Sociology video presentation

hello my name is Justin rector and I'll be talking about the McDonnell ization of prisons in the United States so as many Americans in the United States already know the incarceration rate are some of the most highest in any country with almost a 1,500,000 being incarcerated in 2016 alone according to the Sentencing Project the reason of course has to do with the mcdonaldization of prisons within the United States and its overall effects on the economy with taxpayers paying for such prisons with the structure of private prison comes a horrid effect its horrid effect on the recidivism rate and how it often cut Hana and how it often cuts resources and ordered in order profit and having this McDonald ization of prisons minorities especially black Americans are indirectly and disproportionately affected to begin the impact private prisons have on the economy is a really shown through this study that showed that private prisons tend to have an increased rate of recidivism among their inmates because private prisons have almost no control incentive to provide rehabilitation opportunities or educational or vocational training that might benefit inmates after release this is according to Shefali Baliga and and seeing and having this being stated it shows how the McDonald ization of prisons creates this iron cage many inmates within any within many inmates as they're not given enough resources for rehabilitation and stuff that would lower the incarceration rate but instead of doing this private prisons have quite the opposite effect and tend to show an increase in in in higher prison in in higher prison population besides the effects on the economy the McDonald is a ssin within the United States prison system has incentives that overall hurts us of the Society of the United States this highlight by the fact that private prisons usually will compromise the quality of care over the quality of care in order to lower costs and thus increase profits this of course according to Baliga and having private institutions cut corners rather than having the goal to end having criminals and prisons it sort of incentivizes having higher having a higher incarceration rate and shows through that and according to in the public interest as a 20 as as of December 2015 approximately seven thousand three hundred prisoners were incarcerated and privates to fill facilities outside their homes with this in mind it shows how private prisons often dehumanize many inmates as they're not they're shipped off to different areas different states that they don't know and that culture is different and more importantly the loved ones might not be able to visit them because of how far their way they are and how much money would cost to go out of state besides this the privatization of prisons also has a big effect is also affects prisoners in other ways such as human connection and communication according to the ITP I as of March 2016 prison phone companies could charge people in prison and their families between 25 21 and 25 cents per minute the high rates can cause prisoners to communicate less with their families and the outside world and having an having communication being limited to these prisoners they further are dehumanized as they're not able to to talk with a with their loved ones which timing time again is shown to help rescind of ISM rates according to ITP I and one of the big final points that the McDonald ization of prisons have on society is its disproportionate effect on minorities especially black Americans this is seen by how the incarceration rate is five point six times more for black Americans than white Americans based based on Robin Cox's paper and it based on this alone it shows how the McDonald ization of prison represents structural discrimination within minorities especially black Americans as they face large amounts of discrimination especially after prison and those that are ex felons often are unable to unable to reintegrate into society as they are not able to vote they have what do you call it they're unable to collect welfare food stamps veteran benefits and overall have limited job opportunities and lower wages because of their past and their priors which makes a hard for them to make a living which then incentivizes or causes them to commit more crimes in order to in order to in order to live and have a basic living standard to conclude the McDonnell ization of prisons in the United States has caused terrible effects through the increase incarcerations rates the economy and the structural barriers at places on prisoners /ex phones especially black Americans and

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