Somalia – Youth Empowerment

after decades of civil war Somalia is known for its conflict poverty and famine but the opportunity to bring peace and positive change to the war-torn country rests with its use yatin I still got to the narrow you I could have a mr. penguin hold it but I never did get any other car if we are going to see peaceful Somalia and Bhanwar youth is very very crucial and important Somalia's young people aged 14 to 29 make up 42% of the total population and given the right opportunities and support have the potential to become a major driver for peace and stability but I feel the hunger that they were hooked up before but she drowned one of them I will cut up your ankles and then I will mean victim Ohana is out there that's our consulate UNDP Somalia's human development report finds that young Somalis resoundingly want to be heard and want to participate they want to play a part in shaping the future of their nation it will start from education if they think about empowering those people and give them the confidence and the tools it can do something higher education is blossoming and against all odds do you meet young people who are pushing themselves through medical education through legal education through commercial education you can see that young people are really looking for a way to move forward if we empower the youth employment opportunities in conflict resolutions in leadership skills in all this user involvement activities the country may develop into a positive direction the report entitled empowering youth for the peace and development found there was a pervading sense of optimism among Somalia's youth despite facing significant challenges we are agreed also molly's to become a positivist or to think or to see increasing positive when I offered and associative on their fire I know you know the real good longhand of kata in normal English had it takes enormous to an acre see carafe of kohonen society is available new Kadena family is experiencing a boom looking young Somalis want the opportunity to go to school they want to join the work force and they want to be involved in political processes but the report finds that just one-third of young Somalis have a job and only half can read and write an admission I saw before where I really wanted you a little Katy Nanna's Allah insha Allah Allah has diploma diamond look Valentina I'm Adam Dixon a degree in a cinema Stella here starring Jane Eyre in New York a recipient of the Recaro undergone turkey unhearable and after the Quran including youth in society is not just about creating opportunities it is also about limiting risks young Somalis who can't find work are more tempted by crime militancy or piracy endangering not only themselves but also their communities other than you know they want to see him he'll leave duty target is Brunei yeah you know that robotic a blue hell of handy director Michelle psychic spectacular those in Sabrina if they have confidence of their self and the country itself that they will be going somewhere it's not for clear success it's something that they can get something from the report calls on government the private sector civil society and the international community to more actively include young people by developing national youth policies creating more job opportunities and supporting youth organizations and youth led initiatives I just feel like I can do it I can do whatever I want if it's good [Applause]

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  1. ASC to every Somali out there. Peace and prosperity to Somalia throughout inshallah. 1People 1Nation under Allah(swt) let's all do our part to build our homeland whether it maybe big or small. Let's take baby steps and inshallah we will get there one day. Wa alaykum wa Salam.

  2. I agree, the translations was way off, at times completely wrong. That being said, the initiative made by the organisation to make and produce this video and raise awareness for the ongoing struggles of the Somali youth were for the right reasons and I applaud them. God bless

  3. To UNDP: The translations from Somali to English contain vast amount of errors. An organization like the UNDP should most certainly ensure that works presented are credible and have the utmost validity. I think the translator(s) being used to translate this segment have not went over their script to check for mistakes and ensure proper production. This in part, can be due to the complacency of the UNDP or the lack of regulation. I hope these words are taken into careful consideration by the UNDP

  4. what the hell the girl in the red hijab didnt say any of the stuff in the translation… everything she said was positive not all the craziness about there is no government and blah blah blah! Regardless SOMALIA HAA NOLATO!

  5. WHAT CITY IS THIS? please tell me someone? coz it aint bosaso, or garowe and apparently its puntland? help!

  6. what a lier this people look guys the girl with red hijab when she speak in somali and the translation do u think it match?????????

  7. You are those arabized somalian. well suppoert your people don't put them down. everything happens for a reason. Somalia shall raise again! its just the matter of time.

  8. Somalians are your muslim brothers, you are suposed to say: Insha Allah, God willing, this program shall make it. not: this program will go from no where to no where" these people almost lost their country, you're suposed to be incouraging, not negative. you're a hater, i think.

  9. Just what the Somalis need, more hegemonical interference from the U.N.

    Here's hoping the Statists and Islamists eventually fade away and the Somali people can live free in pursuit of their own interests and not that of some authoritative entity.

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