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absolutely unreal it's not expecting this at all I told you he was big I wasn't kidding what's up guys Brennan J and today I've got something that I'm super freaking excited about right here behind me we actually have a pool that has been caused by the dam so right here is the dam all the water flows this way and when the water goes low little pools like this stay here well the problem is this pool has actually been here for over a week now if you guys have seen the channel before you guys know that I came out here actually did some fishing I had some local cat fishermen down at the main river contact me about the video and they saw that they were massive carp in there and they asked if I could get some of the carp out of these pools to give them so they could feed their family I honestly didn't know people eat Kart but apparently it's a delicacy in a lot of other countries but America doesn't really eat too many carp so they said they'd like to smoke the carp over the grill and they used the rest of the carp to use for catfish bait they said it's like a really strong stench and the campus just loved it so right here behind me there's a bunch of fish that are just stuck in this pool we're gonna be rescuing these fish in the next video however I did want to help those guys out there's a bunch of carp in here recently I came down I actually tried bow fishing and this is how that went oh come on come on come on come on dang it so the fish were just a little too deep for my bow so I decided to bring out the big guns I teamed up with koa a while back and they gave me some of their awesome spear guns so I'm gonna be diving in this pool it's targeting a big big carp for those cat fishermen down here so my goal today is to get three or four good-sized carp put them in this cooler and take them to those families so all the carp I get today they're not going to be wasted they're going to be used to actually eat and all the strappings from the carp are going to be used for catfish so they're gonna be using the whole fish which is why I'm totally fine with doing this so I've actually already got my spear gun charged I've got some of the bands already back just because I want to be as quiet as I can in the water so I don't want to be loading this thing underwater I got two vans out of the three on cuz I think that's plenty of power for this pool but it should be pretty interesting to see what we get I'm gonna be targeting some big ones man like a matter of fact let me know in the comments section below right now what is the biggest carp like how many feet how many inches do you guys think it's gonna be I personally don't know man I mean there's some there's some big ones in here from what I've seen but let me know in the comments section below and don't cheat either oh okay you can pull up my gun you sure you can pull up my gun right now dude he is so oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh hold on alright guys this is our first carp right here this is actually a common carp so this is what I knew was in here there's a few bigger ones in this this is just the first shot I had the first opportunity and got a nice shot on them and man this is one heck of a meal right here dude this could probably feed like four people right now this is honestly incredible so there's a couple more in there like I said I want to get three or four at the most and then then we'll be good to go but the fish right here lined up with inches goes well past the 28 inch mark so I'm assuming this is probably a 30 inch Carper here which is that's an awesome first shot so we're gonna get this guy in the cooler we're gonna go for one more I didn't see one fish when we first pulled up and it was like gargantuous man the thing was just it was ridiculously big so I have nicknamed it Zilla as in Godzilla and that is gonna be the one we're targeting I don't want to get anything smaller than the one I just shot I just want to get all of the bigger guys so we're gonna be going after Scylla I don't know if he's going to be on this hunt or the next hunt but he's giant like I'm telling you like he's longer than my spear guns he's like from the top of my chest all the way down to my legs that's how big that that carp is so that's the one we're going after but like I said whichever one I kind of get in front of first I'm gonna take whatever opportunity I have just because these fish are so they're so aware of what's going on so had to be really quiet again just like that see if we can do it again two for two I missed a giant dude I missed him I missed Scylla I messed up bro I don't know how I had so many shots at him and I was just waiting waiting I missed but I ran into a giant school of catfish like a giant school it's crazy there's car bigger than me in here I'm hoping I didn't miss my shot dude Zillah was down there and I'm hoping I didn't miss my shot because he was so so massive this guy's invincible he's literally invincible he just swam right in front of me I have all three bands engaged now because that fish is so fast I think that wasn't propelling fast enough through the water with too bad so I got three now we're gonna see how that works oh my gosh oh oh my god oh my gosh oh my gosh do this guys so strong oh oh Milly Milly go go go he's so strong he is so strong and he's just bullying me dude is that oh my god this is unreal this is unreal oh my god that is community he is so strong he is so strong are you kidding me oh my gosh dude are finally we got him dude I I was way across and they're actually deep in this putt it was so hard for me to get him yeah there's more than one Zilla there's a few Zealand I got a really good shot on this guy we got the car control we're gonna head over there to the cooler now unreal absolutely unreal there's not expecting this at all I told you he was big I wasn't kidding I never thought I'd be so tired from carrying a bitch dude just one little fish this has been an unreal an unreal journey for this guy and this is just one of them man there's a couple guys that I may say art a bit bigger this one just gave me the opportunity and I had to take him in it was so hard getting this fish he was elusive very elusive I shot a few times missed I don't know if it was this particular one but there's one that looked like this absolutely unreal from the measuring board this is 0 inches right here 28 inches is right here so we have another foot another 12 inches this is a giant giant carp if that does not feed a whole family I will be very very surprised unreal man all right so honestly at this point we were doing really really well I'm actually very surprised very impressed I think we're going to go for one more carp that's all we really need I'm sure they have plenty but they're going to be able to freeze up anything they can't eat in one night so I went back to three bands I have all three bands loaded I think that was my problem on Zillah last time is I had those two bands so basically the more bands the more you have to propel that spear so now I have the gun fully loaded fully pulled back on all three bands I have all that power in the palm of my hands now so whenever I do run across that next carp I'm able to pull the trigger and the spear is gonna be delivered at a much higher rate of speed than it was before when I was just using two bands so that seemed to help I'm just gonna continue to do that I've let the pawn chill for just a little bit so all the fish have kind of settled back to the middle my problem was is I was searching for that big carp and they have moved to a little tributary that that the Little Rock pond connects to so they were in very shallow water but I still able to get it so you know that last fish just kind of like pulled me around like such a little punk dude I was just like going through the water like you know there's no drag in the water so that fish was just pulling me around by the gun so hopefully that doesn't happen again or hopefully it does I don't know we'll see the perfect shot on the perfect fish to end the day absolutely unreal absolutely freakin unreal do so fish number three right here we've got the perfect shot on this fish we domed him right there in the head you can see the top of his skull so that's exactly where you want to shoot a fish like this this is gonna be used to feed a family he's also going to be used as bait to catch other fish that are going to feed a family also so this fish isn't going to go to waste but for me man this fish was the hardest to go after I was searching for a good 30 45 minutes for this fish finally found him and what a awesome fish to end the day on big big grass carp man you see these things they make me look tiny but I'm sure those guys down the river are gonna be super surprised when I pull three giant carp out there for him I'm not only glad I was able to do this but ultimately I'm glad I was able to help someone out help feed their kids which that's what this is all about man oh alright guys well that is gonna pretty much wrap it up for today one of the most unreal adventures I've done in a very long time I got the thrill of the hunt he was a true hunt it was a true battle going after these fish was not as easy as I initially thought these fish are very keen to what's going on in this environment I saw a lot of cool species I saw so many giant gar that I'm just always so fascinated by those fish I really do want to try to pull some of those gar out of there and get them to the main channel I think I'm gonna do that if you guys want to see that video if you want to see more videos like this let me know in the comment section below also drop a big thumbs up if you enjoyed today's video I also want to make this clear I've very very rarely ever harvest fish I felt very confident doing this today because I know these fish are going to go to a family that's going to use it I know the people that go out there fishing every day at the river that catch those catfish and take them home directly to have dinner for their family those guys are going to be the recipients of these car they specifically asked for these I don't think that they know how much meat they're actually about to get but I'm sure they're gonna be very grateful for that so so that's honestly what sparked this idea for me going out and doing this the bow fishing didn't work the previous days I tried it so I figured I'd go do what I do best go in the water what seems to be my second home go with a speargun and see if I could harvest some of these fish that way it was successful it was a very very large success so I had a great time I hope you guys enjoyed watching it I think you guys so much for joining me on all my crazy journeys like this one if you want to see more make sure you subscribe to the channel if you are subscribed make sure you hit those post notifications so you're actually notified anytime I post a video you can be the first one in the comment section say what's up I'll probably reply back to you with that being said that's gonna pretty much wrap it up for today's video I have to get that very very heavy cooler out of here now which is gonna be a challenge but it's gonna be worth it thank you guys so much for watching and as always I'll catch you guys on the next adventure peace out [Applause] you can make

24 thoughts on “SpearFishing GIANT Carp To Feed Local Families!!! (underwater) | Jiggin' With Jordan

  1. The dead fish. They where bleeding 😭😭😭😭😭 it's just so sad. But I love your channel whispers but the fish!!!!!!

  2. In Australia carp are an invasive species and you have to kill them if u catch them
    I used to catch ones that were as bigger than that out of an overflow stream

  3. We never ate carp or catfish from fishing, but did shoot carp with a bow and it was great after being smoked for 9 hours.

  4. Ok so I am just a little late on watching the video but I have to say way cool ! But I have say to all the people who put up ugly messages must not understand that it takes a long time to make a video! Second for the people who contacted him for the fish may not want to be in the video! Carp are big huge fish that eat anything and everything they come across! They do usually school together and so there for they can and do cause a lot of damage to the eco-system! Good video Brandon! Keep up the awesome work! ♥️

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