Some Of The Absolute Worst People On DeviantArt

Let me preface this video by saying that DeviantArt can be a wonderful place to not only let your art be seen by the world, but to hone your skills through feedback from the community. Not to mention that community itself, is host to a plethora of talented photographers and writers. However, unfortunately nowadays, what a good amount of people think of DeviantArt, their minds always go to certain… Let’s just say… “vocal” individuals. Individuals who threw their absolutely heinous actions, have practically become infamous across the Internet in general. And I’m sure you’re wondering: Just how bad could these people be in a community like DeviantArt? Well, there is only one way to find out. Helllllo Everyone! This is The RPG Monger, and welcome to a new series I want to try out, called… The series where we collectively dive into some of the worst garbage that the Internet has to offer. And oh boy, do we have some absolute trash in front of us today? The one thing worth noting before we get on with it, even though just about all of these accounts that I’m about to talk about have been deleted, please don’t scour the Internet in an attempt to harass the people involved. Honestly, It’ll only continue that endless cycle of hate that seemingly surround at these cases. But anyways, I’ve said what I needed to say: Let’s start off on the lighter side of things, with the user who goes by the handle… who at a glance really doesn’t look so bad at all, he just seems like a retro Disney fan who loves hand-drawn animation. And if that really were all he was, then he’d be a fine person. But instead of getting his point across through well thought-out arguments and debate, it appears this guy chose a *more* obsessive fraught. One is not harassing, just about anyone, who says they like a Disney CGI-animated movie, like these for example, he’s also harassing creators who simply used 3D animation, rather than 2D. And that’s not only on DeviantArt either. Just one look at his Twitter account, if he hasn’t blocked you already, shows just how obsessed to this man is. I mean, really. Can you get a more perfect example of an elitist? While there is, of course, nothing wrong with preferring older cartoons and animated movies, this is really taking it to the extremes. Honestly, it’s just depressing to look at the desparate lengths, this nobody has gone to in his words, saying 2D animation. With failed petitions and countless death threats, this obsessive troll puts a bad name on all sane fans of 2D animation, hopefully one day he realizes the errors in his ways. Now, moving on from that idiot, I’d like to call this section of the video… because it’s just surprising how all these separate cases are so alike. You may have been wondering why I spent so little time on certain “choice” OC creators in my Sonic Fandom Files. And well, to be honest, I would saving them for this moment exactly: All originating on DeviantArt: Truth-Lely-Gaia; and PrincessElizabeth013,
(actual usernames) are definitely some of the more infamous within the community for just how delusional they could get. And while they are quite a few others to choose from, I’m not kidding when I say all of their bad actions practically mirror one another. Take Truth-Lely-Gaia – an artist who, unlike PrincessElizabeth013, wasn’t nearly as aggressive and quipped to spout random insults at the mention of criticism. However on the flipside, she did something equally, if not worse in some ways. They commited a lot of art theft, and I mean, A LOT, with a ton of their work being pretty obviously traced from artists like Slugbox, and while just comming art theft on its own, it’s pretty awful. Truth-Lely-Gaia took it one step further by actually profiting off of it. The most ironic thing is: When the girl didn’t blatantly trace her art, it wasn’t even half bad! But then, there’s PrincessElizabeth013 – someone who I’ll be using to represent the great multitude of people out there just like her. Like Truth-Lely-Gaia, PrincessElizabeth013 definitely did not take the most original route, though what sets her apart from many people who start out with obviously traced Mary Sues is, well… she wasn’t exactly the most open to, even the lightest of criticisms. No matter how nicely it was worded, she’d attacked anyone and everyone, who offered even the littlest bit of advice. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: While she did make her fair share of crappy recolorers and Mary Sues, that isn’t what made PrincessElizabeth013 infamous across multiple sites. rather it was her downright absurd behaviour of attacking half of everyone she met, for reasons as idiotic as the fact that someone had made fanart of her characters. Plus her rampant homophobia didn’t do much to better her case either. To summarize PrincessElizabeth013, she’s kind of like Akai Dalia, except with way less creativity. Though thankfully with both of these cases being in the past now, hopefully these people have now matured and become normal, respectable people. Well, alright. Looks like we have only one person left to talk about. Everyone, I’d give you quite possibly the most irredeemable person in this entire video: I give you… a person who has seemingly been harassing people ever since they created their very first account on DeviantArt to begin with. And while I will be calling them by Tori the Wolfy, their very first handle on the site, keep in mind that with this person having made over a hundred accounts, due to them constantly evading bans, it would actually take half the length of this video to list them all. But what is it that has earned Tori the Wolfy the golden medal of the absolute worst person on DeviantArt? Well honsetly, it’s more like what hasn’t this garbage person done? But to start off from the very beginning, Tori was the actual embodiment of a part with nobody, flinging around death threats and petty insults just like they were candy. I mean, just looking at the kinds of things that they say, you’d really think they were bullshitting it all, like seriously, look at this crap: And had only gets dumber from hereon out: How is this kid REAL? Well, as funny as Tori’s erratic rages can be, they proved to become much worse than some obnoxious idiot given access to the Internet. Now it’s June 2016, and the user called… has created a petition on the site to put fetish artwork and a mature filter – a petition that over time proved to be quite the success – gaining over a thousand signatures. However with that kind of traction, things began to get a bit out hand. And to Tori, who (surprise, surprise) wasn’t exactly the fondest of the petition. So in response, what exactly do you think they did? Did they… A: Write thought-out arguments against the petition? B: Make a petition against the petition? or C: Harass The Fandom Menace with massive amount of fetish porn? When picking your answer, keep in mind that Tori is not a reasonable person like you and me. Tori is in fact a rare breed of scumhuman – only born once every decade to spread filth everywhere they go. So with that in mind, as of sure you may have guessed, to the correct answer is… The worst thing is, it doesn’t stop there. On top of standing things so disgusting that I don’t even want to show you guys that censored version of it, and to be honest, I don’t wanna save that crap onto my hard drive… The guy also went into pretty illegal territory, by falsely copyright claiming a bunch of The Fandom Menace’s videos, all because of a single petition. The sad thing is: this crap is light compared to what Tori would end up during later on, similarly to the situation with The Fandom Menace. Not too much later, they’d found a new person to harass: This time a decently-sized YouTube channel by the name… Now while I don’t know what’s specifically caused Tori to do this, the fact that they did it at all is just ridiculous. Instead of just hitting the channel with false copyright strikes like last time, Tori just straight up hacked the channel and took it down completely, putting this guy’s actual livelihood in danger. Seriously, what an immature low life. So a couple failed attempts at trolling users at DeviantArt later, we have quite possibly not only the worst thing Tori ever does in his dreadful time on the Internet, but one of the most despicable things I’ve ever talked about on this channel in general: One day, for some unknown reason, Tori decided to invite their fans onto a Google Hangout conversation. And when it first started, it was a pretty standard deal. That is, until Tori turned the webcam on, and started performing sexual acts on camera. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the scumfuck even went on to commit bestiality with their dog on camera – something that is both horrifying and utterly despicable. How anyone is capable of doing such egregious acts is such beyond me? Tori the Wolfy… The Internet would be a better place if you just weren’t on it. Thankfully though, these are just a few people. As I’ve already stated, most of DeviantArt is exactly what you’d expect: Most of the bad people mentioned and those like them won’t really cause you trouble if don’t interact with them. And with scumbags like Tori, here’s a little word of wisdom from someone who’s been dealing with this garbage for years: Trolls well and do inhabit just about every site out there. The more people who actually engage with them, the more motivation they have to stick around. So point blank, if you’re gonna take anything from this video, please never act like these people have. In the end, the only one you’ll end up hurting in the long run is yourself. And before I head on to my outro, considering this is the very first episode of Internet Dumpster Diving, do tell me how you liked it, whether in the comments or in the Poll Live Setup in the ‘i’ card. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more like it, do subscribe and hit that bell button. And you know, maybe dropping a like on this video wouldn’t really hurt either. But that aside, today’s cool thing of the day, is the third season of My Hero Academia. Maybe it’s because I’ve haven’t been watching too much anime lately, but this really just snuck up on me. If you haven’t seen the previous two seasons, I highly recommend it. It’s a great shonen and quite the enjoyable superhero show. So that being said, I’m The RPG Monger, and don’t forget that each and everyone of you are fantastic. Subtitled by Garygoh884
Feel free to correct me if I do make any mistakes. Thanks!

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  1. So considering this a new series here on my channel, what are some future topics you'd like me to cover? Right now I'm considering making a future episode on AVGN rip offs but do tell me what you'd want to see in the future!

  2. I hope that when Tori goes to Hell he's considered too bad for Hell so he goes to some plain further than Hell to get whipped whilst he's chained to the floor, ceiling, and walls and those chains pull his limbs increasingly harder. I'm not a sadistic fuck and I can think of this as well as think he deserves this.

  3. When I made a DeviantART account a few years ago, people were fucking assholes to me! I cannot believe how toxic some people can get, online!

  4. I may make a rant of a Deviant,impossible to describe -_-
    He is harassing me by DRAWING pictures of my oc,insults litteraly everyone,and uploads pictures with Hittler!
    His name is DankDevin,please check him out if you can^^'

  5. Talk about the Imma-The-Deer incident bc most people dont remember it. Shit, i was a hardcore supporter of her always commenting that i was praying for her.

  6. Those actions of Tori's are all big yikes, but I believe everyone has a shot at redemption cuz if not, then SammyClassicSonicFan would still be yelling and screaming to this day. What Tori did was wrong, but that person isn't scum because that person is human like us. Call what bad things people do as scum, not the person in question. Just my thoughts RPG Monger, I know the purpose of this video is to inform us, not insult these people, right?

  7. I don't see why photography is considered art, you took a neat picture with an expensive camera, big fuggin whoop
    And why am I saying this

  8. Sometimes I wonder what Percentage my DA account will be rated on? (aside by my questionable side that attracts the unwise) It's not bad from a rookie's perspective, but I'm doubting myself because of people giving me Hell.

  9. You can look up to someone or look for reference but theft from slugbox shalt not be allowed. Honestly though come on just practice art and get better once you do get better you don’t lose the talent unless you stop.

  10. I once stole art, and posted it on my DA claiming it was mine… I don't even know if it was a fanart or an official art of InuYasha, but I did it anyway, I was like 12 years old, and I wasn't taking art seriously, I'm saying this because a random user noted me, instead of harassing me for doing something obviously wrong, they lecture me, and gave me some good advice, I end up being a decent artist do this day, I do illustrations and designs for various companies and uhm…. I draw furry porn as a hobby ¬,¬…

    The reason I say this is because, not all these people have bad intentions, just made bad decisions, and they just need to be "pushed" to the right direction instead of harming them, who knows there might be something great in the future. I'm not saying that everyone is an angel, I'm just saying that, give people the benefit of the doubt.

  11. Well, if You look at Deviantart now, You will find it much, MUCH worse. Now there are people posting disturbing Porn-themed pictures on it, sometimes You can come across a Pedophile on the website, and if You try to hunt them down and eliminate them, Deviantart will remove that tool from You.

  12. i bet that tori the wofly is a columbian drug lord (dude) cuz thats the most random thing ever to say that youre not a columbian drug lord (dude)

  13. Deviantart is at great place for many things and the good side of the site is great, buuut just like most sites that have been around for a long time theres an underground, and a scummy part of the community and oh boy is it crazy lmao

  14. Ga-Maleven should have been on the list, ugh I'm so glad that that shes was finally banned from the site. She was doxing minors, she traces Skyrim art and claims its all freehand, shes spreading misinformation about basic biology to support her vegan supremacy, shes tried to get one of her crazy followers to go to a minors house and rape them, the list goes on guys it was insane watching all that go down. Every time you make a comment on her work with constructive criticism she would go into novel length rants about how shes a victim, about how everyone was out to get her, she's insane. She even had to spend time in jail last I heard because it got so bad.

  15. Deviantart is complete trash now. Full with users mentioned and they can do whatever they want because the staff team allows them too.

  16. Kill all furries. Kill all bronies. Kill all pegasisters. Kill all weebs. Kill all scalies. Kill all O.C producers.

  17. God damn how much hatred must one have in order to get perma banned and then come right back and rinse and repeat for over 100 times

  18. I would like to apologise for the idiots that have been put into this video since they probably think that what they are doing is good for the community. For the rude people in this video, may you please apologise to the people that you have hurt. I'm in no mean trying to defend these people, I'm just trying to be their mouths and apologise in case they are too ignorant to notest their mistakes.

  19. pretty sure tori-the-wolfy is a psychopathic individual,
    the signs are pretty clear, get this damn kid to a mental hospital

  20. I remember going into a 3 day long arguement with Princess Elizabeth 13. The entire thimg started when I tried sending her the most warm-hearted advice and getting a death threat response and other trash talk. After getting spammed I basically snapped and went into the dark hole of arguements. I ended up winning and her last response by what I remember was
    "Go die you furry fucker, shove a rifle up your ass you Trump-supporting liberal shithead." and she ended up deleting the entire private message thread.

  21. I wanted to make a Deviantart account, but there was so many Art theifs and I dont want any "creeps" drawing NSFW about my characters (yeah Miiverse wasnt a good place on the last day)
    Listen, Im a furry, and proud and I dont really care about fetish art, If you got a fetish, down right weird or just vanilla and you're not hurting anyone, I wont go and attack you for what you like.

  22. And out of all the types of people on DA
    I was probably the person absolutely nobody knew about (Probably because instead of making image art, i typed up characters and stories because i enjoyed doing that)
    Only like 2-4 people actually spoke with me
    Eventually i moved on, and i'm still in a similar state with my work, Completely under the covers and mostly hidden from everyone
    Well, atleast NOW i'm intentionally hiding it, because i'm gonna amass it into something big, A game
    So yeah
    Not like anybody is gonna acknowledge i exist anyways, doesn't bother me that much, yet, though

  23. i always love these types of videos, at first when i saw this vid i thought it was another shitty ass rant about the same garbage shitting on all the people on deviantart and shaming people for even thinking about it, but its so much better than that, you arent obnoxious or intrusive or guilting people into agreeing with you, this is god tier content

  24. Commenting before watching
    If no murrlogic wonder bread guy then I'm disappointed

  25. I just got bashed by an artist I got to know fairly well because I stood up for someone who, although rude and disrespectful, started being harrassed by the artist himself. I tried being nice and polite with how I felt (even though I was mad and decided to say something), but then the artist started calling me "white trash" (out of no context whatsoever for my race or what I said) and got other discord members to not only gang up on me to harrass and bully me on discord, but on Deviantart as well. For some reason, they decided to harrass me about being white which had nothing to do with what I said and even went so far as to start spamming me with messages calling me a "clown" (because of the white face paint) which was extremely offensive and disrespectful and telling me that I was a "piece of sh*t" and to never speak to them again (like I was anyway after all that). I just wish Deviantart had a better system for reporting users who do this kind of thing. Now I might have to delete and remake a Deviantart account (just to maintain contact with a good friend) just to get rid of them.

  26. Ooh, I do art on DA, and I've seen some scummy things. I'm not one to judge art, but I do judge the DA users on behavior and content, whether quality is good or bad.

  27. Wouldn't it be cool if i just typed some random letters from my keyboard and got 420 likes and 69 comments?

    Yjrsjvcjmhfhktehmgjhchmgdyfmsnyfe. xmbvckhfsjteahfdmjgckgcjyrstnewmyr

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