Sociology Final Essay Presentation

sexual objectification is defined as the viewing of women as objects for sexual pleasure and gratification while sexual objectification is considered considered deviant by the norms of most cultures it is still very prevalent in media today in a 2012 study by Cynthia frisbee and Jennifer Aubrey 71% of music videos by female artists were found to contain sexual objectification another study in 2010 by Victoria write out Lula FOA and Donald Roberts found that US children had on average us children and adolescents had on average eight hours of media consumption a day this nearly constant exposure to media and objectifying content affects society in terms of self-image and also cultural norms about sexual objectification one of these effects is self objectification self objectification is when an individual internalizes others objectifying views of themselves therefore they see their bodies as sexual objects for the gratification of others this means that objectifying ourself objectifying individuals value their external characteristics over their internal characteristics the correlational findings connecting self objectification and objectification in the media were having week however the experimental findings have been much stronger among these as a 2014 study by Jennifer Aubrey and Ashton jodean in which young women were exposed to objectifying content and were found to have higher levels of self objectification the serious consequences of sexual objectification and media including self objectification must be taken with gravity as self objectification leads to eating disorders depression and sexual dysfunction and these claims have been backed by 15 years of research one review on these findings was a 2008 publication by Bonnie Buratti and you came along a second effect of sexual objectification in media is diminished sexual and relational health and society the theory surrounding this is that objectifying content reduces women to sexual objects rather than sexual agents which in turn diminishes women's sexual health and it has also been found to diminish men's social wealth for instance in a 2011 study by Eileen Sarah Bregan Laura Ramsay and Beth Jaworski exposure to sexual objectification damaged men's relationships with their female partners by increasing men's objectification of their partners this in turn led to lower sexual and relational satisfaction the outcomes of relationships are clearly seriously affected by one's exposure to objectifying media and as these relationships are central to society it is obvious that this media is damaging our society a third effect of objectifying media is the tolerance of sexual violence against women the theory surrounding this is that objectifying media dehumanizes women and as objects the violence Torsen is seen as more acceptable whereas viewing them is in their true human value would render the violence or some less acceptable and the forms of these of this violence is our interpersonal violence so harassment and myths about rape and child sex abuse another part of this theory is that objectifying content Primus masculinity norms in society a 1 2008 study study by Melinda Burgess and Sandra Burpo found that men who are exposed to objectifying content attribute more blame to victims in rape and feel more less empathy towards them this study shows that objectifying content shapes cultures views about women and allows cultures to accept sexist behaviors and attitudes towards women these serious consequences of sexual objectification are very present today these effects include increased self objectification in society diminished relational and sexual health and increased tolerance of sexual violence towards women policymakers and society at large should consider these negative effects and take measures to protect society and take to change cultural views about objectification and its role in media as developed countries are experiencing more of depression and dissatisfaction it seems clear that objectifying media plays a role in this as it damages the relationships that are so central to society and society's happiness

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