Sociology, Social Sciences, and Social Work resources

Hey Lions! This is your Undergraduate Online
Services Librarian, Michelle Joy. In this video we’re going to be focusing on library
resources for Sociology, Social Sciences, and Social Work courses. To get a more generic
library use overview, make sure you view the Library Basics video. As with our other videos
I will be posting the powerpoint I use in the video description so that you can use
it and the active hyperlinks within. If you have questions, please ask in the “Ask
Your Librarian” thread that should be located in the “Ask Your Instructor” section of
the discussion boards. Four steps to successful research are beginning
with a discovery search of the catalog, consulting a subject research guide, search ebook collections
and article databases, and get help. To start your research off you’re going
to begin on the library home page using the search box in the middle of the page or utilize
either the subject research guides or the more specific libguides located under the
corresponding tabs on the library home page. In order to do a quick search across all of
the collection, you might do something like this. Go to the library home page, I’m going
to use “drugs AND society”, and this will search ALL of our collections. If you find
a print book we have that you need to use and it is located on the second floor where
our circulating or main collection is held, as I mentioned in the library basics video,
you can get it sent to you through InterLibrary Loan (I L L) back on the library home page.
As we previously discussed in our basics video, you can limit your search by format or subject
using options in the left hand column. When you find resources you want to be able to
access later you can email them to yourself to access when you have more time.
Let’s take a look at this ebook so we’ll click to view here. If you haven’t already
logged into the library at this point, it will ask you to. Your login is the same as
your email. Once we get into the book you can see that we can view the citation information,
though I want you to take the time to double check this info since it can be incorrect.
Just like a physical book we can turn the pages, but unlike a physical book we can search
within which really helps when trying to find specific things.
If we go back to the library home page we can choose subject guides such as the “sociology
subject guide” as you can see on the powerpoint page—we do not have any subject guide for
social sciences because it encompasses too many individual subjects, some of which you
can see on the right side of this screen, again, this powerpoint will be available below
so you can access these links. As with any of my other subject specific videos you have
viewed, you’ll see that these subject research guides have a great list of resources ranging
from print to electronic. You will also find a great number of these in the powerpoint
we are using. The following pages of this powerpoint are
ebook collections, databases, recommended websites, and citation assistance that are
similar to the subject (and course specific) research guides as well as the other ones
I’ve shown you throughout these various videos.
Please never hesitate to ask us for help. The writing tutors and librarians are here
to help you. Contact us at the reference desk, the writing and research support link on the
library home page, or contact me personally and we’ll help you as soon and as best as
we can! At [email protected] or 1-800-359-5945 or you can contact me [email protected]
at 352-388-8267 Sundays through Thursdays. Happy researching!

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