they like this is kind of some of the things that come into being an influencer and just the whole contract thing essentially every photo that I sent them and they were like no we want it this way we want it that way it's not too it's not bright enough it doesn't exude playful and it was just like you hit me up to make content for you right so you went on my page you saw what my photos look like I'm sending you something so much in fact more beautiful and you're saying no like they made me reach you like three or four times and if anyone's an influencer that you know like the amount of time it takes to you know get the right shot like book a photographer like I was spending serious money to make sure I got the shot for them and they just would not accept anything so I just really didn't appreciate that and they were not trying to work with me on it and so from now I just kind of wrote them off like I'm not supporting any of their stuff I'm not buying their stuff even though it's nice yeah it smells good but like no because if you don't like my work you don't like me so why'd you hire me anyway so those are two bags I'm not too fond of and won't be purchasing from donor okay so the next question is do you have any blocked words I guess on Instagram or YouTube so essentially if you guys don't know you can in your YouTube settings you can block certain words so that they don't ever come up I don't have any blocked words so that's the answer – all right so next question do you delete comments if so why okay so do I delete comments yes because why did you feel the need to write that alright nonsense under my video I just feel like what it's my platform so I cut to control what is shown on this platform like what if I if I don't feel like a comment is necessary or it's like super just really really rude I'm making it and I don't want no one else to see it next question is do you block people absolutely yes I do because there is this thing called enemies of progress yes they're very real I've had situations where like someone actually that I knew personally was going in like pretty much spamming my Instagram posts and I've come to found out that he isn't so okay in the head so I had to block him and his page cuz he was just what writing regulus things that had nothing to do with me but you know it was writing those and it was crazy and I was actually really unfortunate because we used to be really cool yeah so I brought black people for actual safety reasons and I've got people that are just like super rude for no reason like I'll see you a rude comment and then I'll go on their page and I'll just look at them and I'm like why you're suffering in life blocked because I don't try and perpetuate your unfortunate circumstances ought to me don't do that sometimes I was just really in my feelings and that I'll just unlock them because I'm like honestly it's really not about me these are getting juicy y'all have you ever lied about a product to stay on good terms with the brand don't judge me yes yes I have done it's know me to the cross yes what's the problem like sometimes um working with the brand is not really all about the products per se some brands I really just enjoy the people that work there I enjoy what they stand for I may not necessarily like the product but someone else may you know what I'm saying so that's why I'll get behind it even if I don't necessarily love the product but so long yes it's not like harmful well I don't get any crazy reactions I have yes worked with the bread and I didn't necessarily care for the product but you lied about words so don't even do that okay yeah have you ever initially liked a product when you reviewed it and then changed your mind but didn't let your audience know oh okay so yes there has been a time where I liked the product and then but I ended up not really caring for it and then I never told you guys I'm so sorry what it is if y'all want that No so I reviewed the fancy Beauty when it first launched and I reviewed pretty much the entire line including the foundation and I believe I said I liked that I thought I think I said it was like nice like pretty cool but I do not use that foundation any longer honestly I broke out really bad and I don't know if it was from the foundation solely because I know I was using a bit of products but like pretty much because I started using that foundation around the time that I broke I kind of just said oh it must be the foundation and then I just never use it again so that would have to be a product that I think I initially I think I initially said I enjoyed but um a chief of mine Joel yeah who was an influence a you don't trust oh you're trying to get me in trouble don't worry I asked for trouble my middle name is trouble anyway okay and influence I don't trust Laura mercy grant gotta look through my subscriptions who don't I trust let's see I think I'm I have to go with Miss Laura Lee yes miss Laura I don't trust you after her whole scandal with like it wasn't even this scandal that was the problem it was the way she handled it the apology was so like so off to the point that I just I couldn't I couldn't stand sis I was like what is this so now I honestly I can't trust anything that comes out her mouth I can't trust anything in my mouth so I think I'm gonna go with Miss Laura Lee for 200 please thank ya next question is sorry if I'm looking this way I'm looking at my phone succeed questions but influence sir you trust the most who is an influencer that you trust the absolute most man I think I'm gonna have to go way I think I might have to go with my gut says Jackie I know for 200 I think I think I can truly trust this she don't she does know yeah yeah I think I could really trust her comment below if you feel the same way secret tips or product application you don't show while on camera secret tips or product application you don't show while on camera um well I feel like the only thing that I don't really show would have to be like when it comes to hair tutorials just because hair take so long so I can't show everything I'm doing in one video oh yeah sometimes I'll say like overnight dry your hair overnight but really I actually tried it in a dryer in two hours because you know I so I think that's one of the secret tips that I do that aren't really shown have you ever showed one product but you were actually using another you know what's crazy I think I have done that I think I have I think I was in like an Instagram tutorial like a makeup tutorial I said I was using a particular foundation but I actually wasn't sure but I was almost pretty positive it was another foundation but I only did once though I only did a one so yeah next question have you ever not disclosed a partnership have you ever not disclosed a partnership or a sponsorship so if you guys don't know essentially ft rule FTC rules state that you must disclose that something is a partnership but in written words or verbal and so that's why I like when I have a sponsored video I'll say thank you for bright xx brand for not xx the card but so it's so brand for sponsoring today's video because you have to like that's actually an obligation you have to do when it comes to FTC rules let's call a spade a spade though a lot of these celebrities we have a lot of sponsorships and they don't disclose that they are partnerships I have pretty much I yeah I've always disclosed that something was a partnership what I will say I have done in terms of not disclosing is using the paid partnership tool on like Instagram you know how on Instagram you'll see some people's posts and it says paid partnership with so yeah I I choose not to use that tool or feature any longer because I just feel like it's really really in your face sometimes I feel like we hold influencers who are way higher then we do with celebrities and I just feel like sometimes it's really not fair like everything that you see it will say at hashtag ad but it's like some celebrities have a whole ad with fashion over they don't hatch tag they don't put hashtag ad they don't use app a partnership tool but I feel like if you're so long as you're saying I've sponsored or you know disclosing I partnered up with in the caption why should I not have to add on top a partnership you know I am receiving monies I'm gonna jury a woman I don't like people coming my money relax why most general that is why was the blatantly being your face that is paid if you know this and a lot of celebrities don't do that so why why is it that when it comes to influences we gotta be like I don't know the scapegoats when it comes to sponsorships and stuff it's kind of it's annoying to me celebrities have multi-million dollar sponsorships every day you'll see LeBron James on TV on a commercial with Gatorade we don't we don't question him and go ooh but does he really like Gatorade like mmm I feel like he's lying but it's like if I was sponsored by Gatorade you'd be like why do you always have a sponsored video like why do you even like iterate like that and if I just like how LeBron has real bills to pay it Felicity's also have real bills to pay and just like how the broaden may not necessarily like Gatorade he may be freaking power right on the low but I just feel like we need to uphold people to the same standards next question have you ever had a bad have you ever had a bad interaction with a brand okay so yeah pretty much I touched on this with you guys I've had a few in bad interactions with brands actually and every bad interaction honestly I'm pretty grateful for because it always teaches me something in terms of like what clauses to be adding into my contracts because I'm not ever gonna deal with this again a lot of brands not every brand of course try to take advantage of influencers and the truth of the matter is the type of promo that they get with influencers is way or bang for their buck then they were getting when it came to traditional advertising with TV commercials into such and such and you know a lot of a lot of influences also don't know how much they should be getting paid so they're you know under charging so much and it's just like honestly brands get away with a lot of things there have been a few instances like a brand will contract in each shoe for a sponsorship and they don't like any of the content that I create for them and it's just like you called me cuz you want to advertise your products to my audience so you need to abide by my rules and how I make my content so the thing about it is half the time it's not the brand it's the people because there's it's people that are behind a brand that's under day so I just had bad interactions with people so it's not necessarily that I don't like the brand but it's like those particular set of people behind it wasn't loving them okay have you ever bandwagon with other people's thoughts on a particular product so this is an interesting question because I do think a lot of people do do this so when it comes to reviews this is actually one of the reasons why I don't like watching a lot of reviews or any if possible before I review a product because it's kind of human nature once you kind of hear something you're gonna internalize it and you may start thinking these are hero dam thoughts but really it's what someone else said I feel like even with like fancy when you when you start watching other people's reviews people will start saying like the same things and it's because like they heard someone say it so now they're gonna mention it as well in their video so yeah that's why I try honestly not to I don't I try not to watch them interviews okay so last question is what are things other creators do that get on your nerves first off and won't spray my face first I think all of us pretty much hate long ass winded intros low-key I'll be doing it sometimes though so because you really don't have to just get certain things out but yeah it's probably one of the more annoying things on the spectrum of annoying things especially when I'm like searching for something in particular and the influencer just is just okay just shut up but I just skip anyway I'm sure you guys are gonna be like cheesy what you do that too but I really try and make my intro that's concise as possible because I'm like very hyper aware of that yeah so that's pretty much it for this truthful chat wait what is it truthful youtuber tag or whatever the name is I hope you guys enjoyed it please don't come for me you know I feel like we all have little white lies but I think it's really cool it kind of gives you a little inside view of this influence in life and yeah not every sponsorship you sees everyone enjoys all um and just put that out there but it's okay but we need momma's but at the same time every advertisement that you see on TV isn't real life either McDonald's it's not even real food you know so I think with everything when it comes to marketing take everything with a grain of salt I pretty much tag everyone to do this okay well like is a really cool tag so I tag everyone to do this but in particular I'm gonna tag half a compute I'm gonna tag Jana Corrie on I tagged the notorious Kia as well yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to give me a very big thumbs up know y'all gonna see my hair is not done um but I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys next time bye guys

26 thoughts on “SPILLING THE TEA ☕ Influencers I Don't Trust, Brand Drama | TRUTHFUL YOUTUBER TAG

  1. Girl, you are so funny. You are doing your thing well! I just love your frankness and all around spirit. I am so happy I am tuning into your videos. Be beautifully and abundantly blessed.

  2. You can't really compare sponsorships of celebrities with those of influencers. Their main income is not to sell to their audience, but that is literally the job description of an influencer. You make videos and review products for a living, so if you don't want people assuming that all your videos are sponsored you need to disclose. Plus why hide if you're sponsored?

  3. we hold influencers to a higher standard because y'all are regular people… we pay y'all bills and we the reason y'all got these PR packages and sponsorships PERIODTTT the least you could do is not lie

  4. "whos a influencer you trust the most?' me: says my name even though she doesnt know me and im not an influencer

  5. I never really got why people are such babies about sponsored content. Literally nobody is forcing you to buy anything and I would hope grown adults are smart enough to research things for themselves before just running out and buying something just because someone else told them to. There’s a fast forward button for a reason or you could easily just click out of the video. 😂

  6. I don't trust anything that comes out of anyone's mouth.. I normally watch how the product goes on. I don't care who gets paid what because I'm not listening, more so watching so when you said you used a different product and cited another that threw me for a loop for 1 quick sec. … forgive me I'm still collecting myself…

  7. Man your TRUE honesty and personality sold me! And I don’t be subscribing to other influencers as an influencer…😂🤷🏾‍♀️ but sis, you’re dope!!!! ❤️

  8. I unsubscribed from Jackie Aina after that scandal where she said a smaller YouTuber tried to steal money from her or something.

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