Sociology With Clones

hi I'm Murphy and I'm Liz I'm getting married today to this woman hey I'm Carol and Liz's sister hey I'm Josh I'm the groom's brother hey that chair doesn't go there what do you mean it goes here look the seating arrangement you don't know what you're talking about Liz your brother is so irritating it's fine Carol he doesn't mean any harm just calm down I know but like how dare he tried to tell me where something goes what I was the one who helped you guys come up with the seating chart who does he think he is it's fine Carol he probably just wants the wedding to go perfectly for me and Murphy it's a lie you don't see me going around telling the people who help plan the wedding what to do now do you maybe if he helped plan the wedding he would know where things go it's okay Carol please don't start a fight with Josh during this wedding it's very important that our families come together sometime later it's fun oh my god Liz Murphy's sister is so annoying yo why is that chair there because I put it where it belongs you actually ruin this wedding shut up Josh both of you shut up you guys are ruining my wedding get your act together and fix this wedding right now all right we're really I can't believe we're doing this right I can't stand having to work with you I'm talking about the fighting this chair stuff is Belongers well you started it are you going to point fingers or get this done I'm sorry we couldn't get along earlier okay I guess I'm sorry too well you're just gonna stand around come on let's start Wow you guys actually made the wedding work great job Liz and I are very happy

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