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when discussing a topic related to my experiences the topic I would discuss is the 4th of July or Independence Day the 4th of July is a federal holiday that is observed in the United States of America it is the celebration of the day that independence was declared from Great Britain all non-essential government services are suspended during the holiday this day is celebrated and observed in many ways by the American people picnics or barbecues are held parades occur in the day firework shows happen in the evening and songs usually accompany these events that echo patriotic themes such as the star-spangled banner and America the beautiful decorations and celebratory clothing used red white and blue the colors of the American flag fireworks shows can be public events held by towns and cities or fireworks can be purchased for personally used by individuals I personally tried to partake in both if I can most of my life I have attended firework shows that take place in the towns of surrounding Rinda Lake in Illinois the lake features a dam where the largest of the show's takes place however every town has a show of its own and you can see multiple fireworks displays that surround you and while you were on the water very large fireworks displays take place in New York City you Macy's fireworks display that usually takes place on the East River in New York City has been televised on NBC since 1976 in 2009 over 22 tons of fireworks were set off during the celebrations in New York the holiday usually results in an extended weekend which many families take advantage of for a short vacation or as a way to visit family and friends this results in the holiday causing one of the busiest times of travel throughout the year the government and its officials also we used the day to make appearances at events and to praise the greatness of the nation and its people any capable military base is supposed to give a salute to the Union which is a 50 gun salute one for each state that is given at noon on the 4th of July the United States is not the only country that celebrates the 4th of July the Philippines also celebrated but call it a Republic Day the country gained its independence from the United States in 1946 on July 4th and celebrates the day it was no longer a u.s. territory Denmark also has a celebration in the revolt National Park where the celebration features the hoisting of the Danish and American flags while the anthems of the two nations play this event is meant to serve as a homecoming for Danish Americans a city in Canada Windsor Ontario shares celebrations of Canada Day July 1st with Detroit Michigan the International Freedom Festival is jointly held in both cities during the last week of June the festival ends with a fireworks display over the Detroit River

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