Sofie Dossi vs Insane Gymnasts – Ultimate Contortion and Acro Dares

– Wow. – I don’t think I stretched
enough before I came here. – Whoa. – Hello, everyone. I am on Santa Monica Beach to do the ultimate dare
challenge, contortion- – Hey. – Versus gymnastics- – Hey. – Sofie Dossi versus the Grav Gang. I’m going to give them a series of dares and the losing team has to
recreate the winner’s poses at the end. And I get to pick the winner. For the first dare, each of you has to do something really
awesome with an adorable kid. Sofie, this is Nidal. He is an awesome 8-year-old flipper. You guys have one minute to come up with something great. Go, go, go, go! – I can do a backbend. And can you flip off of me in a backbend? – That would hurt, but, let’s try. – Okay, let’s try it. – You’re going to go
into a flat-out backbend, and he’s going to get on you and flip off? – Yeah. – Oh my gosh! Are you ready? – [Jordan] Go! – [Jordan] Oh, oh, that was so cool! That was so cool! – That was awesome. – [Group] Whoa. – That is so cool. Wow! Remember, I get to pick the winner. This is the hardest
versus challenge, I think, I’ve ever given you. You’ve got to stay equal to Sofie Dossi. And the way she just started was epic. What are you going to do with Gigi? – Something more epic, duh! We don’t do anything
but climates out here. She’s going to do some kind
of bridge-contortion pose. And then I’m going to do an arch flip over her, so it’s going to
be like a double rainbow. You ready? – Yup. – Let’s get it. – That, right there. – All right, here I go. – [Jordan] That was it. – Yo, that was sick. – That’s sick. – I think we beat Sofie Dossi in that. – Oh, you think you beat Sofie Dossi? – I like the confidence, let’s get it. – For the next challenge,
each team has to do something on these ropes. – Wait, we have to do this? – [Jordan] There, yes, that’s so cool. Now look to your left. Whoa, oh my gosh! That’s incredible! Sophie, how are you doing? – Good. – This is going pretty
well, don’t you think? Say, “Hi!” Before you go down, you
want to do anything else? Oh my gosh, yes, that’s even better! Wow! – Wow! – I don’t think I stretched
enough before I came here. I have like three ideas that
may be able to one-up that. – [Jordan] Go! Okay, go! – You know, the video
doesn’t look as cool, but the photo’s gonna gas! – Well, maybe not. You might want to do it again. – That was honestly not
what I was expecting. – [Boys] That weird slant. – This cool shot’s just not working. We’re going to need Sofie’s help. Sofie, you ready? – Yeah, I’m ready. – Let’s get it. Am I high enough? Oh, that was already impressive. Oh my gosh, what guys, what! Wow! And now they’re going to partner. Check this out. – Yeah, you guys aren’t
even ready for this. – You aren’t ready for this. – I go for a back flip as she’s dropping. And it’s going to look like
we’re going to hit each other. – That, yes. – Okay, yes. – Let’s get it. – [Group] Oh! – That was kinda scary. – You guys, put on some sunscreen. It’s getting hot. – I’ll go grab it. – That was crazy. – Fire. – How you think this is going, so far? – I think it’s going pretty well. – These guys are two of the
best gymnasts at acrobatics in the world. – Oh, yeah. – And you’re keeping your own. I’m impressed. – You don’t chill like this? I thought this was normal. – Yeah, I chill like this. – She’s heavy. Oh my God, it’s happening. – Yeah, you got it. – No, no, no, Shark, help! I got it, I got it. – Oh, wow. – How you doing, Sofie? – Doing pretty well. – Okay Shark, I think
I’m ready to get down. This man is heavy. I’m 6’4″, with no body fat, I don’t think. – That’s not what the
street tacos yesterday said. – This is crazy, already two rounds down. I have no idea who’s
going to win this thing. Let’s go to the next challenge. – Give me a piggyback ride! – [Sol] I know that hurt. I was just saying something
so nice about you. – I think Jordan’s going
to be biased after that. – Round three, pick an
apparatus, do something cool. – As soon as I go upside-down, my head looks like an airhead. – You just gotta go
upside-down more often. – So the rope wasn’t really
our skillset, not our forte. But we’re going to raise
the bar with this next move. Here we go. – Oh, that was awesome! – I stomped it so much that
my shoes filled up with sand. Good luck, guys. – All right, Sol what do you got? – I literally feel like a superhero every time I do this trick, so stay tuned. – [Jordan] Whoa, that was really cool. That’s awesome. – That shot’s amazing, man. I’m going to hang that in my bedroom. – Okay, that was really,
really good, Sofie. Do you think you can beat that? – I mean, this is my apparatus. – Okay, let’s see what you’ve got. – [Jordan] Beautiful! Oh, wow, guys, that’s gorgeous! That’s all you can do on that? – No, I can do more. – [Jordan] Wow, that’s cool. Is that all? – No. – [Sol] What? – [Jordan] Wow, yes, hold it, yes. Is that all? – No. – [Sol] What? – [Jordan] Wow, guys, look at this! – That’s’ cool. – That’s cool, though, right? You used that on America’s
Got Talent, right? – Yeah. – Between us, I think you won that round. Don’t tell anyone. Next dare, a swing. You guys go first, what
are you going to do? – I don’t think I’ll fit
my monkey into this swing, so I’ll probably send off the top. – Okay, easy enough. Go for it when you’re ready. I got it. – Whoa! Oh, my gosh. – It was worth it. – Whoa, that’s crazy. – Whoa. – That’s pretty hard to top. – I feel that, I feel that. – That’s really hard to beat. – I got it. – You got it? – Yeah, I got it. – Okay. I guess you need someone to push you, huh? – Yeah. – Hey, Shark! Go again. This is amazing. That’s so cool. – That one’s cool. – Who do you think is winning so far? Poll above. – I’m sorry. – No, you’re good. – Oh, sorry you were waiting for me? Okay, well also, if you
want to comment, subscribe and go to the Community
page if you want to comment, because we don’t have comments turned on, however, you can go to community post and you can comment right there, but you got to subscribe
in order to do that. All right, let’s keep
going with this challenge. All right, everyone. We have two more events and
then I’m going to pick a winner. This is very– Sol, what’s wrong with you? – I don’t know, something
doesn’t feel right. – Here’s the next dare,
you each get one minute to pick something awesome to
do on the Santa Monica Pier. Ready, set go! – Wait, wait. Is there anyone better
that can shoot it than you? – Better than me? – So basically, I’m going to
look out here into my future. And then I’m going to
fly while I’m looking. – Alright, let’s do it. – Ready, one, two, three. – That looks familiar. – Gas, a pro! Did you literally see that? We need to just delete all
the pictures your dad took. – Yeah, delete, delete. – Also, go subscribe to
Hudson’s YouTube channel He is blowing up way faster than his dad. Go check him out. – I’m going to climb up on
top of this rail and flip off. – Okay, yeah, cool. – I can’t wait to see it. – Wow! – Maybe if I lean over that,
but like lock my legs into it and go forward. – That would be sick. Wow, this is awesome. – It’s so trippy because all I am seeing is just straight water,
so it feels like I’m just going to fall right in. This is so scary. – Oh, this is good. Wow!. – Dude. Awesome, yes, hold that. – Oh, that’s really pretty. – Good job. – Yeah, let’s go. – All right dad, I think
you deserve the time. I think I did well, but off to you, buddy. You guys know what to do, you got it. And now, for the final challenge and then I pick a winner. Get me an awesome thumbnail photo. All of you work together, go! Make me look good. – Did you know Jordan has a popsocket? What if you guys back flip over me, or on the side of me or something. – Yeah, probably to the side. We don’t want to land on you. – Make sure you guys are the
same length apart from her. – Ready? – What’d you get, what’d you get? – [Group] Wow! – We got a thumbnail – [Group] Whoa! – All right, everybody,
the moment of truth, the winner of the contest, Sofie Dossi! – I would celebrate, but I’m doing this. – You’re kinda stuck. And now, for the consequence. Jack and Sol have to copy
all of Sofie’s poses. – Ow, ow, ow. Do not step there Go, go, go. I can’t do that. I actually am so ticklish. – No. Was he tickling me? – No. – I got this. I’m a better photographer
than Jordan Matter. See, I’m coming for your career, Jordan. – They made it look easy,
so I’m sure I can do it. Okay here we go. And then you’re going to go, oh, okay. Ow, no. Let’s do that again Nidal,
but can you not step there? Okay, here we go. – [Sofie] I think we got it. – That’s perfect. – That’s the best shot, yet. – Basically, just, hook your knee. And then you can grab your foot, and then bring it to your chin. I got here, and then
she wrapped little here, then she arched, and
I can’t go back there. – Don’t let me hit the pole. Oh, I can’t do that. – Mission failed. I have 99% flipping genes in me, but I know I have that
1% Sofie Dossi in me. – [Jordan] Let’s see it, yeah. Okay, you gotta arch back a little more and then bring your one foot,
and then release your… – Ow. – [Shark] I know that hurt. – Ow, no. That is not working, that hurt. – Remember when she was put through that and put her legs over the hoop? Do that? – You want to show me
how to do it, Jordan? – I would, but I gotta take the picture. Not really the same thing, but impressively good, nonetheless. – All right, so I have to
do exactly what Sofie did. This’ll be easy. Yeah, no, I don’t want to fall in. You know what, we should
just make Jordan try this. – Jordan, come here. – Jordan! – Get over here. – Anybody want to push me? – Both of us. Ready? – Maybe not too fast, though. – Okay, okay. – I can’t stop because I can’t get my… Hey, guys! Guys? I can’t get out. Little help? Hey guys, thumbs up if
you want to see a rematch. Follow these guys everywhere. They’re epic. Thank you so much, have a great day. – Love you guys, peace. – You’re messing with
the wrong little girl!

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