Sociology of Education: Equity and Equality

hello and welcome to my discussion on explaining and imagine myself in a position of power while also thinking about what reforms I would enact and share equality and equity in the education system stated in an article called equality is not enough what the classroom has taught me about justice equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful whether it relates education or work while equality is treating everyone the exact same as we know the education system does not have much an equality based system and with that as a school or community as a whole the negativeness negatively affects Outlook of that educational system based on my experience through multiple educational systems such as private and public school equality among students was more prevalent in private schools than in public schools but there was still some discrepancy for example in public schools the equity was primarily based on socioeconomic status especially in younger ages well in private school most students were all pretty much on the same playing field when it came to socioeconomic status along with that in public schools the faculty seem to have different levels of experience which tends to skew equity among the school while in private school all the teachers seem to have the same level of knowledge just within different subjects there are many more examples of this I will go on to explain further throughout this discussion first to enact and ensure equality and equity among the educational systems I would focus on understanding each student and faculty member of school systems from a journal called a new angle creating equity in education it states building trust is step one in the process of creating equity and education understanding the perspectives of other people and results have been staggering ultimately reservations with what students have deepened to the point where daily class meetings are forums for building to trust for building trust among students from this article it seems as the first step is by the trust with the students and staff who are part of the educational community while learning about who attends of school and who teaches at the school is a very important factor having a good relationship within the school will only allow for improvement and better results within the school as a whole if the school looks further into knowing and caring for their students it will make for a better atmosphere all around which then results in equity and equality equity in equality being reached from everyone supporting each other especially one everyone in the educational system is somewhat closely bound it it is important for faculty to know their students as overall will lead to a better community as a whole second the same journal stating having honest and intentional conversations is the first step in creating equality having the courage to confront the people who lack an open mind approach is a next step after that with open mindedness students will feel that their opinions matter especially if the school makes changes based on their opinions this makes students feel as though their opinion is looked at and taken as advice especially when creating equity this would be perfect we be the perfect community first school from my experience students noticed that one faculty would take their ideas it showed a lot about the school as a whole and it made the students feel empowered and important and these are needed in order to feel equity within school systems along with that this journal focuses on developing a school culture that does not tolerate negativity with that students will feel free to express their opinions within the school which develops a positive and free culture among the school system I think this is very important to have it to create the feeling of equity and equality when everyone's opinions are heard and listened to this creates a good feeling within the student body third I would enact for the faculty and staff to fully understand and about understanding of diversity and different cultures from this article titled closing the gap created equity in the classroom it states establish standards for holding teachers and staff accountable for the vision articulate the cultural expectations for all teachers and staff with those two statements I think it is important to notice making the teachers aware of the cultural norms and problems allowing teachers to be able to help with the equity of all students in the line with their diversity and culture the Faculty of the school system must somewhat be aware of their students background and culture when wanting to create this equity because to create equity you must know what equity for each student is and each background is different cultures require different types of teaching for example and the teacher must be aware of this when working towards a common goal of equity and equality fourth enacting with alignment and coherence is a very important part of the system with equality and equity from a journal called top 10 ways to reform schools they stay in many high-performing countries consistency is achieved by curriculum or syllabus based instructional and examination systems around which everything is aligned from that statement every person and plan must be aligned and kept consistent without this alignment between the whole school system there can be discrepancies which will then lead to I will then not lead to equity in equality to achieve this alignment and coherence having one main leader in giving direction to the faculty would be a very successful way which then the faculty can act on these instructions changing the culture of the school system they will need to be standards set in place which must be followed any detours may cause failure in this equity inequality although there are many factors I chose to name that take part in creating an environment in which equity has reached there are many that I did not cover such as becoming a warm demander stated by the article titled equity versus equality step towards equity becoming a demanders not necessarily bad in school systems and in this case a warm demander keeps things on line making sure that equity based systems stay in place along with that creating more opportunities for students as programs to learn before and after school that statement from the journal titled strategies for closing the achievement gaps over there are many vectors and reforms that could be enacted to ensure equality and equity in education but if I was in a position of power I would enact some reforms sooner than others such as faculty understanding the students creating open mind a community which includes from students as well and alignment in coherence these three reforms would be at the top of my priority as a person of power in creating equality and Kelleen in creating equality in coherence and equity I think it is very important as a school system to incorporate such an environment where students and faculty feel included wanted and successful this environment of equity and equality would be the first step of many to much just to have much success within the school systems as we know many schools are not incorporate such inclusive systems in which each student is treated equally many teachers favor the best students but with these specific reforms I believe education will change not only for students but for the faculty and staff to conclude I think as a community for the future changing the school system is very important and the sooner the better

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