22 thoughts on “SPECIAL IGBO CULTURAL DANCE 2 (High Quality sound)

  1. Beautiful !! I see were we get our traditionnal music from in Martinique, same as the bèlè and chouval bwa.

  2. Sounds like Okorosha from Mbieri, Imo state. But the costumes differ and okorosha has way more beats and dance steps.

  3. I'm a Luo of Kenya. I stopped by to confirm if Igbo and luo traditions rhyme as people say.luo and Igbo names are almost similar though…

  4. (Lire FRA à la fin) Very nice video, thanks <3 I selected it to be part of new today's playlist #2628 on lovinair YT index music https://goo.gl/wCc9o4 "Igbo Mascarades TRADITIONAL-IGBO SLAM OJA-FLUT-E DRUMS DANSE-DANCE World Igbo SINGERS MUSICIAN BANDS DANCES Full Videos PLAYLIST lovinair Africa" FRA Très belle vidéo, merci <3 Je l'ai sélectionnée pour faire partie de la nouvelle playlist # 2628 sur lovinair YT index music <3

  5. Cultures remain African's crown of glory. I find my heart limping for joy after watching my cultural display. #AlaIgbo

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