Special Report: President Donald Trump Makes Statement From White House | NBC News

100 thoughts on “Special Report: President Donald Trump Makes Statement From White House | NBC News

  1. Good Lord, he just keeps repeating himself over and over and over. Yes, we know the bad man is dead, and he was a coward, saying it once is enough, we get it, we are not stupid, oh, I see, he is playing to his cult followers.

  2. U notice msnbc which usually has 15 negative videos per day about trump is pretty quiet today…and won’t even acknowledge why the conference was held 😂 #endMSNBC #EndFakeNews

  3. Great Great job for bringing this killer to justice!!! Nothing like justice!!! I say we keep it going; SEEKING Justice that is. IMPEACHMENT Time!!!

    Aint nothing changed…45.

  4. P R O P A G A N D A

    designed to appease his electorate and help him get re-elected
    2003: Bush gets hussein
    2011: Barack gets osama
    2019: Donny gets ‘cat with 9 lives baghdadi’

    Election time comes around, ‘president’ takes out major opposition leader— 🤔🤔🤔

  5. Nice try to make it seem as though you are saving the world from Isis when, in fact they are on the rise thanks to your cowardly ways. Turning your back on our allies. Loser trump.

  6. Malachi 4:1-3
    For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, when all the arrogant and all evildoers will be stubble. The day that is coming shall set them ablaze, says the Lord of hosts, so that it will leave them neither root nor branch. 2 But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall. 3 And you shall tread down the wicked, for they will be ashes under the soles of your feet, on the day when I act, says the Lord of hosts.

  7. Go on Trump tell these dogs!!! No doubt the fake news is trying to down play it and wants to talk about your hair or spelling!!! You got done what others failed and your taking USA out of wars. GOOD MAN!! STICK IT TO THE SCUMS AND SATANISTS.

  8. Btw, one thing Trump needed the most, is 'common sense'. Or hiring Advisers with common sense. Listening to people like Mintaro Oba for Asian affairs was non sense to start off with.

  9. It's pretty simple folks,. the Kurds are a small Terrorist group as far as Turkey is concerned. Turkey is a Full NATO MEMBER
    With the largest standing army in Europe. We helped the Kurds fight Isis. We are not going to get between the Turks and the Kurds.
    They are ancient enemies and will be enemies as long as they both exist.

  10. It would be wise for everyone to be on alert for a while, Bigdaddys friends will want revenge,. …….. If you see something,say something!!!

  11. Got one? but your negligence got hundreds more released after betraying the Kurds? that means nothing…. and then He thanks the Russians and the turks for meddling in our democracy? and he also thanks the genocide Syria….what a clown… what a disgrace… the world laughs….

  12. When the opposition forces is unable to come to grips with the reality that the leader was killed, the question the TIMING.

  13. I would have just fine with this pres. If he would have ONLY made this statment in the past 3 years. But everything before today has happend…..SMH

  14. Wait a minute, in 2017 trump said ISIS was defeated. Now he claims their current leader dead. Another problem ISIS has a new leader. Because traitor trump released all of those ISIS prisoners

  15. thank you our courageous USA MILITARY!, President Trump, and thank you canine soldiers. Now for the 'others' – Omar & AOC. Lets get these sproutlings uprooted from the 9-11 planting (forced onto US soil). they're yet young and shallow rooted.


  17. President Trump may very well be the Greatest U.S. President ever ! President Trump has helped all Americans black/brown.asian/white you haters can kiss my grits !

  18. 1:00:24 what you need to know about every war in the Middle East. I am not a Trump fan but this is the truest thing he have said

  19. He was reading like that 4th grade kid in your class that has to stand up and read a page from a book and has trouble pronouncing the words. And then here he comes with his own back slapping saying no one knows how to use the internet better than Donald Trump (he loves to refer to himself like that. Wants to make sure he doesn’t forget his own name.)

  20. SO what happens if they just elect a new warlord ? Another raid !!!! this war well never End as long as they have women to breed with !!! Release the EGG killing agent on there females ! 27:52 Reporter starts to lose his shield and turn reptilian !

  21. it's fake propaganda designed to make US citizens feel warm and fuzzy and to keep paying their taxes for needless wars.

    …who will the next boogie man terrorists be, spin the wheel and we'll find out as Billion$ of tax dollars vanish into thin air.

  22. This is great, but mark my words: Donny's gonna milk this dry for distraction.
    I'm proud of Delta Force and proud to be a veteran.

  23. Now let’s go get the enemies of the United States: the dishonest mainstream media members, corrupt intelligence agents, and others in the social media activists suppressing free speech.
    Let’s hang them!

  24. President Donald Trump is my president and the president of the American people no of the midian and Democrats president

  25. How much is ISIS selling these franchises for?
    How does it work? Do they supply all the food and take care of the advertising?

  26. Proud as can be of President Trumps Leadership, and the Actions of our Military. One very dead terrorist resting in many many pieces. now watch the trolls go crazy

  27. Next week, Trump will change the story to 23 helicopters, an alliance agreement with Mars which allowed Martians to assist us in the raid with tremendously generous blessings and support from Venus. After the raid, 930 world leaders called Trump to thank him personally with tears in their eyes that Abudaddy was killed and that Trump should be promoted to President of Earth. Everyone was so grateful that even after Abuindaddy died, he came back in ghost form and even thanked Trump himself for finding and killing him.

    All hail our supreme orange cheeseburger and God of the Universe; Donald Dumbshit.

    The only people I'd thank are the soldiers who actually went over and did the work. Trump sitting in a little "situation room" and staring at a TV screen is not exactly what I consider "contributing".

  28. trump always talks like a complete moron, bragging, often contradicting himself, using first-name narrative, rambling, exaggerating and repeating the same adjectives and points excessively. How much of his narrative is true? I doubt very much that al-Baghdadi was "whimpering, screaming and crying". He is soooo inappropriate and a huge embarrassment!

  29. To think that at this point in obamas administration ISIS had taken over iraq, yemen, libya and most of syria and yet #presidenttrump has done more to combat ISIS than obama did in his entire 2 terms

  30. The United States created Al-Qaeda to fight the Soviets. The United States created Isis which was formed in the aftermath of the mass destruction of Iraq by the United States under false pretenses.

  31. What is that to make for gette how is USA lost power in the world no one beliv USA any more.America is good business country all see is how USA sell kurdish people what operation why this time

  32. Unlike Obama Trump had cooperation from the nation where the operation took place. That's what I call diplomacy.

  33. Thanks to those brave Kurds, Working with thos American troops before trump decided to pull everyone out of there! This event occurred no thanks with Nothing to do with trump….. He almost wrecked the whole mission ! As usual he is better playing in mari largo as James Bond alias Mr Bean. he is a disgrace to watch and an even worse leader. Loves to embellish and lies about every sentence that he can spout out of his evil mouth. The way he spouts we you would think he was on this mission.. Send him to the oil fields. Or a visit to the Kurdish leaders to explain himself…..

  34. We Are President Trump’s Die-Hard Supporters & On The Rise.
    We Are an Endless Army of US Patriots Who Fight for Freedom, Justice & The Rule of Law.
    We Don’t give up & We Don't Back Down.
    Soon, We’ll Take Over the House,,, KEEP the Senate, DRAIN THE SWAMP and RE-ELECT Pres. Trump.
    Just Like 2016,,,, We WIll Destroy The Do Nothing. Demo-CRAPS in 2020 AGAIN. ____EXPECT US !

  35. They are so blinded and will never and cant ever understand who is in control and stands behind our president !! …our Lord and king jesus Christ our father and savior … As long we have a man after our lord heart USA 🇺🇸 will win always and have favor from every leader around the world …!!! And it's been proven once again and no blood was spill from our man and women not like pass President in our pass history !!

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